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In the first half of 2016, Perodua achieved sales of 97,400 vehicles with the Axia hatchback making up 52% of sales, followed by Myvi (29%) and Alza (19%); June was the best performing month with 20,000 car registered.
Perodua needs to sell a further 118,600 vehicles in the second half to achieve its sales target. Since it started accepting bookings for the Bezza on 16 July (the car was officially launched on 21 July), the company has received an average of 1,000 bookings a day. According to Datuk Aminar, the company has shored up Bezza inventory to cater to the initial demand and shorten delivery time, as part of its effort to improve customer satisfaction. On the after-sales side, Perodua managed to increase the throughput at its service centers by 5% to 1,000,000 vehicles year-on-year, from 965,000.

Vehicle production however, saw a year-on-year decline of 14% to 100,300 units from 116,400 units owing to the soft demand and higher inventory. The market share improvement comes at the expense of other national and non-national marques. Going forward, key contributors to its sales numbers will be the Bezza sedan and Axia (which has been its best-seller for some time).
This has led to an increase in intake revenue by 13% to RM 330 million as well as parts and accessories sales by 5% to RM 126 million for the same period.
Masanori Takahashi as the new President of Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd who took up the post on 20 June.

Total market share for national marques in 1H16 is approximately 49% (a y-o-y improvement from 47%). Perodua is continuing its efforts to keep more Perodua owners within the company’s ecosystem by continuously improving their after-sales services.
Takahashi-san has extensive experience with overseas operations, having been based in the USA, South Africa and India when he was with Toyota Motor Corporation.

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