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Subaru Southern Africa and PinkDrive stand together this August, driving further awareness, education and prevention of breast cancer. Several other online mediums have been included in the drive to create a better understanding of the need for safety.
A new poll undertaken by MoneySupermarket found 50 per cent of drivers are considering switching their car to a more fuel-efficient model as fuel prices continue to rise.
Ten per cent of people stated that car insurance premiums had a direct bearing on their choice of car.
With the rear door open – a nice wide aperture, because Honda are naturally going to take care of the basics on what is essentially a basics-specific vehicle – you reach in to the second-row backrest and tug the lever, half expecting a kind of tug-of-war to ensue as something sticks, or there is indeed a secondary lever you have to push or, how exactly do these things work? Honda is not unaware that the MPV market has been eroded to a large extent by the mass switch to SUVs over the past decade, but Honda Motor Southern Africa’s Director of Automobiles Graham Eagle notes the market has bottomed out, and there is still a very relevant niche here, for families and for the likes of guest houses and companies who need to transport bunches of people in large quantities. There are two trim levels on offer, a Trend and Comfort and both these models use Honda’s 1.5-litre i-VTEC petrol engine, which produces 88 kW and 145 Nm of torque, driving the front-wheels through a five-speed gearbox.
The basic Mobilio Trend offers air-con, central locking, electric windows and that’s about it, on the creature pampering front.
The Comfort model, which is expected to make up the bulk of Mobilio sales, offers quite a bit more for that extra R19k. Another gratifying aspect of the Mobilio, which Honda sales people will no doubt be pointing out, is that this car is eminently more park-able than your average SUV in underground shopping mall parkades.
For now, there’s only the one engine option with manual transmission, although a CVT version is coming in March 2015.

Providing you with the latest motoring news, new car releases and the simplest way to buy and sell cars. The past 7 years of commitment to create road safety awareness has also contributed to a greater understanding of not only the tragedy and despair of road accident victims - but has also the dire financial consequences for victims and those left behind. A recent poll consideration to changing their car based on the fuel efficiency of their vehicle.
More and more drivers are now opt for cars that are cheaper to insure in an attempt to keep motoring costs down. The exact moment that the new Honda Mobilio moves you – in an emotional, or intellectual sense – happens when you decide, okay, so let’s see just how accessible that third row of seats really is. Tug the lever, and the backrest doesn’t just fold down, but in one fluid movement the folded backrest and cushion tumbles forward to allow easy access to that rear seat by even the lumpiest of humans. It has enough leg room for someone of my height (1.83 m) to sit in row two without bashing his knees or head, and also in row three. The Trend costs a reasonable R179 990, while the Comfort is some R19 000 more expensive at R198 990.
An overall length of 4 385 mm, with a width of 1 683 mm is just a tad longer than your average hatchback. Rising petrol, diesel and car insurance premium costs, are taking their toll on UK drivers. We first saw Honda’s packaging genius on the Jazz about a decade back, and this Japanese company has been doing the people-orientated mobility gig ever since – and in such a pleasant, intriguing way.

Sure, with the third row upright for action, luggage space is not huge, but it’s not awful. This pricing places it slightly above its competition – think Suzuki’s Ertiga – but then Honda has for some time positioned itself as a premium Japanese manufacturer. There is ABS and EBD (electronic brake force distribution) in the interests of stability under duress, but no traction control or corner-assist. The rear passengers will appreciate the extra air vents for  rows two and three  for air-conditioning, and there is height adjustment for the driver’s seat. If only people realised that Hypermiling can help increase your fuel efficiency by up to 40% without the cost of buying a new car. There’s 223-litres of luggage space with seven people seated, and if you merely  fold the third backrest down, this increases to 521-litres, which is plenty. Presumably Honda’s market analysts sussed that at this level of power, wheel-spin is not going to be too much of a problem, and that drivers aren’t going to be pushing the adhesion limits while shuttling a tour party of pensioners to the nearest casino. All these things are pretty much taken for granted in even entry level models in today’s hatch-back market, but in a utility vehicle such as the Mobilio, they still count as gratifying comfort aids.

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