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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. South Australian police allege that at the time of the accident in April the two-year-old boy was sitting on his mother's lap in the back seat of the family car, which was being driven by his father. Despite all the doom and gloom being spread by the general media Australians continue to remain optimistic.
The official Australia statistician, Vfacts has just totted up the results for 2013, which show that 1,136,227 vehicle changed hands during the year. There’s no single reason for the rise in vehicle sales, though there’s little doubt that extremely aggressive marketing played a major roll.
Number one marque, for the 11th straight year, was Toyota, selling almost one new vehicle in every five in Australia.
Many of the Toyotas were made in Australia as Camry and Aurion continue to sell reasonably well and bolster hopes that Toyota can continue to make cars in Australia. Despite Toyota being the top seller in Australia, 2013 was the first time the company could take pride in also having the number one selling car. Toyota Corolla pushed Mazda3, which was in the central spot on the podium during 2011 and 2012, into number two place.

However, Corolla was all-new in late 2012 whereas Mazda3 is in runout phase, with a new model due in a couple of months. Toyota HiLux ute was in third spot overall in the 2013 sales race, indicating the increase in confidence amongst tradies, as well as the continued strength of the dressed-up 4WD family pickup in Australia.
Some buyers are paying close to $70,000 to get into topline four-door pickups loaded with extras – extras with weight that significantly reduce the load carrying capacity of the vehicle, but that’s another story.
Holden was in number two position on the sales charts, but its virtually all-new Commodore launched midway through 2013, languished in fifth place overall.
Number three marque in Australia during 2013 was Mazda, just ahead of Hyundai, with Ford in fifth. Fascinatingly, the biggest increases in sales were recorded by the Italian twins, Fiat and Alfa Romeo.
A big plus for the Melbourne Toyota factory is that many cars it makes are exported, whereas Ford and Holden mainly sell in this country.
Toyota Australia must really be regretting the decision to stop making Corolla in Australia and instead importing it from Japan. Mazda Australia seems confident that it can get its ‘3 back to the top again, though it won’t come straight out and say so.

Though they started from a low base, jumps of 651% and 162% respectively are still pretty impressive. Toyota has just announced it will add a long-wheelbase Corolla sedan to its range midway through February, so there’s going to be a real battle in this market segment.
Imports of Fiat and Alfa are now being controlled by head office in Italy, and the new Australian management team is pushing hard to make the brands part of the Australian mainstream, not simply niche players. But it will likely cost more than $200,000 when it arrives locally.The original Honda NSX went on sale in Australia in 1991 for $160,000 but the price quickly rose to $220,000 in 1995 and had climbed to $256,000 when it was discontinued in 2005. Power and performance figures are yet to be released.But it’s safe to assume it’ll have more get-up-and-go than the original.
For almost nine years.Meanwhile, the news is not so good for fans holding out for the Honda Civic Type R.

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