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Two readers quoted daft amounts of money for the routine "necessary replacement" of the DPFs on their low mileage 4 and 6 year old C30 1.6 diesels that were running fine. If the idea was to turn a Ford Focus into a rival for the Audi A3, then Audi must be worried.
A general view of the accident scene is pictured, 14 October 2014, on the N12 near Alberton, South of Johannesburg, after a truck lost control due to mechanical failure and crashed into a static traffic jam. Road carnage has continued unabated on South Africa’s roads, with a number of lives lost in various crashes around the country this year. Thabang Sidloyi, a 27-year-old actor from Gugulethu, was seen flying from his BMW convertible in video footage captured by Alex Williamson in November. With more than a million views, the video shows the BMW appear from the extreme left lane, clipping the front of a silver Kia Picanto as it makes its way across the highway, close to the Langa off-ramp.
The BMW then slams into the concrete barrier in the middle of the highway, sending Sidloyi flying into the air, before stopping. Sidloyi had been a passenger with three other people in his BMW that was being driven by a friend at the time. Motorists on the N12 in Alberton on October 14 would recall being stuck on the highway following the massive collision involving a heavy-duty truck and about 50 other vehicles.
Truck driver Isaac Wade Maruding had plowed into vehicles on the N12, killing three people.
The yellow Lamborghini, after he lost control on the final curve after the finish and spun across the road, hitting the two vehicles parked on either side of the road. Rodney and Maria Lakay from Ravensmead in Cape Town both lost their legs in a horrific accident during the Knysna leg of the Rogue Rally in September.
Knysna Police spokesperson Sergeant Chris Spies said a yellow Lamborghini plowed into a parked Toyota Prado and a Mercedes Vito. Eyewitness said the Lamborghini had lost control, hitting the two vehicles parked on either side of the road as well as the spectators. It had been suggested that the Lakays sat in the open sliding door section of the Vito with their legs outside.

The Lakays have been transferred to the Vincent Palotti Hospital in Cape Town, where they will continue their rehabilitation.
A picture of the scene after two vehicles burst into flames following the crash on Saturday. The crash on the M4 south-bound near Blue Lagoon in Durban that claimed the lives of six people was believed to have been the result of road rage.
It was believed the driver of a Mercedes Benz had sped off, drove through two red robots and then on to the M4, hitting two other vehicles, which then crashed into a Nissan Tiida.
Five of the victims were later identified as Shaylan Moodley (20), Sahish Daya (20), Luke Naidoo (20), and brothers, Kapil Juggath (20), and Sanvir Juggath (16).
The driver of the Nissan Tiida’s identity remained unknown due to the severity of burns sustained in the crash. Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza confirmed that the 11 people had been killed instantly after the taxi they were travelling in collided head-on with a truck.
Video footage of the aftermath of the crash on the R23 road between Perdekop and Standerton was uploaded onto YouTube by Standerton Advertiser. The preliminary report from the provincial community safety, security and liaison department suggested that the driver of the taxi had failed to stop at a ‘Stop and Go’ construction site. The driver, who was arrested, continued to drive on a single lane and later collided head-on with a truck.
The larger Ducato is not exactly a household name, but it still outsells the Scudo five to one.
The Scudo comes standard with Electronic Stability Control, but just one front airbag for the driver.
It costs $28,990 and competes with the Hyundai iLoad and Toyota HiAce and would probably also be considered by people looking at the VW Caddy Maxi and Renault Kangoo Maxi.
It seems I’m not the only one who hasn’t noticed the Scudo. VFACTS figures show that just 17 of them have been sold on average each month this year.
When I took the Scudo for a spin on that rainy day in Melbourne I wasn’t expecting much, but came away pleasantly surprised. The Scudo is a relatively quiet and composed and it’s also comfortable.

It is practical, with two sliding doors and swinging barn doors at the rear, which is important for a working van like this.
Megan Denman, 30-year-old former social scinces teacher at t Hoover High School, Fresno, California, who was arrested back in April this year, has arrested pleaded guilty to six felony charges of having sex with an underage student. The charges stemmed from a sexual relationship between Denman and a boy that began during the summer of 2011 when he was 17.
According to Denman’sr lawyer, Roger Nuttall, Judge Ralph Nunez has ruled out prison but will decide whether she serves jail time or must register as a sex offender. Denman’s teaching credential was suspended by the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing pending the outcome of her case, said Fresno Unified spokeswoman Susan Bedi.
Kelly O’Rourke Kelly O'Rourke, 42-year-old former teacher and coach at the all-girl Mount St. Magistrate Samuel Hlubi allowed for his case to be postponed and moved to regional court when he reappears on January 23, 2015. Investigation began earlier this year after the teen boy was pulled over driving Denman’s car, which police first beleived to be stolen. Flooding a few large banks and insurance companies with hundreds of billions in liquidity is a very bad strategy. With its simple glass rear hatch, it harks back to the 480ES of the 1980s, and the P1800ES before that. The student was cited for driving without a license and without proof of insurance and released.

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