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As we head into August, it’s time to start planning for the kids to head back to school. During the summer you probably let the kids stay up late due to it being lighter later in the evening. Before school starts be sure to attend any orientations or open houses to confirm what is expected of your child as far as supplies and curriculum. Make sure your children have the required supplies but refrain from buying unnecessary items such as electronics, toys, and other extras. They will be carrying around a lot in their backpacks and you want to keep in mind to take the weight of the textbooks that they will receive into account. Plan ahead of time to fit in any and all necessary medical exams, physicals and dental exams before the kids go back to school. In addition to a morning schedule, you’re going to want an after-school schedule as well. Taking the extra time to make the proper preparations can make all the difference in having a smooth transition into the new school year for both you and your children. Do you have a student in your house that is a licensed driver or planning to be in the upcoming school year?
No one expects to be in a car accident, but in the off chance that it does happen you need to be prepared. If you have been involved in an accident, the worst action you can take is continuing to drive, as this can result in serious legal ramifications.
Get the contact information of the other person or people who were involved in the accident.
Photos of the damage to your car and the other cars involved will document it in case your insurance company needs it. The summer season is just kicking off, and it’s the perfect weather for road trips, hopping in the car and heading to a park, or just going on a leisurely, scenic drive. Uninsured drivers will receive a warning notice when their insurance has been canceled or lapsed. Street racing can result in an automatic one-year suspension for drivers caught speeding, as well as a fine that can range from $75 to $600.
Driving with a suspended license is illegal in Connecticut, and can lead to criminal penalties, including fines of between $150 and $200, as well as three months of jail time for the first offense. Drivers who fail to stop when signaled by the police can face a license suspension of at least year one year and fines starting at $100, depending on the severity of the outcome. Also known as evading responsibility, a felony hit and run charge can lead to probation, between one and ten years in jail, or a fine of up to $10,000. The distractions of summer fun can sometimes take their toll and can end up costing you higher insurance premiums or much worse. If you believe a recent traffic infraction might threaten your current auto insurance premium, give us a call here at Waitte’s Insurance Agency. We see the same story in the news almost on a daily basis now;  another traffic accident caused by distracted driving.
Of course, a larger number of smartphones in use (and the need to stay connected) means a greater instance of smartphone abuse. Distracted driving numbers for teen drivers are even more staggering: In 2013, 21% of teenage driving fatalities were caused by smartphone distraction. Whether it is a teen or an adult, distracted drivers have made our roadways less safe for all of us.  As responsible drivers, it is our duty to keep our eyes, and our attention focused on the road ahead.
Whether we see it as an epidemic or not, the death and injury numbers associated with distracted driving caused by smartphone use are sobering. When it comes to car insurance, a driver’s premium is influenced by a number of factors that can vary from state to state.
In New England, fall is in full force; the leaves have changed colors, Thanksgiving preparations have begun, and the air is slowly getting colder and colder as winter approaches. Freezing weather brings a unique set of challenges to driving safely and keeping vehicles operational, so it is important to know what kinds of issues you may have to deal with, and how you can effectively respond to them. Normal car batteries are meant to withstand weather from 30 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so when the temperature drops below the lower end of that range, the battery may stop working, preventing your car from starting. Freezing weather thickens liquids, which includes your transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, and oil. When the temperature drops, most tires lose pressure at a rate of 1 pound per square inch for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
We want you and your family to remain safe not only in your home during the upcoming holiday season, but when driving as well.
This is because you will be required to pay that monthly premium until you decide to sell it or take it off of the road.
In order for your child to be successful in the upcoming school year, it’s imperative that they are prepared in a multitude of areas. You don’t want to be rushing around and worrying about not having enough time to get everyone ready.
There are a lot of poor lunch options for kids in certain schools so make sure you provide them with healthy foods from home.
It’s always better to be safe than sorry in the event an unexpected illness or injury arises.

