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Only Young Drivers, not only are we dedicated to provide young driver insurance, but we try our hardest at helping you to be equipped with as much advice and tips as possible to keep you safe out on the roads. It is inevitable that driving at night time is far more dangerous and you face many different challenges to daytime driving. Stay to well-lit roads, if you do have to use unlit dark roads, drive slower – Simple! Only Young Drivers specialises in young driver insurance and car insurance, for young people aged between 17 and 29. The vehicle, which is powered by a Kubota 400cc diesel engine and comes with 12 months of free road tax, has alloy wheels and many typical features found in a car - including a CD player.To qualify as a quadricycle, the vehicle, which has two white stripes on the bonnet, had to weigh less than 350kg and have a power output not exceeding 4kw - with a maximum speed of 30mph. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Over the past year, Discovery conducted several surveys among South African employees and its Discovery Insure members to determine how they rated their state of health and their driving abilities. Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Discovery Vitality Wellness, says the results of the first Discovery Healthy Company Index (HCI), which were released last year, are interesting.
The survey results indicated that 67percent of all employees who participated in the HCI considered themselves to be healthy when they actually had four or more risk factors affecting their overall health and wellbeing. Similar perception results were found among Discovery Insure drivers when over 114 million kilometres of driver data generated by the **DQ-Track programme was analysed. The survey showed that 10 percent are excellent drivers, 58 percent moderate, and 32 percent poor drivers. People will not change their behaviour for the better if they do not think it is a problem, and changing behaviour is difficult when people have unrealistic perceptions about their actual health and driving behaviour. Discovery addresses this behavioural perception distortion through behavioural economics application that helps people make positive behaviour changes through rewards when they make healthier lifestyle and better driving choices based on regular feedback through doing various health checks, and through DQ-Track feedback. I am honestly appalled by the standard of driving in general on the roads in South Africa today, how did it degenerate into such blatant contempt for the highway code and other drivers. And the apathy demonstrated by not bothering to even moderate my above comment, mirrors the general inability of south Africans to accept constructive criticism of any sort…. Yes, it is possible to buy a car in a day (they can even arrange short term car insurance in case yours is complicated) but you’ll be equally as welcome to browse the range of cars and get an estimate for the likely trade-in value of any part exchange car, where applicable. 4)There’s always lots of nearly new cars to look at, mostly about 2 years old and with the balance of the new car warranty included. 5)If you want to know how much they’ll allow you for any trade in car, go with a salesman into the Motorpoint showroom and complete this part of their paperwork. Last Saturday I spent time in a planetarium at Sussex University finding out about galaxies, black holes and cosmic strings, being reminded just how small and insignificant we all are in the master plan of the universe. But it didn’t stop me feeling depressed with the black hole state of things the UK is in after such a seismic and unpredicted referendum result. As we all know, from adversity and challenges come BIG business opportunities and I have no doubt that the motor industry will rise to these ahead of most others. But let’s not waste time on deja vu thinking and hatred politics, especially where fuelled by social media, in case we miss out on the many global opportunities in future. In his final Question Time interview yesterday Prime Minister David Cameron told us to listen to the economic experts he listed, before we voted in the Referendum on Thursday.
For his expert scenario, he suggested that if an expert mechanic told us our car was dangerous we wouldn’t drive it. Which you’ve clearly not experienced yet, hence your Government not seeing the need for regulation in the automotive industry? Far be it from me to suggest that perhaps the same might be true of so called economists ahead of Thursday’s referendum? But whatever happens in the Referendum, I’d like to compare notes with you about this afterwards. We are launching our new partnership with FOXY Lady Approved Radar Video who specialise in car dealer videos and automotive videos. That’s a powerful and reassuring statement for those women drivers who find the car buying and showroom experience an intimidating one.
As these famous lyrics remind us, when it comes to car videos, there’s no turning back!

