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From Zurich's airport station we took a train to Geneva, stopping off in Neuchatel on the way. Just outside Gimmelwald we came across a very strange site - a public phone booth just next to the path, but inside was not a telephone but a shower!
The hotel was a short tram ride from Zurich city centre, so after checking in we rode the tram back in to the city.
The Intra-Coastal Waterway is a sort of lagoon that extends for miles up the east coast of Florida ; it is used extensively for recreational boating and allows for three sets of water-frontage real estate (both sides of the waterway plus the Atlantic Ocean).
However, there was little or no information available about any part of NASA's unmanned space programme, which in many ways has been far more successful - missions such as Pioneer 10 & 11 to Jupiter and Saturn, Voyager 1 & 2 to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, Viking 1 & 2 to Mars, Galileo to Jupiter and Cassini to Saturn (and others).
While there we climbed aboard a disused space shuttle, walked around NASA's "rocket graveyard" and went up to the rocket launch observation tower. We went on an airboat ride through the mangrove swamps and grasslands, and later walked through the forest on a boardwalk trail ; at the end of the boardwalk we came to a pond containing a mother alligator and about 50 young alligators of various sizes.
While we were in Key West it rained briefly but with such intensity that many streets and shops were flooded ; this must be a common occurrence down here because the shopkeepers simply mopped up the water and continued trading as if nothing had happened. Aside : The Florida Overseas Railway (also known as the Key West Extension of the Florida East Coast Railway) was built by American real estate tycoon Henry Flagler from 1905 to 1912. The railroad operated from January 1912 until 2 September 1935, the day a category 5 hurricane (the so-called "Labour Day Hurricane of 1935") destroyed much of the railway infrastructure and also killed between 400 and 700 people.
In this haunting image by Ruslan Eliseev, we see the sunken remains of the 76-ft Mar Sem Fin, a Brazillian boat that was used for scientific and educational expeditions. The National Parks of America provide some of the best scenic wonders in the world, like the famous Grand Canyon, the mighty Yellowstone, and the majestic Yosemite. Wildflowers, bears, the Blue Ridge Parkway… these are some of the things that attract the millions of people that visit Great Smoky National Park every year. Hundreds of species of birds, 66 mammals, 50 species of fish, 39 reptile species, and 43 species of amphibians gives the area the largest biodiversity of a temperate zone than anywhere else.
The awe inspiring panoramic beauty of the Grand Canyon, photo by Paraflyer on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. Perhaps America’s most beautiful canyon, Zion National Park and canyon are located in the southwestern corner of Utah, and offer great views of the surrounding mountain range and Virgin River below. Like an army of soldiers, the hoodoos formations of Bryce Canyon National Park stand guard in the giant ampitheatre area, with tall red, brown, white and orange spires jutting into the desert sky. Point Reyes National Seashore is just north of San Francisco and the Bay Area of California. If you’re headed to Yosemite, you might as well take a trip to neighboring Grand Teton National Park as well. The Everglades have shrunk tremendously from development over the past century, but the outermost peninsula of the Everglades habitat has been preserved.
Drive the famous Trail Ridge Road of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, or hike and backpack the near 400 miles of trails. From one of the highest points of Joshua Tree, an incredible view of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley can be seen right from the main road.
Near the town of Moab and close to Arches National Park lies the vast, wide canyons of Canyonlands National Park. Near the town of Moab in eastern Utah lies thousands of ancient sandstone arches in Arches National Park.
Beautiful Mount Rainier National Park is a challenging hike, most often visited in the comfortable summer months of July and August. Pristine wilderness isolated from large cities and the intervening of man have left the 9,000 square miles of Denali National Park largely untouched and ready for you to explore. Some of the most active volcanoes in the world are located in the Hawaii islands, and specifically on the big island of Hawaii. The amazing work of glaciers and time have resulted in the stunning Alaskan Kenai Fjords National Park. One of the most dramatic parks in the United States is Olympic National Park of Washington state. It’s hard to describe the majestic feeling the landscape of Yosemite Valley provides at first glance. California and Nevada share the largest National Park in the continental United States, Death Valley National Park. The wide open desert comes into bloom in the late winter and early spring months, teeming with wildflowers, and offering cooler temperatures for hiking and exploring.
