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It was purchased in or about 1948 by Tom Sumner, with it’s oringinal peach exterior and medium green interior.
It apparently declined in quality, due to inadequate care and maintenance, was de-peached with (a poorly regarded) dark green metallic paint. In 1939, Gilbert Hoard fell in love with the Packard convertible, a classy sports car that retailed for $4,570. Although the car has 68,000 miles on its speedometer and has spent the past 40 years aging in a garage and museum, Hoard calls it a bargain. The car first was owned by the famous matinee heartthrob, who in the 1950s docked his boat next to Hoard’s 73-foot yacht when both men were living in Havana. An antique-car buff, Hoard had been searching for the car when he spotted one listed in an ad for a Houston car auction.
David Taylor, a Houston Cadillac dealer who founded the museum, said he hadn’t intended to sell the car, which he had insured for $500,000. Stick shifts are cheaper than automatic transmissions in terms of sticker price, but not excessively.
Cars with automatic transmissions have slightly hire maintenance costs than those with manual transmissions. A car with a manual transmission, or stick shift, is cheaper than an automatic transmission, not only on the car lot but also in the long term.
In terms of sticker price, stick shifts are indisputably cheaper than automatic transmissions. The difference in efficiency between automatics and stick shifts used to be much more pronounced.

While it is possible for a driver to achieve greater control and fuel economy while driving a stick, that driver must be experienced and familiar with engine dynamics. When buying a car new, a stick shift will cost less, but not by much — and often not enough for it to be a major factor in the decision of what type of transmission to purchase.
I had a friend attempt to explain to me how to drive a stick shift, but I just could not get the hang of it. Would I be more likely to have a transmission problem develop with a manual or an automatic? With automated dual clutch transmissions with 6, 7 or 8 speeds now, manual shifts no long have the mile-per-gallon advantage.
Looking in the UK second-hand market this year, equivalent automatics are ?3000-5000 cheaper than the manual versions for the models that I am considering and I am trying to understand the reason for this difference. Ultimatelty was either demolished, shipped to England, taken to Mexico, or otherwise vanished. What ever happened to decadence What I would not give o go back when days where most simple.
The difference is not as extreme as some drivers believe it to be, however, especially with late model cars. The price difference is usually not excessive, and when purchasing an expensive car, it may not seem terribly important. In the 1990s, most automakers began to improve the efficiency of automatic transmissions, making them drive smoother and use fuel more effectively. Few drivers are, and in some cases, they actually drive so inefficiently that the car is less fuel efficient than an automatic version of the same vehicle.

For experienced drivers who understand how to drive a car for maximum efficiency, a stick will be significantly cheaper than an automatic, but the majority of drivers will find driving an automatic to be comparable to driving a stick, in terms of cost. A look at the car, which had been on display at the David Taylor Classic Car Museum in Galveston, Texas, and Hoard joined the bidding.
Mix’s car was being used in filming The Carpetbaggers when it was demolished in a wreck. From an automaker's perspective, manual transmissions are much cheaper to install than automatic, and this price is reflected in the sticker price. Because of the rising demand for automatic transmissions, it can also sometimes be difficult to find manual cars with the same features as automatics; drivers may have to place a special order for a car with a manual transmission, rather than driving a car off the lot that day. The difference in fuel efficiency between the two is almost negligible, especially in cars made after 2000, but experienced drivers can still save money driving a manual car. Drivers who want high performance out of their vehicles will be as well served by high end automatics as they will by manual cars. However, if an automatic transmission needs service, that can be a little or a lot of money.Don't forget the anti-theft advantage of stick shifts (USA only).
In the long term, driven by experienced drivers, manual cars are also more fuel efficient, leading to substantial savings over the life of a car.
So few people know how to drive sticks in the states that you could probably get by without locking your car door.

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