As important as it is to have everything in order to achieve the highest level of success, also be sure to let your children enjoy their last few weeks of summer vacation!
Know the automobile insurance policies they will need to purchase by Connecticut state law by clicking here. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, the following steps will help you weather the storm with as little distress as possible.
However, remain in your car with the seatbelt fastened until it is safe to exit the vehicle.
Important pieces of information to get include names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, driver’s license numbers, vehicle identification numbers, insurance company names and policy numbers. Write down the information they provide and make sure they agree to let your attorney and insurance company contact them if necessary. It can also protect you if the other party claims their injuries or the car damage is worse than what actually occurred.
The faster you take this step, the quicker you will start the process of having your car repaired and obtaining a rental vehicle if necessary.
With more people on the roads, the chances are greater that motorists will commit traffic violations of all sorts. Registrants must either enter into a consent agreement or obtain insurance and pay a fine of $200. Second offenses can lead to another one-year suspension, as well as a fine that can range from $100 to $1,000. Aside from the penalties of being caught, drivers who have chosen to get behind the wheel under the influence can be responsible for extensive property damage, physical injuries, and even death.
A driver who intended to injure a victim with their car and ends up killing them could be convicted of first-degree manslaughter, face up to 20 years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines. Operating a motor vehicle should always be taken seriously, especially during a season of crowded roadways. We pride ourselves in helping all motorists obtain the best possible insurance rates for over 100 years! More specifically, increasing numbers of drivers and passengers are being injured or killed due to someone driving while texting or talking on cell phones. With this increase and consistency of smartphone use, Americans are seemingly becoming dependent on their devices to communicate, entertain, and even organize their personal affairs and daily routines. The majority of the time the abuse is merely an annoyance or an inconvenience;  people talking on their phones at the restaurant, texters who walk around with their heads down, not watching where they are going. At 55 miles per hour, a vehicle travels 100 yards in the 5 seconds it takes for you to simply look down at a text; making it nearly impossible to react in time to avoid an unforeseen circumstance such as a deer in the middle of the road. It is also advised to pre-set your GPS or navigational system prior to departing for your trip to avoid the need to do so while driving. Our lives can be so full of pitfalls and dangers, doesn’t it make sense to eliminate such an obvious distraction where you can?  Be considerate to yourselves, your families, and the drivers around you by not driving distracted. While these changes may signal the approach of the holiday season, however, the colder weather also signifies another change: the increased danger to your car or other vehicles.
Last month, we featured an article about ways to safeguard your home from cold East coast winters. When your transmission fluid is too thick to flow properly, you may have trouble operating your vehicle or getting it to function at all. Lower tire pressure can lead to poor tire performance and damage or failure, which can be especially dangerous in snowy or icy conditions. Please take the necessary precautions before traveling this winter, and be sure to contact Waitte’s Insurance Agency for any and all accident claims. Car insurance comparison helps you check out quotes of all plans and choose the best."Are you planning for a new car in the near future? In some cases, you will spend $50 to $100 a month on insurance in addition to your car payment, which means that you need to know this number before buying the car.Use a Car Insurance Calculator to Determine Coverage CostsThe first thing that you want to do is find a reliable car insurance calculator to help you estimate your costs. The adjustment can take some time to get used to, so it is advised to begin the new sleep schedule a few weeks before school commences. Practicing this new routine ahead of time will also allow you to prepare for unforeseen circumstances that may occur, such as bad weather. Knowing how your child’s school operates will better serve you to assist in their educational journey. If possible, schedule these a few weeks before school is back in session as these places are sure to be busy with other parents having the same idea. Lunches consisting of  vitamin-packed foods such as fruits and vegetables will promote good health and a better ability to focus on their studies. It’s important for them to do the work, but also have some free time when they can get it. As for teenaged students with valid permits or driver’s licenses, be sure to have all required automobile insurances before they hit the road. Although you may want to check your passengers right away, check yourself first, to determine if you are well enough to be helpful to any injured parties in the car.
