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When it comes to insuring a classic car, most car insurance companies don’t give it the value it deserves. Here’s the problem – most insurance companies treat classic cars as though they were daily drivers and judge replacement value on information that, in many cases, is not accurate. Also, your classic car insurer expects you to stick to the ground rules he has laid down for you as stipulation for coverage, so be sure to follow them to avoid any problems should you have a claim.
If your classic is in need of some restoration and the agreed value is in line with the car’s condition, notify your insurance company when the work begins and as soon as it’s completed, so you can upgrade the policy to the new increased value of the car. In the end, choosing a classic car insurance company, of which there several excellent ones, will give you peace of mind knowing your baby is covered for its real value…and all for less than you think. The family car may not be a classic…but, you can still check that you’re getting the best rate on your car insurance. That’s why you need to make the correct choice when planning to insure your prized possession. There is no Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds for a 1969 Corvette Stingray convertible with a 427 cubic-inch engine and a ton of options. Actual Cash Value – This is pretty much the standard way insurance companies calculate the value of a car. Stated Value – While stated value is a step above actual cash value, it is still lacking the protection you’re seeking for your classic car. Agreed Value – Because classic car insurance is designed for your specific vehicle only, this is the choice you want to go with.
Shop before you purchase collector or classic car insurance, as insurers vary on stipulations from company to company.

And, if you make the wrong one, in the event your classic gets totaled or stolen, you could be left with a great deal less than the car is actually worth.
Without pictures to show condition and an appraisal value, your auto insurance company isn’t going to give you anywhere near the $35,000 to $65,000 you feel you could get on the open market. Your classic car can be treated as a daily driver, which means its value is based on replacement costs minus depreciation.
Agreed value is determined by the appraised value or true estimated value of your classic car on which you and the insurance company can agree. Once a set replacement value is established, you sign a contract and pay your premiums according to the price both parties agreed upon.
And keep your 16- year old teen driver away from your ride so you can avoid having to get high-risk auto insurance – classic car insurers simply will say “no”. Should the car be totaled or stolen, the insurance company may not guarantee to pay up to the full-stated replacement value of the car. Fichter, the New Jersey Appellate Court discussed the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines and amendments to the child support laws relating to car insurance for teen drivers. Do you need to pay car insurance for your teen driver, or should you expect your child’s other parent to share the costs?
In the case in questions, the parties were divorced in 2011 and, as per their divorce agreement, shared joint legal custody of their children, Todd and Megan.
The court found that while the 2013 amendments to the Child Support Guidelines addressed child support as it related to the cost of purchasing a vehicle for a teen driver, it did not specifically address the cost of insurance for that car.
However, the court concluded that reasonable car insurance was necessary not only to protect the new driver, but also to protect society at large.

The court also noted the significant expense of car insurance for a teen driver and indicated that a parent with custody may not be able to afford to insure the child without additional support and contribution from the other parent. Despite the ambiguity of the amendments to the law governing the guidelines, which does make reference to “insurance” being part of the guideline amount and not an add-on expense, the court indicated that insurance costs can vary greatly from family to family, and therefore, cannot be subject to one formula for all families across the state as calculated by the guidelines.
Consequently, the court, after looking at the facts of this case and the parties’ financial statements, found that it was reasonable for Ms. Fichter for Megan’s car insurance costs, stating that it was responsible and prudent for her to obtain insurance for their daughter. The court acknowledged that down the road, Megan may, herself, upon turning eighteen, be obligated to contribute to her insurance as well. If you need advice regarding your child support payments or other support for your children, please contact us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our attorneys experienced in child support and the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. Don’t Follow Kelly Osbourne’s Example Palimony: Even If He Promised You the Moon…Get it in Writing! Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established.

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