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One student at Leesville has decided that he was going to make an effort to try and help some of those people, even if it may only be a small fraction. Travis Cohen, junior, has started the “Left at the Light” foundation that gives food and other necessities to the homeless in the community. While Cohen’s acts stand out, he is not the only one at Leesville making an effort to help the homeless.

The act consisted of 15 programs for the homeless, some of which include the Supportive House Program, the Shelter Plus Care Program and the Single Room Occupancy Program. Title VIII of the program mends the Food Stamp program to include those that are homeless, and Title VII authorized programs by the Department of Education.
When Huber was asked about if she had experienced a situation with a family where the cause was drug addiction, she said, “I haven’t personally experienced that (drug addiction) with a family I’ve worked with.

This can useful for future discounts by showing proof of prior insurance or to show as proof of coverage upon request.Declaration pages are issued upon inception of policy and upon renewal of the policy which will be referred to as “renewal declarations page”.

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