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You screw the adaptor plate to the car first using any of the many mounting holes and then you have 4 holes in the adaptor plate that perfectly match 4 holes in a standard sized NZ number plate. Below is an example of the spacer being used to fix the problem of the New Zealand Licence plate not fitting the space on the front bumper designed for a Japanese licence plate on a Japanese Import car. The number plate has been removed and the spacer has been cut in the top courners to fit in the space that needs to be filled. With the spacer filling the space behind the number plate we have now been able to straighten it and mount it to the spacer using four screws so it is very secure. This New Zealand number plate frame has wings that extent the length to cover the space of a European number plate.
For other popular logos we have have vinyl decals that fit the wings which you can choose to add to the frame.

These frames are a fully legal alternative to personalised European sized plates which cost hundreds of dollars.
This chrome frame fits European sized number plates as used in Europe and available as an option in Australia and New Zealand. The frame is made of tough and durrable ABS plastic like our other frames and has a thick coating of chrome with a mirror finish. This frame is also available with your own customised message - this is for a small additional cost. You can change the price to Aussie dollars by clicking on Price Set at the top of the page. Don't drill holes in your car to mount your New Zealand number plate as this will cause rust to start.

With this surround fitted a 500mm long space is covered which hides the mounting holes for european plates on european cars. The adaptor can be used with any of our number plate frames that also fit standard sized NZ licence plates.

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