Lassen Volcanic National Park has not experienced an eruption in a long time, since 1915, but is more of a piece of standing evidence of the power of volcanoes. The famed deep, cool caverns of Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico are world renowned and one of the most highly visited parks in the United States. In Northern California, trees that are as old as 2,000 years grow skyward up to 337 feet in Redwood National Park. Washington State’s North Cascades National Park might be on the must-visit destinations in the United States.
One of America’s newly established National Parks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park is located in northeast corner of the state along the Cuyahoga River. The United States’ southernmost National Park, Dry Tortugas is located four hour west of Key West, accessible via boat only. You’ve probably heard of poachers targeting tortoises and rhinos, but the latest poaching threat in North America doesn’t involve an animal.
Once the wood has been poached from a tree, it is sold off for construction materials and ornamental furniture and souvenirs. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The rest of the park visitors arrive by car at Convoy Point, location of the park’s headquarters and the Dante Fascell Visitor Center.
The earliest known residents of what is now the Biscayne National Park were the Tequesta Indians.
When the Spaniard explorers arrived, the Tequestas were using pottery, dugout canoes, and hunting with bows and arrows.
Gumbo limbo, Jamaican dogwood, Strangler fig, Devil’s potato, Satin leaf Touchwood, and mahogany common in the West Indies are also found in this tiny area of south Florida. In Biscayne National Park, the only lodging available is the campgrounds on Boca Chita Key and Elliott Key. Pets are only allowed in the developed areas of Convoy Point and Elliott Key and must be on a kept on a leash six feet or less in length. Join a National Park Service ranger to explore Biscayne’s natural and cultural history.
Biscayne’s subtropical climate is characterized by warm, wet summers (May through Oct) and mild, dry winters (Nov through Apr). This was a very good deal because these passes allowed us unlimited travel on the Swiss rail network for any three (not necessarily consecutive) days in the next month, plus Scott was free provided he travelled with us. At Neuchatel we took a scenic train up to La Chaix de Fonds, a small town in the mountains. We also came across a statue of the writer and philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, one of Geneva's favourite sons (he was born in Geneva in 1712). We spent a couple of hours exploring this impressive castle before heading back and catching the train to Lauterbrunnen, a tiny village in the mountains near Interlaken.
These falls are a stunning series of 10 glacier run-off waterfalls, most of them actually inside the mountain itself.
The air was frosty but we enjoyed a long walk in the sunshine to the Stechelberg Cable station where we took the cable car up to the car-free alpine village of Murren (mostly used as a ski resort). The three sides and door of the booth were panes of clear glass, so anybody brave, mad or foolish enough to shower in the "phone booth" would be clearly visible from outside.
Walked around for a while then came back down again to Lauterbrunnen where we took the train to Zurich via Interlaken. We had plenty of time in the afternoon and evening to explore Zurich, ogling at the opulence on display in the famous Bahnhof Strasse and enjoying a relaxed supper at a pavement cafe. There are four main north-south roads on the east coast of Florida - the A1A next to the sea and east of the Intra-Coastal Waterway, US-1 on the mainland west of the Intra-Coastal Waterway, the interstate highway (I-95) and the Florida Turnpike (motorway or freeway).
The railway used to continue from Miami to Key West but this ambitious venture came to an end in 1935 when several of the bridges carrying the rails over the sea to the keys were destroyed by a hurricane. Open space on the Florida coast is extremely relative, because it is very difficult to go anywhere without being in sight of high-rise condominium apartment blocks.
We saw two IMAX movies about space and were bombarded with facts and figures about NASA, space, the moon landings, the International Space Station, future space exploration and the space shuttle.
I found this lack of information most odd, and when I asked somebody I was fobbed off with an answer like "I don't know, go to web site X to find that out".
