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It’s Sun Awareness Week – and now that the sun has FINALLY arrived, what better time to remind yourself to take care of your skin.When British weather is what it is most of the year, the temptation to lie in the sun in minimal clothing screaming “TAN ME” can be great when it emerges. Nutritionist Shona Wilkinson says: “Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that is found predominantly in marine life and is one of the most powerful ‘internal sunscreens’ there is. Debut juillet, l’equipe des etudiants de Nevers, Nevers Racing Team participait a la 3e manche de l’Euro Endurance Serie sur le circuit de Cap Karting a Mer (41). Completing the information assault is SiriusXM’s assortment of satellite data services which include traffic, movie times, sports scores, fuel prices and weather reports. The engineers took the refresh opportunity to tweak the Durango toward the sportier side of the segment with stiffer springs and beefier sway bars. Those statement may have you scratching your head if you recall what I said about Jeep on which the Durango is based, I must admit I scratched my head as well. When it comes to performance, the new 8-speed automatic makes a night and day difference shaving a whopping 1.4 seconds off the 0-60 time versus the last V8 Durango we tested. After a week with the Durango I was no closer to answering the biggest question car buffs have: is this Dodge a crossover or an SUV? As long as the Durango is RWD with a longitudally-mounted engine, it’s an SUV in my book.
But of course, you don’t need us to tell you that too much sun isn’t safe when it comes to our skin.
A massive 80% of us don’t apply sunscreen before going out in the sun, or for a short time after, according to a poll by the British Association of Dermatologists. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and rates have been climbing since the 1960s.
There are two main types of skin cancer: non-melanoma, the most common, and melanoma, which is less common but more dangerous.
Safety aside, ultraviolet radiation is to blame for a lot of skin pigmentation and skin ageing. There’s a UV patch, by L’Oreal’s La Roche-Posay, that will tell you exactly when you’ve had enough sun and it’s time to head to the shade. An SPF (sun protection factor) is a measure of time it would take you to burn without protection, compared to with protection.
Apres un incident mecanique rapidement repare et la pesee aleatoire du karting qui font perdre un temps precieux au concurrent, les relais se succedent sans souci.
C’est une nouvelle victoire pour l’equipe dans la categorie GP3 et un resultat global tres encourageant puisque qu’elle termine 9e sur 18 dans la categorie GP2, c’est a dire contre des kartings beaucoup plus puissants ! En 2016, ce sont plus de 30 equipages qui s’affrontent, NRT participe dans la categorie GP3. The design first released in 2011 still looks fresh to my eye but that could be because I don’t see many on the road. The result is four-inches longer than an Explorer but two inches shorter than the Traverse, Acadia and Enclave triplets.
Because the frame sits between the body and the road, they tend to be taller than unibody crossovers despite having less interior volume. Based on a QNX UNIX operating system, the system features well polished graphics, snappy screen changes and a large, bright display.
As with uConnect data services, there’s a fee associated after the first few months so keep that in mind. V6 models use the low torque variety made by Chrysler while V8 models use a heavy-duty 8HP70 made in a ZF factory.

