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Here you will find Technical Information and help about automotive and electronic producs and services. Do you know or have any information that you think would be helpful to the community and would like to share it in this blog?You are welcome to post it if you would like to! Well, the above is most of the times caused by a mismatch of the engine immobilizer or a malfunctioning of its circuit (very rare).
Inside your car key, in the black or grey plastic part, there is a micro chip in a glass capsule, which contains the whole circuit needed for the key to transmit an unique code when close to the energized coil antenna. The circuit inside the key needs no battery, as it is powered up by magnetic signals out coming from the coil antenna. The code received by the coil antenna from the car key, is amplified and decoded by the transponder circuit and then transmitted to the ecu to be compared with the code already stored on it and then be sent back to the transponder for comparisons. If the comparison tests Ok, then the transponder circuit sends a signal to the ecu to allow the engine to run. 3 – A sudden malfunction of the system caused by an unexplainable reason like a power failure or by connecting an incompatible, wrong or faulty scanner or diagnostic equipment or anything alike. 1 – Go to the dealer so they cut a new key and synchronize it (program it) with the existing ecu.
3- Replace the ecu for a new one if the above two options don’t work and possibly will need to buy new blank keys. It was interesting to find this article as I just recently purchased a used 2006 corolla and was only given one master key. Yes, the dealer should be able to make a new key with your master and the car’s VIN number. The VIN number of the car, the pin number (seed) and key codes are stored in the ecu (car computer). He?s living at Slovakia and wants to make an duplicate key but our dealer of Toyota said him that they have no software for programing of this key which is needed for Toyota from US.
About programming a new key, it is easy and simple, provided that you have (1) an USA key of your model and (2) the key is blank and unused.
You might want to revise and practice the procedure before actually doing it, as it have a few steps that each one have a specific time frame. 2 Turn the key to on position and before 15 seconds, press and release the accelerator pedal for exactly 5 times. 4 At this time you can remove the master key and within 10 seconds, you must insert the new black key to be programmed into the ignition switch. If you want to program another new key, you must insert it in the ignition cylinder within 10 seconds after the above procedure and press and release the accelerator pedal only once and wait a few seconds before removing it. So which position of master key is correct and should be done the steps 1 and 8 (in my instruction) as well?
And secondly: I was reading on forum of toyota that during the self-programing can program get frozen and ecu have to be replace. I recommend that you first try the all key erasing method, as you only have one key, then do the steps to try to program the new one. If still nothing happens after trying both instructions (here and the mentioned site), then it might be the case that (1) the key being tried to program is not compatible with the transponder on your car or (2) for some unknown reason, your ecu is not accepting any more keys even after the process of erasing all keys. It is important to notice the flashes of the security lamp, as per the instructions in the site you posted above, as a guide for knowing if the process is being working. I assume that the car is working with the unique key you have, so I rule out the rest of the circuits like the ring antenna and the key lock transponder circuit. About dealers, they usually replace the ecu if they don’t have the equipment for resetting the ecu.
After the immobilizer was removed, for how much time did it start ok before the ECU light went on and stopped starting? If it was the second option above, then the key amplifier (ring antenna circuit in the key cylinder) must be disconnected and if a separate immobilizer box, known as immobox or transponder ecu, it must also be disconnected.