If they do nothing, they’ll get a suspension notice in the mail; if they choose not to respond, they could face suspension of their registration as well as any renewal or registration privileges for any motor vehicle.

On the other hand, a driver who was acting negligently and caused someone’s death accidentally may receive a punishment of up to one year in prison and $2,000 in fines. Always use caution and abide by all Connecticut state driving laws when traveling anywhere to avoid traffic violations or injuries to ensure the safest, happiest summer ever!
In fact, many experts have come to the conclusion that smartphone use has become an obsession, compulsion, or even an addiction for some people. Pre-setting your desired radio station or asking a passenger to operate the radio controls is also recommended when behind the wheel. Learn the top factors that insurance companies use to calculate your car insurance premium in Connecticut by clicking here. Now, we would like for you to take a look at the top three ways that cold weather can damage your car, and what you should do about each one.
In order to prevent this from happening, get your battery and spark plug checked so that you know ahead of time if you should expect any problems, and can act to stop them before they happen. You should get all of these liquids checked at least once as the cold weather begins to set in so that you can know whether it is safe to drive or not. PolicyBachat and PolicyBachat Logo are registered trademarks of Deztination Insurance Web Aggregators Pvt. Being well-rested is invaluable when it comes to school work and they need to adjust to make sure they’re getting enough sleep. Then, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to calm down before you get out of the car to talk to the other involved parties. These driving infractions in Connecticut are severe enough to not only raise your auto insurance premium but can also carry some hefty legal penalties. The act of street racing is also VERY dangerous to all motorists involved and is always discouraged outside of a legal and professional racing forum. In order to combat this obstacle, check your tire pressure every few weeks, and inflate your tires as necessary. Not only will you end up paying out of pocket if you have an accident with no insurance (tens or hundreds of thousands of Rands), but it’s also illegal! Your actual cost for coverage could be higher or lower based on your driving record and the criteria that an insurance provider may use to price policies. Don’t forget to make note of the officers’ names and badge numbers, just in case you will need the information later. However, it should only take a minute or two to get your estimate based on the information that you provide.What Will the Calculator Need to Know?The calculator will need to know several basic pieces of information such as your age, the car that you want to drive and your location. This is important because insurance companies tend to give lower rates to drivers between the ages of 25 and 65. They also tend to give lower rates to those who live in rural areas where there are fewer cars and lower odds of an accident occurring.
All you need to do is fill in an online form with some of your basic details (such as your contact details, age, gender, type of car and so on) and then hit the magic button to get your quote (which tells you how much you will pay). Finally, sports cars and cars that may be more expensive to fix if damaged tend to cost more to insure. But even better than that, once you’ve filled the initial information, you can then play around with one or two options (usually using a slider bar) to see how each option changes your monthly premium – so if, for example, you were looking for a lower monthly premium, you could rather opt to pay more on your excess (the amount you pay in case of an event – accident or theft), which would then bring your monthly premiums down. Discounts may be available for drivers without any previous accidents, drivers who bundle their car insurance with other insurance products and for those who take driver education courses. It may also be possible to obtain discounts once you turn 25 or when you get married.You Are Never Locked Into One PolicyIts important to understand that you are never locked into one policy for good.
If an accident or ticket falls off of your driving record, you may be able to get a better rate from your current provider or from another company. If you discover that you are entitled to a discount that you weren’t entitled to when you purchased your car, you could lower your rate in minutes by switching to a new policy.
All you have to do is go online, find the policy that you like and print out your new insurance cards.
However, it is critical that you look at the cost of insurance as well as the cost to maintain the vehicle in addition to its sticker price. This will help you get a true sense of how much it will cost to own the vehicle whether you have it for a year, five years or until it can no longer start. She is a contributing writer to this and other blogs and also writes email newsletter articles, press releases and web content. Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking.
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