While far from a night-and-day transformation, the difference is noticeable and appreciated out on the roads. Although the Dodge and the Jeep share suspension design elements and a limited number of components, the tuning is quite different. V6 models are now rated for 6,200lbs while the V8 can haul up to 7,400lbs when properly equipped.
One thing is sure however, the Durango is likely the most fun you can have with 6 of your friends for under $50,000.
The original 1984 Cherokee may have been unibody, but you won’t find anyone who considers it a crossover.
According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, a standard white T-shirt packs an SPF value of only 7.
The sun’s rays destroy the elastic tissue inside the skin, making it less “springy” and therefore more prone to wrinkles.
So SPF 30 means you can theoretically stay in the sun for 30 times longer than you could without protection. Nutritionist Cassandra Barns says: ”Make sure and consume plenty of vitamin C-rich foods such as lemons, pineapple, pawpaw, kiwi, broccoli, parsley and tomatoes. Thanks to the Durango’s short front overhand, the Dodge has the longest wheelbase by a long way, beating even the full-size Chevy Tahoe. Like the rest of the crossover crowd, this allows the Durango to have a spacious interior with a comparatively low entry height. For $895 Dodge will delete the middle seat and insert a pair of more comfortable captain’s chairs and a center console with cup holders and a storage compartment. For the second edition of uConnect, Chrysler smoothed out the few rough edges in the first generation of this system and added a boat-load of trendy tech features you may or may not care about. 2014 also brings uConnect Access which is Chrysler’s answer to GM’s OnStar providing 911 assistance, crash notification and vehicle health reports.
If you’re up to date on Euro inbreeding, you know this is the same transmission used by BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover and Rolls Royce. While never harsh, it is obvious the Durango is tuned towards the firm side of this segment.
Thanks to the Mercedes roots there’s even a whiff of feedback in the steering, more than you can say for the average crossover.
The Grand Cherokee Summit rides 3.1-inchs higher and was equipped with the off-road oriented air suspension. While the 545RFE and 65RFE transmissions suffered from some truly odd ratios, the ZF unit’s ratios are more evenly spread and dig deeper in the low gears. That’s nearly 50% more than you can tow in any of the crossover competition and just 1,000 lbs shy of the average full-size body-on-frame hauler.
People with darker skin are particularly at risk – during winter months nearly 75% of adults from Asian or African and Caribbean backgrounds may have low vitamin D levels. The third row is a strictly two-person affair and, like most crossovers, is best left to children and your mother in law. Garmin’s navigation software is still available as a $500 add-on (standard on Summit) and it still looks like someone cut a hole in the screen and stuck a hand-held Garmin unit in the dash.
2014 brings a beefed up cooling system and a number of minor tweaks in the name of fuel economy. To say this is a step up from the vilified Mercedes 5-speed or the Chrysler 6 speed (the 65RFE featured some of the strangest ratio spacing ever) is putting it mildly.

Thanks to the long wheelbase the Durango feels well composed on the highway or on broken pavement. Despite the long wheelbase and wide tires, the Durango still cuts a fairly respectable 37-foot turning circle. The V6 yields improved fuel economy at the expense of thrust, but you should know that although the acceleration provided by the V6 is competitive with the V6 three-row competition, the 20 MPG average falls short of the new Highlander, Pathfinder and the rest of the FWD eco-minded competition. The vitamin plays an important role in our immune system, as well as helping to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. The reality of course is that the modern three-row crossover is just a front-driving minivan that doesn’t handle as well or haul as much stuff. Like the other Chrysler products with this LCD, the screen is flanked by a traditional tachometer, fuel and temperature gauge.
You can have text messages read to you and dictate replies (if your phone supports it) and search for restaurants and businesses via Yelp.
The interface is easy to use but notably less snazzy than the rest of the system’s graphics. This proves what extra gears can do for you because the Explorer is 200lbs lighter and has a far more advantageous torque curve thanks to the twin turbos.
In this sea of transverse minivans in SUV clothing lies just one mass-market vehicle that I can honestly call a three-row crossover: the Dodge Durango.
Bucking the trend, this three-row sports a long (and tall) hood, blunt nose, short front overhang and high belt-line.
With large exterior proportions you’d expect a big cargo hold like in the cavernous Traverse, alas the RWD layout that makes the Durango so unique renders the interior less practical. In addition to all the smartphone-tied features, uConnect 2 integrates a CDMA modem on the Sprint network into the unit for over-the-air software updates and access to the new “App Store” where you will be able to buy apps for your car. If the bevy of USB ports has you confused, you can rock your Cat Stevens CD by paying $190 for a single-slot disc player jammed into the center armrest. Instead of a car that’s been turned into an AWD minivan with a longer hood, the Dodge uses drivetrains out of the RAM 1500 combined with a car-like unibody. While the first and second generation Durangos were body-on-frame SUVs based on the Dakota pickup, this Durango is a three-row Grand Cherokee, which is a two-row Jeep version of the three-row Mercedes ML which is quasi related to the Mercedes E-Class, which is quasi related to the Chrysler 300. Since there’s a cell modem onboard, uConnect can be configured to act as a WiFi hot spot for your tablets and game devices as well. All Durangos start out as rear wheel drive vehicles but you can add a two-speed four-wheel-drive system for $2,400.
While rumors swirled that the Durango would be canceled in favor of a 7-seat Jeep, Dodge was working a substantial makeover for 2014. Although Dodge bills this as AWD, it is the same transfer case that Jeep calls 4×4 in Selec-Trac II equipped Grand Cherokees.
On the bright side this is more than you will find in a Highlander or Sorento and shockingly enough, more than in the Tahoe as well. Thanks to the heavy-duty drivetrain towing rings in at 6,200lbs for the V6 and 7,400lbs for the V8. Like the Jeeps the Durango has moved to more car-like 5-lug wheels which should widen after-market selection.

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