Interestingly (and completely unrelated to space exploration), we also saw three alligators right next to the road. There were a few tropical downpours while we were walking around, which was great as they kept us cool. Karen's camera was stolen at the motel ; we are pretty sure the thieves were a deadbeat couple a few doors down from us, but there was nothing we could do about it. We went into the huge 4-storey "Main Bookshop" and bought about ten books - they have an amazing selection of new and used books at incredibly low prices.
But it was enough to keep us going for the short drive from Naples to Everglades City, which is most definitely NOT a city but rather a small town spread out over a very wide area. Unlike crocodiles, alligators are fairly docile and you can safely get quite close to them. The weather has changed and it isn't so hot anymore ; in fact, it's been quite chilly since we've been in the Everglades, a very unusual situation for Florida.
It rained for much of the time, including a few torrential tropical downpours and we were virtually eaten alive by swamp bugs, but it was great fun. On the way we stopped at Shark Valley, a wildlife viewing site in the Everglades National Park. We saw the ruined remains of one the bridges of Henry Flagler's railroad, the railway that was built at huge expense "over the sea" to Key West from Miami ; a hurricane in 1935 destroyed the southern part of the line and it was never repaired. It extended from Biscayne Bay, just south of Miami, to Key West at the southern tip of the Florida Keys, a distance of some 206 kilometres. Already struggling, the railroad company was not able to repair the very extensive damage and sold the remaining bridges and trackbed to the state of Florida. Interesting place, with an aquarium (we saw a monster moray eel there), a mangrove boardwalk and beaches. So we lazed away the morning next to (and in) the hotel's swimming pool before we packed for the last time, checked out and caught the hotel's free shuttle bus to the airport for our flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Zurich in Switzerland.
The boat, which sunk on April 7, 2012, lies at a depth of about 9 meters (30 ft) in Ardley Bay, Antarctica. High profile parks like the Everglades, Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains, and Carlsbad Caverns are well known world wide, but the U.S.

The Grand Canyon is also a spectacular National Park in the United States, with some of the best hiking trails you’ll ever get to experience. Over millions of years, erosion from water and wind have formed these unique rocks to look the way that they do today. The peninsula points out slightly into the Pacific, and is well known for its pristine beaches and hiking.
With live, active geysers like Old Faithful, gurgling sulphur pools, the vast scenic Yellowstone Lake, herds of wild bison roaming the park, and the stunning Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, you can take an entire week in the park and still just see a glimpse of the park. Just miles from Yosemite, the Teton Range of Wyoming is largely made of three distinctive snow capped peaks, with the mountain Lake Jackson below.
Most of the coastline along the east coast is relatively flat, but the mountains finally reach the Atlantic in Acadia National Park. Witness first hand the extraordinary wildlife the Everglades have to offer, like the native Alligator and American Crocodile.
The pristine mountain views of this Colorado National Park afford incredible views of the Continental Divide and Rocky Mountain range, with pine lined mountains and snowcapped mountaintops even in the summer months.
A quick drive through the park will give you a glimpse of just some of the incredible sites the park has to offer, but the real attractions lie off the road. This area has some of the most well known mountain biking and hiking in southern Utah, with a picturesque canvas of reds, browns and orange rock gorges and winding rivers.
The park has a concentration of these unusual formations that have been created through the process of erosion. Opening in late May or even into July, the Going-to-the-Sun Road climbs to magnificent heights high above the mountains of Montana. The mountain has vivid wildflower displays in the peak summer, and incredible views from the peak reaching all the way to Seattle, the ocean and beyond. Like Mount Rainier, the peak of Denali, or Mount McKinley, is shrouded in clouds most days of the year. Volcanic activity is a constant on the island, as steam arises from the peaks and rocks all day and night. The park sprawls from the rugged, beat up coast to the high temperate rainforests like the Hoh Rainforest.
