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It might be yellow but mellow isn't its thing.When Renault slaps an RS badge on a car, they're generally not messing about.
Peugeot will mark 30 years of the 205 GTI at Goodwood this month; what better car to arrive in? Ain't she a beaut?Choosing a 205 GTI to feature is far more of a task than might first be imagined.
Restored last year and ready to be enjoyedThat impression is reinforced further by this 205's recent restoration. I have a Sorrento one, fun little things and it's used daily unless the weather is really nice then I use the convertble. Kia Rio is the smallest model in the Korean carmaker's Australian range and has been a steady seller over the years, especially following its 2011 styling transformation.
In a business that throws up names such as the "BMW X3 xDrive 35i Edition Exclusive" it's refreshing to be able to review a car with a name like Kia Rio Si which rolls easily off the tongue.Kia's recent decision to extend its standard warranty to seven years and unlimited kilometres adds even more value to the already well-priced Rio.
The data relating to the real estate for sale on this web site comes in part from the Internet Data Exchange Program of the NJMLS.
Built on the remains of the almost mythical (and soon-to-be-relaunched) Renault Alpine, the merry band of engineers at Dieppe punch out small fast cars with such regularity you could set your Breitling to them.The Megane RS is pretty much the undisputed king of the current hot hatch crop.
As well as that 24-hour race and the latest Renaultsport wildchild, Peugeot has today confirmed a 30th Anniversary Edition 208 GTI.
The cars at ?10K and above are surely too pristine to drive now, and what would be the point of that? Alpine White, Graphite Grey and Cherry Red are just three of the standard colours that worked so well. All panels bar the bonnet are original but refreshed, the entire shell resprayed and the wheels refurbished. One of the greatest hot hatches ever made in an ideal spec and with apparently plenty of care lavished upon it. My Cherry Red J Reg 1.6 was one of my best cars, and the company I worked for at the time picked up the insurance tab too.
My mum had several new when I was a child and 'our' last one was a Miami blue one when I was about 5. Just enter in your work address and we will show you how long it takes to get there on every property you look at.

Despite being not too far from its use-by date, the Megane is still getting plenty of attention. It's brilliant on back roads and the track and is one of those cars that puts a smile on your face no matter what.Is the Megane Australia's king of the hot hatches? So far nothing more than its name and Goodwood debut have been announced but that's all the information required to celebrate the - insert superlative here - 205 GTI.
Some scruffy cars at Shed money are around too, as well as the inevitable MI16-engined track crusaders. But the limited edition Sorrento Green and Miami Blue, the latter as seen here, are perhaps the most desirable. Alright, the front seats are due a retrim but everywhere else the car looks like completely stunning. It's taxed, the MoT is long and those 1.9 wheels must surely be available with some negotiation. Less than 500 hours on it.Yellow hull - Factory Custom Paint Job (Maui Heat) and custom vinyl, Boss II Graphics with Boss Package. It will at least alleviate the nagging doubt the 30th Anniversary 208 could just be a paint and stickers job. But a presentable, driveable, standard GTI would be just fine, and this one looks to be ideal. So there's the ideal combination of immaculate bodywork and refreshed mechanicals without the car having been overly pampered. Monthly HOA fees includes Heat, Hot Water, Water, Common Area & also Covers Flood Insurance. With a pumped-up rear end and a more stylish silhouette, the distinctive hatch has been with us for some years now and is ageing gracefully.The retina-searing yellow of our test car is certainly a matter of taste, but the paint itself is staggeringly pretty close-up and works nicely with the dark wheels.
Three mid-sized children will just about fit.Controls are large and well-positioned with three large dials directly in front of the driver displaying speed, revs and fuel status.
The decal pack isn't particularly distinctive so it wouldn't matter too much if you took the hair dryer to it.Front and rear bumpers are suitably sporty, with a set of bazooka exhausts poking out of the rear.
The steering wheel has both telescopic and tilt adjustment as well as audio and cruise control buttons.The boot isn't especially long but is deep enough for a couple of relatively large suitcases with a full-size spare wheel below the boot floor. Behind the black wheels are red calipers - this car means business.Inside you are treated to the best seats in just about anything with four wheels - an Alcantara-trimmed set of Recaros, complete with racy slots for a harness.

The inside is quite dark and if there's a genuine criticism it's of the silly, angled dials on the dashboard. As is the case with these things, the speedo reads way too high.SafetySix airbags, stability and traction controls, ABS, brake assist, brake force distribution. The Megane has a five star ANCAP safety rating.FeaturesThe 7-inch touchscreen comes with Renault's nifty RS-Link.
You can plug in your USB stick and record a full set of telemetry for your no doubt law-abiding country drive.
Drivers of manual Rios with limited confidence will no doubt appreciate the hill hold feature. Because once you do, you will discover that the hype surrounding this car is entirely justified.DrivingThe Megane's notoriety is well-deserved. While its immediate competition are all excellent - Golf GTI, Focus RS, Audi S3 - this thing will leave them for dead.
It might compress your spine in all sorts of ways, but you will be hugely entertained along the way.It's not super-entertaining in traffic, in fact it's almost too docile.
The engine needs a little bit of encouragement to wake up to the boost, but you'll be fairly busy dodging potholes anyway because the ride is quite firm.The seats keep you in place and you can relax into them, knowing you don't have to hold yourself. There's even stop-start, but it appears to be spending most of its time sucking on a Gitanes somewhere rather than actually stopping the engine. Because once you do, you will discover that the hype surrounding this car is entirely justified.Like the old Clios 200 and 182, this is a car for thrashing.
The turbo whoops as you flatten the accelerator, the limited slip diff letting the wheel dance just enough in your hands as you shoot forward. You can brake so late into corners and then get straight on the throttle without a whiff of understeer.The LSD might add weight but it also brings serious grip and adjustability to an already epic chassis. The ride which has bounced you and your brave passengers around thus far suddenly makes sense.The RS shrugs off even substantial mid-corner bumps, requiring almost no correction from the driver's seat. It's a genuinely exhilarating car to drive, with plenty of movement at the rear to remind you that this is a weapon that requires respect.

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