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Learner drivers who pass their automatic transmission driving tests will only be allowed to drive automatic transmission vehicles starting May, said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.
Previously, the government announced a proposal to use automatic transmission cars for driving tests in May after changes in the New Driver’s Education Curriculum. Kong said a text book on road safety education has already been prepared this year for Form One students.
Ministry of transport will implement automatic transmission driving licence in May 2012 which will enable the new drivers to take the JPJ test with an auto transmission car which is easier.
The automatic transmission driving licence will be implemented nationwide in May after the driving curriculum is revised, said Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri. He said the new driving curriculum would enable learner drivers to learn to drive and take a test in an automatic car.
He said, despite the introduction of the automatic transmission driving licence, learner drivers could choose to learn and take a test either in a manual or an automatic car.
Abdul Rahim anticipates that more people, especially older learners and women, would prefer to drive in a car with automatic gears as it is a lot easier. On the new driving curriculum, Abdul Rahim said it would focus on producing discerning and disciplined motorists to help reduce fatal accidents as human factors were the root cause behind 60 to 70 per cent of the accidents.
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Drivers License Handbook - Passing the driving test, renewals, and getting your drivers license. Drivers License NewsNew Drivers Out of Luck During Minnesota Shutdown"The prolonged government shutdown in Minnesota is affecting more than just state workers, the Associated Press reported July 13. Miranda Cosgrove Gets Drivers Permit"Miranda Cosgrove, who plays the lead role of Carly in Nickelodeon's smash hit ""iCarly,"" recently tweeted that she got her driver's permit.
Drivers License and DUI CheckpointsThe Outlook News, in Santa Monica, California, reported on local and state efforts to reduce alcohol related deaths over the July 4th weekend, mirroring efforts across the country. New Texas Law Requires Drivers License Applicants to Prove CitizenshipA law just passed by the Texas State Legislature will link getting a driver's license to a person's citizenship or immigration status. Drivers LicenseThe Benefits Of Enrolling Your Teenager In A Drivers Ed CourseBeing able to drive takes a lot of courage and enrolling your teen in a drivers ed could help them on their first few steps towards driving independently. Drivers Education For First Time DriversIf you want to obtain a driver's license, then a drivers education is the thing for you.
Drivers License TestPractice Permit Test To Pass Your Drivers License TestA practice permit test is one of the best ways to prepare for your driver license exam.

How To Pass Your Drivers License TestYour drivers license test will not be too difficult of a task to master.
Drivers PermitA Drivers Permit Is The First Step To Getting Your Drivers LicenseA drivers permit is the first step in driving a car legally. Your Learners Permit Is The First Step To Getting Your Drivers LicenseEveryone eventually wants their own car and the freedom that comes with driving.
Sandy Arthur Training cater for all categories of licence including CAT C1 (7.5 tonnes) CAT C (rigid) and CAT C+E (Drawbar-Conversion) licence acquisition. Sandy Arthur Training is here to help guide you through each Module, we have fully qualified Instructors who have been approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to deliver CAT C and C+E Training to the highest standard – Remember cheaper is not always better at Sandy Arthur Training Services we offer experience and fantastic value for money which is matched by a superb pass rate. In order to attend our LGV C+E (HGV Class 1) training courses, you must have first passed your LGV Category C test (HGV Class 2 test). To the left and to the right of the barcode we have a large area of white called the quiet zone. Left and right digits are encoded differently: the right encoding scheme is the bitwise complement of the left encoding scheme. The concept of bits for a visual pattern might be unclear, so let me explain: by reading the guard we have determined the width of the thinnest bar, in order to read a digit we read approximatively 7 * width pixels, at each time, if we encountered a bar the current bit will be 1 and 0 otherwise. Let's zoom on the beginning of our example code, at the left we have our guard pattern and just after we have the first encoded digit. After reading the guard, we have the width of a single bit, we can now read the next 7 bits and get their value.
We obtain here space-space-space-bar-bar-space-bar, that is to say we have 0001101, and according to our table it is the value 0. I tried with other images as well but you can generate your own barcodes online if you want.
Interested in high performance computing, parallel programming, compiler construction, image processing. After a semester of driver’s education, I was still nervous when I sat behind the wheel with my father in the passenger seat.
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It is also called a learner's license, as it gives you the legal right to learn how to drive a car. Road Safety Safe Driving Tips1 CommentMust a learner driver drive with an L-Plate displayed? The LGV Category C licence will allow drivers who pass the Category C driving test to drive any rigid Category C vehicle up to 32 tonnes.

The LGV Category C+E test will allow drivers to drive any rigid vehicle with a trailer over 750kg (truck and trailer) up to a combined weight of 44 tonnes. There is no theory test required, however you must ensure that you have Category C+E provisional entitlement stated on the paper counterpart of your driving licence. Both have their own respective advantages, as the artic lorries are more widely used by haulage companies so receiving training in this type of lorry may enhance your chances of successfully gaining job opportunities once you pass your LGV C+E test.
I used OpenCV for loading and displaying but I don't use any advanced function from the library so the code can be quickly adapted to other use cases. This zone is required to be at least 10 times the width of the smallest bar and is here to facilitate barcode detection, it has no interest for decoding. The three occurences of this pattern are called (from left to right) S, M, and E (Start, Middle and End).
Each digit is encoded on 7 bits, giving a total of 84 bits encoding digits, and 11 bits encoding guards.
Once you successfully pass your LGV Cat C test, you will obtain Category C on your licence as well as Category C1 (7.5 tonnes) as Category C supersedes Category C1.
Drivers who pass the LGV C+E Test will be entitled to drive articulated lorries (artics), or trucks with a drawbar trailer. You will also need to ensure that your existing LGV Category C entitlement is still valid, and has not expired, as candidates over the age of 45 will need to renew their LGV medical examination every 5 years for their LGV Cat C Licence entitlement to remain valid. On the other hand, the Category C rigid vehicles with drawbar combination are considered to be easier to drive and manoeuvre, so by choosing this option you may increase the chances of you passing your HGV Class 1 test first time.
While giving the statement, Kong said a new road safety education will be exposed to form four student to increase safety awareness on the road among youngsters. The other advantage with choosing to pass your LGV C+E test with a truck and drawbar combination is that you will be using the same truck (Category C Vehicle) that you passed your LGV category C test (HGV Class 2 test) in if you completed such training with us.
If you hold any PCV entitlements ( ie Category D or Category D1), you will also inherit the entitlement to tow trailers over 750kg on these licences as well (ie Category D+E and Category D1+E) once you pass your HGV Class 1 test.
This means that you will already be familiar with the vehicle, and only a few minor amendments will by required to be taught to you to take into consideration the trailer you would be towing to acquire your LGV C+E Licence.

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