Gazing out onto the wide open valley of tall conifers framed by sculpted granite peaks and cascading waterfalls will immediately wash your troubles away. The lowest elevation in all of North America can be found within the park boundaries, at Badwater. Bubbling mud pots and steam vents are constant reminders of the sleeping giant that lies just underneath the surface of this magnificent California National Park. Ancient stalagmites and stalagtites have formed over hundreds and thousands of years to leave us with the enigmatic limestone formations we see today. When photographing the ancient Redwoods, it’s nearly impossible to get an entire tree into your photograph. The area of northwestern New Mexico is located in the Chaco Canyon area, northwest of Albuquerque. The glaciers are retreating at an alarmingly quick rate, which could be due to global warming.
The untouched wilderness covers 894 square miles of wilderness and lakeshore coastline, and is closer to Canada’s Thunder Bay, just around ten miles away, than the mainland Michigan shore. Dividing the countries of Mexico and the United States, the Rio Grande is the southern border of the park’s boundary. Poachers have been sneaking into California’s ancient redwood forests and cutting away burls and bunions (types of knotty growths) from live and fallen trees. National Park Service has started closing one of the main scenic roads through the park, the Newton B.
That’s particularly unfortunate because a redwood tree can live thousands of years, only grows in a tiny area on the planet and the tallest trees in the world come from this species.
Even if it destroys a natural priceless environment , it\\\'s said to here over and over how we are destroying this beautiful land .I hope people will understand what destruction they are causing sad that the oldest living thing on earth is being killed for nonsense!
Driving to Convoy Point, take the turnpike South, and then the Homestead extension of the Florida turnpike south, to Exit 2 (Campbell Drive).
The mangrove shoreline, crystal clear waters, emerald isles, and living coral reefs attract near 500,000 visitors a year.
Here visitors can picnic, fish, canoe, explore the Visitor Center, or take one of the boat tours offered by the park’s concessioner, Biscayne National Underwater Park, Inc. They lived by fishing and hunting for sea turtles, sharks, sailfish, stingrays, and sea mammals. North flowing air and ocean currents and storms delivered the pioneer seeds and plants that eventually grew into the islands’ lush dark jungle like forests. You can always bring your own food as there are picnic tables and grills at Convoy Point, Adams Key, Boca Key and Elliott Key or there are restaurants in the local communities listed above. Pets, except those used to assist individuals with disabilities, are not allowed on any other islands (including Boca Chita Key and Adams Key), in the shallow waters (less than three feet deep) surrounding the islands, or on boats docked at the islands. Join a ranger to learn about the forces that once shaped this landscape – and continue to do so, see the Calendar Page. Swiss trains are frequent, fast and extremely efficient and they go to every corner of the country, but they are also very expensive ; these 3-day passes saved us a bundle. Another famous person to have graced Geneva with his presence was John Calvin, who started the Protestant movement in Geneva and preached in the austere Cathedral de St Pierre between 1536 and 1564 ; much like the Calvinists, the Swiss have been dull and humourless since then. We went the scenic way, aboard the "Golden Panorama" train via Zweissimen, then Spiez and Interlaken, winding through beautiful mountains, valleys and meadows. You enter the cave system via an underground funicular then walk through a series of tunnels, ledges and caves, marvelling at the sheer volume of water cascading down the mountain. It was buried under many inches of snow, so we again had snowball fights through town and all the way along the mountain path down to Gimmelwald, where we took the cable car back down again. We had an early flight the next morning to Miami in the USA, so we spent some time looking for a place to stay in Zurich that would be convenient for getting to the airport. At Miami airport we picked up a rental car and drove a short distance north on the A1A, the Florida east coast road, which sits on the narrow strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intra-Coastal Waterway. We swam at Juno Beach and stopped at Hutchinson Island, where there is a boardwalk nature trail through mangrove swamps. Very strange ; my only explanation is that the public footing the enormous NASA bill every year is inspired by manned space missions such as Apollo, the space shuttle and the International Space Station, even though from a pure science perspective the unmanned missions have been, and still are, way more valuable. Apart from that it was a boring day of travelling on freeways, the highlight of which was when we drove over the Sunshine Skyway, an unbelievable bridge across Tampa Bay. Then we had a long swim on Lido Beach near Sarasota, a fabulous strip of white sand with warm, clear water.