Video is what busy women car buyers expect to see, to help them narrow their car shopping choices, before they buy.
FOXY has dabbled in this area beforehand if only to prove this, but now we need to ramp up the quality of our car-related videos, and the following is a good example of how FOXY can do this, promoting similar affinity Suzuki deals to the WI one featured. In future, branded automotive videos of this quality will help Club members and their family decide on the best car dealers out there and the most suitable car models. Radar Video creates TV-quality, interactive car videos branded to represent franchised and independent car dealers. Video solutions include ones for new cars, approved used, Motability, ex-demo vehicles, pre-registered stock and special car servicing offers. In particular Radar Video works with UK car dealers to deliver powerful video solutions that sell cars and maximise ROI – for a fraction of the cost of the traditional advertising portals.
Once created, Radar Video helps car dealers promote their videos to thousands of potential local buyers using the world’s leading social networks – all for a small advertising budget starting from as little as ?1 per day!
We took our first long road trip to see friends and family in Newcastle and Edinburgh when our youngest was only 2 years old so we certainly needed something to keep the kids amused and pass the time.
I found an iPad holder which hangs on the back of the front seats for a reasonable prize on Amazon and despite having Frozen and Finding Nemo playing in my ear while driving more times than I ever planned for in my life, it was worth every penny. As a busy, self-employed mum, the one-stop shop for life management allows me to get more done.
Bags don’t really work, they’re a bit of a faff, so we have an old plastic mixing bowl permanently in the car these days.
One of our favourite baby product companies, Munchkin, do a great window roller blind for the car.
On long car journeys to see family and friends in England and Wales, instead of taking breaks in grimy service stations we look for a National Trust property en route instead. And surprisingly, you don’t have to go too far off course to find a hidden gem in their network.
Thank you Claire for your tried and tested child-friendly #motoringheroes based on your family travelling experience. If it’s easier to share your family motoring stories and hacks at Facebook or Twitter we look forward to seeing you there. Telematic insurance policies use data that is collected from a box installed in your car to calculate your premium.
At Beat The Box we offer bespoke driver coaching solutions to help you get the most out of you telematics insurance policy. Whether you're a young driver looking to improve your driving skills (and save your hard earned cash!), or a parent looking for some support to manage your son or daughter's policy, Beat the Box can offer help, guidance and tips. This will hopefully reduce the chance of you having an accident, which will then help keep your car insurance premium down.  Here we take a look at driving at night time and the best ways to stay safe on the road at night time. It is reported that you are far more likely to have an accident in nighttime hours and death rates are up to three times greater. Your car is likely to be dirtier in the winter and dirty windows and lights make you less visible. Our permitted business is: Arranging, Dealing in and Assisting in the administration of general insurance contracts. The results of these surveys show that people’s perceptions of themselves and their abilities do not always correspond with the reality, and are usually over optimistic. Ossip says that the survey also found that young adult drivers (between the ages of 18 and 25) are over optimistic about their driving abilities, with nine in 10 young adults believing they are above average or excellent drivers. Research completed in the US showed that close to 20 percent of the population believed that they belong to richest 1 percent of the population and 80 percent of students believed that they are in the top 50 percent of their class. Last week I was in a car accident, a head on collision with a car which drove practically into my lane.
This matters because too many motorists have either fared badly themselves when shopping for a second hand car or read about others in this stressful situation, as confirmed by the latest Citizens Advice complaints handling statistics. Motorpoint will then check over your car in the car park and provide you with a written statement of its value at the time. If ever a multi-faceted coalition government was needed to show us how to go forward together, it’s surely now.

If you haven’t done this already, why not join the Women’s Equality (WE) party to bring some sense to this all? And, as a consequence, independent garage complaints are among the highest of all referred to Citizens Advice, other than to do with used car sales – another unregulated area of the motor industry. And you just might be adding to the safety risks too many motorists run already when they trust unscrupulous garage staff. The poor state of the motor industry is a very serious matter for women drivers and genuinely good garages suffer such a poor and unjustified image as a consequence. Not just garage but also used cars and tyre safety standards can all be higher but you’d have to see the full industry picture for ALL motorists, not just those that can afford to buy and run posh prestige car makes. These videos support and encourage leads, sales enquiries and test drive requests from women drivers and will be increasingly used at FOXY’s social media channels.
Any dealership yet to embrace video is likely missing out on countless sales opportunities. After choosing their required marque(s) from some 400 current makes and models, they will transform that choice into a mini-TV ad that’s fully branded and ready to be promoted on social media. But if you don’t prepare, you’ll be caught unawares and it’ll be a whole lot more icky for you and the car. It’s not one to scrimp on either, as poor quality products don’t stand the test of time and this is something kids benefit from until they’re out of car seats.
Sheer style sunshades which fix with suckers are great for older kids, as they can still take in their surroundings out of the window. There’s often a great cafe, clean toilets, activities for the kids (especially during school holidays) and a fascinating piece of national heritage to look at. This includes in-car one-to-one coaching and a review of the driver feedback from your insurer. He has spend the last five years researching young drivers and designs and evaluates training courses for young drivers and riders. Unfortunately it is in these late hours that young drivers also see a high accident rate, meaning that insurance companies have to pay out more and once again you are bitten at your renewal. Millennium Insurance Brokers Limited of Quay Point, Lakeside Boulevard, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN4 5PL, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. In a recent survey done by Discovery Insure we found that over 75 percent of young adults deaths are caused by motor vehicle accidents.
I came thru a stop street 2 months ago on my bicycle MTB and i watch to see if it was clare to good and as i was going thruogh a youn lady I observed further back did not even bother to stop. Upon the cops arrival, they were extremely unprofessional about everything… Not speaking in English, refusing to take my statement, refusing to do a breathalyser test on the other driver, harassment and threatening to arrest me for no apparent cause. NB: Remember that a nearly new car means someone else has paid the lionshare of the depreciation. This allows you and your family to enjoy a complimentary coffee or cold drink in their cafe area. Motion sickness can strike young children when you least expect, so having a handy receptacle children can easily grab in case they feel queasy while you’re driving could save your car upholstery.
I was at the point of getting out of the stop street when I noticed that she had not stop and drove straight into me.
At the scene, the driver of the other vehicle and the cop walked down the street around the corner, where I believe bribery took place. Some families make a lunch stop of it because the food costs are very reasonable and they’re all in nice, stress free and spacious surroundings. I spoke to the Police about it and there response was well we have tried to bring culprit to address their misdemeanour, but we have problems bringing them to boot.
Corrupt Cops, the reason why people simply are not afraid to drink and drive, speed, and ultimately cause accidents. The net result, I have never been involved in an accident or collision of any sort in all of my 22 years of Driving.

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