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For any claim that you make you must pay a NZD$500 excess.  This means that if you caused $50,000 worth of damage you would pay the first NZD$500 and the insurance company would cover the rest.
My Insurance Guide helps Kiwis understand the sometimes confusing process of buying NZ insurance. Whether you’re looking to buy comprehensive, third-party or third-party fire & theft insurance, our tips will help get you get a great deal! Read our frequently asked questions on negotiating & buying online house and contents insurance. Whole life, Term, Universal, Death policies are just a few life insurance policies available.
Whether you ride a 50cc scooter, a dirt-bike, cruiser or spot bike, make sure you compare policies first! Marine insurance is often forgotten by boat owners but is important to cover costly repair and recovery cost in the event of an accident. Read the latest reviews on some of the largest and most popular New Zealand Insurance companies.
New Zealand now has an online insurance resource packed with interesting information and guides to help prospective buyers obtain a good deal on travel insurance, car insurance, life insurance, home and contents insurance, commercial insurance, motorcycle insurance, marine insurance, health insurance and trailer and caravan insurance. The nights of calling out of the Yellow Pages to find a cheap travel policy are truly over. A user can request quotes for a particular insurance type from multiple New Zealand providers. We have spent many hours researching tips and advice on purchasing and saving on travel insurance. All these questions and more are answered in our New Zealand insurance company review section. My Insurance Guide is making it easier for New Zealanders to find information on insurance. Detailed guides on life, boat, travel, medical, business, car, home and contents, caravan and trailer and motorbike insurance help potential buyers find suitable cover at an affordable price. With ambitious plans by the new Government and Telecom to rollout high speed internet, innovative websites such as My Insurance Guide will continue to prove popular among New Zealanders.
My Insurance Guide provides the tools and information needed to make an educated decision when purchasing insurance coverage.

The My Insurance Guide website is unique because it brings together the three important components one must have when buying insurance. Buying insurance cover from a NZ insurance company or a local broker is an important decision. It is important to understand your New Zealand Insurance policy but one should also know the company just as well. Google Insights, Google’s tool that tracks and publishes the most frequently searched words in New Zealand, states that New Zealanders are searching for the words “Travel Insurance” more than any other type on insurance coverage in NZ. When searching for NZ Travel insurance for your next holiday, make sure you read the Travel insurance guide. About My Insurance GuideMy Insurance Guide was created seven years ago with the aim of helping New Zelander's buy and compare insurance.
We've reviewed the top NZ insurance companies and brokers, including their financial ratings, the insurance policies they offer, their benefits and their ability to offer competitive online quotes. Read one of our nine guides on car, travel, house & contents, life, health, motorcycle, business, boat & trailer insurance. By reading the free guides, insurance company reviews and using the innovative quote tools, anyone can negotiate comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.
To ensure you get comprehensive cover at a competitive rate, follow our detailed online guides. We review State Insurance, AMI insurance, Vero Insurance, Southern Cross Insurance and many more.
Whatever your situation, one thing that is shared amongst all insurance buyers is the pain and anguish one must go through when obtaining a quote. My Insurance Guide provides insurance reviews and a FREE quote tool that takes the pain out of finding the most suitable insurance policy. New Zealanders are travelers and know the pain and discomfort a poorly written travel insurance policy can cause. There are many fish hooks one must be aware of when purchasing a cheap low-cost travel insurance policy. Our tips on how to reduce travel insurance excess may end up saving you thousands of dollars should you have an accident while overseas.
Insurance companies list their details on a company profile page communicating the types of insurance cover they specialise in.

How did you decide on which insurance company to sign up with when you purchased your last insurance policy? The travel insurance guide contains comprehensive information on the different types of travel insurance available, tips to saving on travel insurance and frequently asked travel insurance question. So if you paid NZD$3,000 for your car and it got stolen, you would get NZD$3,000 less the NZD$500 excess = NZD$2,500. We review State Insurance, AMI insurance, AA Insurance, Southern Cross Insurance and many more. This may include popular policies like travel insurance, car insurance, medical insurance or life insurance. Did you decide by price, policy quality, or because you liked the companies’ TV adverts? We like to travel to different countries and experience different cultures meet new people and taste exotic food. This resource will help you secure a travel insurance policy that is comprehensive and competitively priced. Everything is free, transparent and will help you get a cheap insurance policy with comprehensive cover. This is less than most other providers, many of whom will have a NZD$1,000 to NZD$1,500 excess. There are no requirements to become a My Insurance Guide member or to supply any contact details.
When a prospect searches for a quote, they are presented with a list of NZ insurance companies that match their search criteria. Unfortunately, many people don’t realise this until their claim is declined after an accident occurs.
All these benefits however can be overshadowed should you experience an accident while on your travels.

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