It has a "Wild West frontier" feel to it, but it's quite pleasant in an abandoned, desolate and mouldering sort of way. It's very easy to get lost in the myriad of waterways in the overhanging mangrove swamps so we had to watch very carefully where we went. We checked in to a self-catering bungalow for the next three nights in the town of Marathon, about half way to Key West from the start of the Keys.
We came across one deer on the path of a wildlife trail near Blue Hole, and it walked towards us until it was about two metres away - incredible. A number of bridges were built at great expense to carry the tracks above the sea between the islands (keys).
Some of these were later used to build the overseas highway to Key West, but a number of the bridges have been abandoned and are now used as fishing piers and occasionally in movies (such as the 1994 blockbuster "True Lies", starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis). Drove north on US-1 to Miami, to find that it was the start of the Memorial Day long weekend and every hotel on South Beach was jammed to the rafters. Zurich airport was complete chaos due to extensive construction work, but we managed to check in for our overnight flight to Johannesburg in South Africa. It also has old architecture and ruins, like the Watchtower, the new Skywalk (which has received mixed reviews), and an entire seperate rim besides the southern rim to explore.
This skinny section of the Zion canyon is one the most memorable and visited hiking destinations in the United States, and a formidable challenge to all hikers. The area also had a tremendous shake up where an earthquake moved the entire peninsula 18 feet away from the mainland of California in a testament of how powerful Mother Nature really is!
Underneath the surface of Yellowstone, a sleeping giant remains waiting to unleash its destructive capabilities on the surrounding land. Wildlife is abound in the park, as Black Bears, Elk, and Bison freely roam the area for all to view and enjoy. You’ll also see plenty of Great Blue Heron and Ibis wading in between the mangroves, but you might sneak a peak at the endangered manatee or the very endangered Florida Panther further inland.
At the base of the mountains, you can find the rustic towns of Boulder and Estes Park, each beautiful in their own right. Quail families, desert flora, and the famous Joshua Tree, only found in this area of the Mojave Desert, are all found within the park boundaries. The area is divided into four unique districts: The Needles District, Island in the Sky, the Maze, the Rivers, and Horseshoe Canyon.
Beneath the park lies a giant salt bed layer, which pushed the sandstone layer up and exposed it to the air. The glaciers are slowly melting away, so get your trip into this incredible National Park sooner than later. If you’re headed here, keep in mind that the peak is often covered by clouds much of the time. The park is largely inaccessible by road, but is often visible through Alaskan cruise tours that visit the awe inspiring blue walls. Old growth forest descends into the alpine lowlands and tree lined coasts, which are decorated with sea weathered logs that rest on the beaches.
The powerful Upper and Yosemite Falls display the park’s natural force, and provide a distant rumbling from almost anywhere in the valley. Across the valley, ancient salt beds have left strange patterns and formations of rock at Devil’s Golf Course.
The cave can be accessed by the elevator above the caves, or through the hike that leads to the natural cave entrance. The park stretches along the jagged coastline near Crescent City, and contains some of the oldest trees on Earth.
Millions of these artifacts left behind from the Puebloan culture are available to view at the Chaco Culture Museum. The park is located near the Canadian border, and is home to black bears, moose, and wolves. The park includes the scenic areas surrounding the river and parts of the old Erie Canal, which can be accessed via the Towpath Trail. Accessible only by boat or plane, the park can be visited via ferry during the warmer months but completely shuts down during the icy winter months.

Is there a secret gem of a park that you think everyone should visit, or one that didn’t meet your expectations? This type of wood fetches a nice price on the market because it is becoming increasingly rare, but removing burls can be incredibly damaging to the ancient trees and the local environment.