I reprogrammed once a 1998 Toyota Camry so it does not look for transponder keys and it worked fine the whole day.
Just replaced ECU(used)on 02 Corolla Runx,engine cranks but doesn’t start, security light flashes, can anyone please help, How can i bypass the immobilizer to kill the security feature so it wont search for the transpondent key. One thing you may try your self is a trick for synchronizing the used ECM with the key codes in the immobilizer system. She had heard to cycle the Key On Key Off 5 times and it would work and still is intermitten, can you help? Your problem must be in an aftermarket security system (alarm) that could be installed in the car or in the starting circuit wiring per se. If no security system, then you should check the starting circuit components with the provided diagram in the link below. If it would only be a starting problem, I would say it is the starter itself, but more commonly, the ignition switch.
But, since the car is shutting off by itself, the problem seems more to be in the security system. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more. BMW FSC Code CIC NBT Caculate Key Service is used for generate bmw FSC Code when update the bmw navi and change your bmw navi maps.
We provide just the active key, please give us your fsc file and VIN number to us for generating the active code.
On-board navigation systems like iDrive are installed in the dashboard of your vehicle during the manufacturing process. More Features: Most Personal Navigation Devices only provide navigation, while several BMW on-board models are capable of doing more—for instance, playing DVDs or connecting to HD radio, iPods or MP3 players. Need help finding a diagram fora 89 dokota can't locate in any manuel any help would be great. I could not find what each fuse is for on the fuse panel under the dash on my 89 dakota if someone has a copy of it please sent me a copy. Need to know exact where fuel pump relay is on fuse box can't find any diagram worth understanding.
Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. I would (and have) recommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time. That is why your car key’s plastic part is wider than normal, to accommodate the device. Right after the key is energized by the antenna, it starts emitting back to the coil, the code it has previously stored. If on the other hand, the code is not recognized (mismatched), the ecu shuts off the engine a second and a half after starting it and flash the security indicator on the dash board. The ecu can be reflashed (reprogrammed) so it will be ready to accept either new or old keys. It is reprogrammed (only the part that works with the key codes) without removing any part from the circuit. In case that the master key is lost, then the ecu must be reset (as explained in the article above) for it to learn new keys. Within 15 seconds of inserting the key, depress and release the accelerator pedal five times.
Because my father already did whole process according to steps above but nothing happend and master key was in OFF(LOCK) position.

If for some reason it doesn’t flash as expected, something is wrong, either with the ecu or the new key. We do reset the ecu with an eeprom programmer and the correct file for writing on the security chip, which is located in the ecu circuit. In all Toyota models I have seen, the immobilizer can be reset or can be reprogrammed, so it does not look for transponder keys, but it is never completely removed. That is mostly the problem in these cases, as the immobilizer disables ignition and injection, but do not disable the starter at all. It is composed of the starter itself, some relays, some fuses, its wiring and the ignition switch, which reminds me, that a defective ignition switch tends to do that problem too. Those systems normally send an ignition off signal, along with a starter cut off signal when triggered. Life time codes mean that once you bought this code from us,you will never have to buy another code again when upgrading in the future. Some drivers, however, purchase Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) that can be moved from car to car.Like iDrive, these GPS-enabled portable devices provide navigation assistance. Additionally, the on-board monitor offers at-a-glance visibility that is superior to the smaller screens of PNDs. You may change between economy and power or just go back to stock (factory) settings any time.
All the communication and power feeding between the car key and the transponder circuit installed inside the steering column, is electro-magnetical. All ecru’s are supposed to have a capacity of accepting from 8 to 10 new keys (maybe around $100).
Can a dealer still make another master for me (using the one I have) even if I don’t have the code?
With the immobilizer set, the car will crank until depleting the car’s battery, but the engine will not start.
If it is so, triggering the security system could be caused by a malfunction in the system itself or intermittent wiring.
External Antenna: On-board navigation systems have an external antenna, providing the strongest possible satellite signal. I had real doubts about this website but your promptness of response, quick followup and to the point answer with picture was incredible.
The code that the car key has programmed inside, is the code given to it when it was programmed by the dealer, using part of the VIN number. The downside of this is that a special reprogramming equipment and software is needed, but we have tested it and works perfect and only takes a few minutes. If the process is interrupted even slightly because of low battery, it must be started over and wait 30 minutes more again.
Because it is integrated with your car’s interior functions, iDrive provides greater levels of reliability, convenience and performance.
Where can I find BCM cod?Jay : If it's not on the outside of the BCM, then a scanner is needed to do the pin read. About the issue that we were talking about, with the check engine because of the VIN number, I went to the dealer and they set it for free as you adviced to do. If he can't decode it and can pin read it, just return with the pin read and I will decode it for youCustomer: Okay, we will give this a try.

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