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We've heard much about a small Audi crossover, variously called the Q1 or possibly to be called Q2 according to some reports. Use of the platform means the Q1 would be small enough to slot under the Q3 in Audi's crossover lineup. However, we've heard plenty of rumours about a possible Q1 that turned out to be just that. Another report named the crossover as a Q2, and said it would ride on a platform derived partly from Volkswagen's new MQB architecture, sharing engines from the A1 line-up. The Q2 plan was reportedly pushed back until 2015, possibly due to global economic doldrums. Phuket is 540 km ? the largest island of Thailand situated 890 road kilometers south of Bangkok . From January to March (northeast monsoon), the best time (= season), then there is only a month maximum of 4 days of rain. Most of the indigenous inhabitants of the island as well as tourists use small motorcycles to achieve their goals. Who does not want to draw yourself a moped, can hail a taxi-scooter, seen from the fact that the driver is wearing a red vest. The 45 meter wide and 25 feet wide behemoth complete with thousands of white marble tiles occupied Burma and with the color white stands for purity of mind. The completion will not take so long and then the Buddha will be surrounded by probably a 7-acre Buddhist garden. Of course one can also make your own time worrying about such a major project and its impact on the site … Wat Chalong, is a very interesting temple complex south of P-Town.
Germany's Auto Bild is now saying the Q1 will debut in 2016, and will be based on the Volkswagen Polo's platform. But with the project reportedly being front-wheel drive only, it will not match its larger softroader siblings for capability in the rough. Audi executives have been dropping hints about the crossover since at least last year, when they said such a vehicle could be built on the A1 platform and would be a logical extension to Audi's crossover lineup. The Polo-based Q1 bears little resemblance to the plans for that car, so either Audi decided to start completely from scratch, or the rumour mill is still turning. From April to November (southwest monsoon) to count 15 to 20 rainy days per month in December, there are about 8 Daytime temperatures from February to April is 35 ° C, at other times at 30 ° C. An inexpensive alternative if you want to be without the great baggage once driven from A to B quickly. In contrast to the provinces in central and northern Thailand public transportation in Phuket is not very developed.

In a meditative pose of the great Buddha sits on a very dominant place and looks of a 400 meter high hill of Chalong Bay and down far beyond the sunrise to the east. The large plinth on which the Buddha sits is in the form of giant lotus blossoms, which stand for love and happiness. Surrounded by lawns, flowers and flowering shrubs, in a natural environment and various stone statues will be exhibited. The Buddha sits on such a prominent place so that it can be Phuket from all over the city and seen from all the surrounding islands. This statue is the largest white marble depiction of Buddha in the world and although the construction process (May 2010) is still not finished, (the base with the lotus flower is still covered with marble tiles), the giant already attracts hundreds daily from onlookers tourists, and praying Buddhist devotees from a large radius of. The sun is to enjoy but with caution (even on cloudy days), as may occur in these latitudes, sunburn very quickly.
Would you like but directly from Patong to Rawai – Beach, this is not possible by public transport. A smaller Buddha, who was cast from 22 tons of brass, sits with its 12 meters height as a little brother to the right of the Colossus along with the sculptures of ancient holy monks, and other statues of the great bell of worship. One of the most beautiful beaches include Nai Harn Beach, in the south (particularly popular with dog owners …), and Pansea Beach and Laem Singh in the north. The large marble Buddha was the 80th Birthday to the King of Thailand, His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej and the small bronze Buddha, dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Since at this early hour as against 05.30 clock, hence the morning wind in a stiff cool breeze, it is advisable to wear long-sleeved sure to warm clothing. The variety of beaches and is great with the right vehicle, be it a scooter, a car, a taxi or a tuk-tuk, you can inexpensively explore new beaches every day. However, the building mania has increased so much that it is advisable to visit the island as soon as possible, even before the final slope is built up. For this you will be rewarded with a concert that hundreds of little bells hanging in the staircase to the Buddha, playing only for you.
If just tickle the first rays of the Buddha on the nose, you can get by him and offered his best side to get the best pictures by far. If it were to occur over the life of a defect, it can happen that one has to assume the liability for the damage. Keep up on the other hand, at sunset at Chalong Bay, then you can see how the setting sun is directly above the Buddha floats and sinks slowly behind him.
Here the car before driving check and record all defects together with the landlord in a list of deficiencies as usual. Even during the day you have a heavenly view to the east of Phuket, its offshore islands and even to Krabi.

Southwest, you can see little prospect of a separate point, the two Kata beaches and to the Cape Prom Thaep. If you stop when you shut down briefly, then you can see from Karon to Patong Beach and over. They come up when you turn in the kata coming from Chalong roundabout and take the first exit towards the airport. After 2 km you will see the signs (Big Buddha) and if you turn left, then winds up the steep part of Road 5 miles in the mountain switchbacks. Already in the rise in some places you have a gigantic view of Chalong Bay and the many new buildings that eat now left and right of the road in the mountain slopes. Please keep in mind during a visit that this is a Buddhist temple and is therefore minimum requirements are imposed on the clothes.
If you wish to enter the building below the Buddha statues of the carpet, then please remove the shoes from there, where you will see which are. If you get a man’s personal blessing from a monk, you will receive from him a little talisman, which you can tie around your wrist. Please note that women can never directly received the talisman out of the hands of a Buddhist monk. Touching women is forbidden to the monks, even the mere sitting next to women is not allowed.
The lucky charm lays in front of you so the monk, or if you are accompanied by a man, then the talisman also be passed indirectly. And if you already received the blessing and the talisman, then you should know at least one of the principles of more than 2500 years old Buddhist faith and is that Buddhists learn to see things as they are, not how they should be. By the way, for information only: the entire construction project was financed entirely by donations. Do you drink tonight two Singhas less and use that instead something waiting in the collection boxes. Or write your name on the back of the marble slabs with which the base must be covered and paid for a small fee.

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