Illegal poaching damages the trees, impacts forest appearance and can even threaten endangered animals that live in the forest. The concession offers gift sales, canoe rentals, glass bottom boat tours, snorkel trips, scuba trips, and transportation to the island for campers. Their refuse and trash built up mounds of shells and animal bones at camp and village sites. High temperatures average in the high 80s and low 90s in summer and in the mid 70s and low 80s in winter. The weather was terrible, with dark gray clouds, wind and incessant rain - much as I remember Switzerland to be like from my previous visit to the country in 1987.
We went for a long stroll along the shore of Lake Geneva - there are trees, benches and walkways for miles.
The Formule 1 Hotel proved the best option - it was inexpensive, breakfast was included and there was a free shuttle bus to the airport, 24 hours a day ; we just had to endure the sensation of sleeping in a plastic cubicle.
The heat and humidity in the thick tropical forest was intense, and the bugs never stopped biting. But it almost appears as if they're trying to hide these unmanned missions, because not one person I spoke to could tell me anything at all. It crosses miles of water, and in the middle it's raised to allow ships to pass underneath - an incredible sight as four lanes of tarmac, concrete and traffic simply head up into the sky.
Definitely the best beach we saw on either coast of Florida and right up there with the best beaches I've seen anywhere in the world (such as Whitehaven Beach in Australia, Boulders in South Africa and Lagos in Portugal). Amazingly, it was the very same place I'd stayed in when I last visited the Florida Keys in 1995! Continued south to Key West and spent the late afternoon and evening exploring this historic town with it's plethora of talented street artists on Mallory Square. There is thus no longer any rail service in the Florida Keys and it is unlikely that there ever will be again. We eventually found a room in a hotel quite near the airport, and in insanely congested traffic I managed to get our rental car back to the agency with ONE MINUTE to spare (otherwise we would have paid an extra day's rental). For a blog post that documents the actual sinking of the ship, check out this blog (in Russian).
It doesn’t hurt that the park contains the majestic Blue Ridge Parkway, the most beautiful road east of the Mississippi. If you’re more of a loner and would like to stay away from the crowds, the Northern Rim offers a serene environment and higher elevation.
Only accessible when the Virgin River starts to recede slightly, the unforgettable hike will lead to the areas of the canyon which are as narrow as only 30 feet. The high elevation of the park makes it slightly cooler than the rest of the Utah desert, and a popular camping retreat. If you’re headed to San Francisco, this is the perfect day trip away from the busy city.
This giant supervolcano has not erupted in around 630,000 years, and on the average has erupted every 600,000 years or so. Wide open fields at the base of the mountains give you gigantic, panoramic views of the peaks, with the lake in the foreground.
These high cliffs and seaside mountains of Maine have spectacular views of the pine lined rocky beaches below.
Plan your trip before the brutal heat of late June, July and August, or after for more comfortable temperatures and less bugs. Bighorn sheep, pumas, elk, black bear, coyotes, and hawks all impress viewers and campgoers, while the craggy slopes display different color and foliage in the spring through fall months. The lower elevation Colorado Desert area of the park has less moisture, and lower, ground cacti and cholla cactus.
Each area has its own unique personality, like the unique rock spire formations of Needles, and the steep, winding river canyons of Horseshoe. Wind, water and harsh desert environment over the years have sculpted the works of art from the bottom up, leaving arch formations all over the area. You’ll also have to plan it before late October, since snow and ice starts to reform early. It’s the highest peak in the Cascade Range, and the park was the 5th National Park established in the United States. The largest mountain North America, it can be found in the epicenter of Alaska, closest to the city of Fairbanks. The island is one the least visited and inhabited, but is the largest and probably most interesting.
The narrow inlets in the seas are inpassable except in the summer months, so planning your trip would be advisable during July or August. This moist, dense area is the wettest area of the continental United States, with more living organisms per square foot than nearly anywhere in the U.S. Half Dome never ceases to amaze, with the its sheer edge providing unique photographs from all angles (you might recognize it from the California state quarter). Deeper into the park, you can find the odd Scotty’s Castle, a true desert mansion in the heart of the valley. Beautiful panoramic views can be found from the massive peaks in the park, or you can hike up the cinder cone to view the newest eruption’s devestation. Deep forests, waterfalls, and farmland are amongst the sites to mountain bike or hike to, while the river remains the focus of much of the park. As the Rio Grande cuts between the canyon walls, one side of the canyon is Mexico, the other the United States.
