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Citroen’s popular Xsara Picasso Compact MPV is getting a major boost with the launch of three new VTX models, specifically designed to appeal to company car drivers looking for a practical and very well equipped car at an extremely competitive price. Representing superb value for money - Recommended Retail Prices start at just A?11,250 - the new Xsara Picasso VTX range also allows company car drivers and businesses to further gain from reduced Benefit in Kind and employers’ National Insurance Contribution charges. Whilst featuring list prices that are several thousand pounds less than similarly specified key rivals, the new VTX models actually add hundreds of pounds worth of extra equipment as standard, including metallic paint, 15" alloys, cruise control, electric rear windows and a smart new interior trim, compared to the Desire versions on which they are based. With five comfortable seats and a commanding driving position, the roomy and practical Xsara Picasso VTX is perfect for stress-free journeys. The Xsara Picasso is one of Citroen’s best-ever sellers, with over 220,000 sold in the UK alone. The information contained this Citroen Xsara Picasso news article may have changed since publication on the 10 June 2006.

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It offers the benefit of one of the largest boots in the class, and this load space can be considerably expanded thanks to the individual, easily removable rear seats.
With such incredibly keen pricing, these models will not be available with any additional offers or discounts.
For a 40% tax paying company car driver this equates to a BIK reduction of more than A?700 over a three year period compared to the equivalent Desire model. For a company running 50 Xsara Picasso VTXs, this could mean a considerable saving of up to A?11,400 over three years.
It appeals to a broad range of customers, including private buyers, user-chooser company car drivers, essential business users and emergency services, for example being specified for ambulance, Police and Military Police applications.

You may wish to check with the manufacturer or your local Citroen dealer, before making a purchasing decision.
You may NOT reproduce our car news in full or part, in any format without our written permission.

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