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Insurers are duping motorists into paying more towards the cost of their claims while not passing on savings on the cost of cover, research from consumer champion Which?
Increasing this excess should, in theory, bring premiums down, as the company saves money in the event of a claim, and many drivers simply dona€™t bother claiming for smaller mishaps where they would pay all or most of the cost.But in some cases it saves just a few pounds a year a€” a saving which will be more than wiped out if you do have a claim. In one case, the cost of the policy actually went up for those who agreed to pay a bigger excess. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Off the back of a tax squeeze, landlords may be thinking of quitting life in buy-to-let altogether. The research reveals that every home on the market in the borough of Barking and Dagenham costs less than £1M.
For folks who are new to owning a car, it is mandatory to have a valid motor car insurance in order to drive in Singapore. This is a discount offered by insurers to policy owners who have not made any claim for one year or more. Basically it means anybody else that would drive your car on a regular basis other than yourself. Declaring the names of the people who will be regularly driving your vehicle allows your insurer to assess the risk profile accurately and set the appropriate premium and excess. If your vehicle is damaged while being driven by a person not named in your policy, the insurer may apply a higher excess due to the unknown risk covered. So it is recommended that you declare the name(s) of the people who will be driving your vehicle on a regular basis.
Certificate of Merit will be awarded to drivers who did not violate any traffic rules for three consecutive years. I am afraid that having reviewed your case and received evidence from Direct Line, I feel you should pay the insurance premium owing.
I asked Direct Line to review their phone records to see whether you were misled, but they can find no record of the call you mention.

Why have the Post Office sent the debt collectors round when it owes ME money?On May 19 last year, I moved my phone from the Post Office to TalkTalk. The premises are arranged as a ground floor convenience store with ancillary accommodation and a large three bedroom flat over the first floor. The property has recently been extensively refurbished and refitted to McColl’s standard format.
Kirkby-in-Ashfield has a population of some 27,000, located 5 miles south-west of Mansfield and 3 miles west of Junction 28 of the M1 motorway.The property is in a strong unopposed trading position located in a densely populated residential suburb in Kirkby in Ashfield.
So it is important to learn about the commonly used terms as they will affect your motor car insurance and premium. Most insurers will give a further 5% discount off your premium if you are awarded with the Certificate of Merit. When you buy an insurance policy you are buying a one-year contract, even if you pay monthly.
On October 4, it was explained clearly that you could suspend your policy, but that you would have to continue paying your monthly premium. Given the timescale, you would have had plenty of time to cancel any new policy you had taken and revert to Direct Line.On October 9, Direct Line discovered that you had cancelled your direct debit. The Post Office sent a final bill for A?21.79, but the same letter also said I was in credit and they would send a refund within 14 days.
The consumer champion says many firms are charging similar amounts no matter how big the excess taken. I phoned the Post Office to be sure I did not owe any money and was told I was due a refund.
But Ia€™ve just noticed A?88 a month has continued to go out of my account and Ia€™m owed A?2,552.
With the AA, it cost A?560 whether you agreed to pay the first A?250 or A?500 of the claim. I phoned about cancelling the insurance policy and was told there would be a A?47.70 administration fee.

It was because of this conflicting information that you called the Post Office to confirm what the situation actually was.But in that call they again told you that you were in credit. At RAC, the premium was A?547 for a A?500 excess a€” a saving of a measly A?6 on the same policy with a A?250 excess.
Premiums are based on a 45-year-old man living in North London insuring a Honda Jazz worth A?2,000. My son spoke to them about the A?18 administration costs and they cut the demand to A?29.79, which I paid with my bank card. Unlike a direct debit, only the person who sets up this type of payment can alter or cancel it. A spokesman for the Association of British Insurers says: a€?Opting for a higher excess can sometimes reduce the premium. I chose to insure my new car with a different company.Direct Line is insisting that I pay the monthly premiums for the full year - another nine months!
When I spoke to their helpline, they discovered that someone did, in fact, advise me that I would have to pay only one payment of A?47.70, but they are still insisting on full payment. When you contacted the debt collector they should have investigated your claim that you did not owe the money rather than continuing to demand that it be paid. But I recently received a letter about price hikes and a separate letter claiming my tariff was fixed only until March 2015.What is going on?
We picked out one for about A?130 and asked the assistant in Currys if it would work with our TV.She said that itA would. Critically, you asked a store member if the item would work and were told a€” wrongly a€” that it would.The sound bar is not fit for purpose and thata€™s the fault of the poor advice.

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