By 1763, diseases brought to the new world by Europeans and raids by other Indian tribes and the Spanish, all but wiped out the Tequesta. In the middle of the lake is the Jet d'Eau, an enormous jet spouting water 140 metres into the air. When we got to Lauterbrunnen we had a snowball fight in the road outside the train station. The rain did not stop for a moment today and the maximum temperature was 7 degrees celsius. All the best scenery is on US-1 and the A1A, so although these are a lot slower due to traffic lights, stop-streets and lots of cars we kept to these two roads for our entire trip up the east coast.
I knew more about the ongoing NASA space programme than anybody working at the Kennedy Space Centre! Luckily our hotel, a Days Inn near Interstate 4, had a great swimming pool and we lazed around in the water after getting back. We continued south from Sarasota, hoping to reach the Everglades but could not manage it, so we stayed the night in a luxurious but inexpensive motel just outside Naples - huge room, jacuzzi, pool, breakfast, gym and satellite TV.
Read on to see some of America’s most visited as well as underrated National Park destinations, and why you should plan a trip to one today!
It’s useless fretting about the possible damage from this volcano, since we have no idea when or if the volcano will erupt again. Further into the valley is the town of Jackson Hole, a small, rustic town with a lot of charm and authentic Wyoming style.
Drive up famous Cadillac Mountain, or bike the 45 miles of old carriage roads that are still in existence. Visit famous Delicate Arch, the Utah state symbol, briefly hike to the world’s longest arch, Landscape Arch, or go off the beaten path to experience lesser known formations like Skull Arch. Sites like the Thruston Lava Tube, a 500+ year old remnant of a prior eruption, and the amazing Mauna Loa volcano, the world’s largest.
Off to the northeast, the Tuolumne Meadows beg to be explored and hiked, with the tranquil streams weaving between hunks of granite and grass high atop the mountains. It’s preceded by the rolling Death Valley sand dunes, and the often photographed Racetrack area. This park is even more inaccessible and visited fewer than Mount Rainer National Park, also in Washington.
Large colonies of little blue herons, snowy egrets, and other wading birds nest seasonally in the protected refuge of the Arsenicker Keys. These are just some of the ways to discover the diversity of the scenic, natural and historic wonders that comprise Biscayne National Park.
The Southern Rim is more convenient, with the main entrance and Visitor’s Center being located there.
The main road is often closed until June or July and allows only a partial view of the park, so call ahead to see what roads are open. It’s a short 3 hour drive from San Francisco, well worth the trip to Yosemite National Park.
Hundreds of miles from the nearest large cities, San Antonio and El Paso, Big Bend National Park is closest to Fort Stockton, Texas. And with snorkel or dive tanks, they explore the exciting kaleidoscope of life which is the living coral reefs. The extremely shallow waters surrounding these mangrove islands in the south bay are especially well suited for foraging. On either rim, make sure you take the time to view the canyon during the late day or early morning, when the vibrant hues of warm colors are really at their peak.
Stones have somehow moved across the giant dried lake bed, leaving deep grooves in the bed, during storms and heavy winds.
It is a subtropical place where mainland mangrove shoreline, a warm shallow bay, many small islands or keys and living coral reefs intermingle. But boating in the park can be difficult to protect yourself and the park’s resources requires skill and knowledge. The main road to the park is mostly unpaved, and blocked to private vehicles except for a small portion.
Together they comprise a vast, almost pristine wilderness and recreation area along the southeast edge of the Florida peninsula. The park, located just 21 miles east of Everglades National Park, was established as a national monument in 1968. In 1980 it was enlarged to 181,500 acres and designated as a national park to protect a rare combination of terrestrial and undersea life, to preserve a scenic subtropical setting, and to provide an outstanding spot for recreation and relaxation.

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