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BLAAS cannot be held responsible for lose if you have not selected a trackable bag or insurance option.
Vaporised rain hangs like fog over the autobahn to Munich, making it nigh impossible to distinguish horizon from heavens. Esta entrada fue publicada en Aragon, Estepa, Macro, Mamiferos y etiquetada Apodemus, Aragon, campo, foto, raton, sylvaticus.

We motor through a monochrome curtain as velocity and tyre spray erase any colour on a wet, dreary autumn day.Only at the shortest distance do we detect the red glow of the tail-lights ahead - every car on this stretch has its lights on. The LED headlamps are a welcome addition (or would be if they could illuminate anything beyond a fog-like wall of water droplets) but the rest of the exterior changes amount to blink-and-miss-it minutiae.It is a recurring theme inside.

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