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The Michigan House has approved legislation to transform Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan from a charitable trust into a customer-owned nonprofit.
The plan is available for business users only, through all 45 dealerships in the Great Wall dealer network, and continues until September 30, 2012.
Visit Leftlane's home page for the very latest car news, analysis, editorials, opinion, and more. Our team of experts have driven hundreds of new car models from virtually every automaker, Get their unbiased impressions here. Leftlane offers a collection of helpful tools for car shoppers and owners, helping to make spending decisions easier. Ford's Mustang has continued to experience strong demand in Europe, rising to the top of Germany's best-selling sports cars. Here at Leftlane, we believe the contributions of the community are just as valuable as those of our staff. The Volkswagen Tiguan has always played it straight as a comfortable and practical SUV. Now that might sound a bit boring, but the Steady Eddie approach has worked rather well for Volkswagen. Admittedly, it looks similar to the outgoing Tiguan, but there are some important changes under the metal, with a new lighter platform that utilises increased strength to improve handling.
Ninety-five per cent of all Tiguans sold in the UK are diesel and three-quarters of those are specified with four-wheel drive. On the road the four-cylinder diesel works well enough, with its 340Nm of torque providing plenty of pull through all of the gears. Like its predecessor, the Tiguan is refined on and off the motorway, with a well-judged ride that resists pitching in the corners or crashing over bumps in the road.

If you plan to take the Tiguan off-road - or live in a hilly, rural location - the four-wheel drive model will make the most sense. As with the old Tiguan, the cabin is large and comfortable, benefitting from the new larger platform. Comfortable, spacious and supremely practical, you might think the Volkswagen Tiguan is a simple recommendation; however, there is a price to pay.
If you or someone you know is looking for an incredibly safe luxury sedan, know that the 2016 Audi A6 just aced the tests administered by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
The 2016 Audi A6 is loaded with all kinds of technological goodies that are designed to keep people safe.
Optionally, you can then request a price quote from a local dealer based on your selections. As a result it has become a popular choice with family car buyers, who value low running costs and everyday usability over the design-led styling and performance of crossovers.
Since launching the Tiguan in 2007, the safe and sensible SUV has clocked up 2.8 million sales and established itself as the third best-selling vehicle in the Volkswagen line-up. The boot offers 615 litres with the rear seats slid forwards, making it round 200 litres more than the Renault Kadjar and 26 litres more than a Honda CR-V.
The diesel engine can be a bit vocal - we noted some diesel clatter making its way into the cabin under moderate acceleration - but for the most part it whirrs away in a sedated hum. The steering is nicely-weighted too, with a firm turn that gives plenty of feedback in relation to the front-wheels.
In addition to 4Motion all-wheel drive, the Tiguan gets selectable driving modes that will tailor the traction control system and stability control to cope with everything from icy roads to muddy rutted tracks.
There's plenty of head and legroom for adults to stretch out and the rear bench can be slid backwards to accommodate six footers.

Some automakers have gone so far as to call the test irrelevant, ridiculous, or any number of other things. Among them is adaptive cruise control, a side blind zone monitoring system, corner and top view cameras, and a night vision system. We strive to provide good information, but without you—the community member—there is no communication. An optional Out Door pack will bolster the Tiguan's all-road credentials further, with underbody protection and plastic cladding for the wheel arches and bumpers.
The test simulates what would happen if a vehicle were to strike a pole, tree, or similar object with only the front corner.
Passing the test is necessary if a vehicle is to be named a Top Safety Pick+ versus just a Top Safety Pick. Republican House Speaker Jase Bolger says the changes are important because they will allow other insurance companies to better compete with Blue Cross and will make the company pay taxes to the state.
The latest redesign includes the first right-hand-drive build for the UK, Australia and dozens of other countries.
Instead of trying to dismiss it, Audi worked hard to ensure the new A6 could handle the brutal punishment, which has netted an excellent result, with IIHS noting that the only intrusion into the driver’s space was about four inches in the foot well. Attorney General Bill Schuette says the overhaul will hurt the more than 200,000 Michigan seniors who currently rely on Medigap coverage. When it came to higher speeds, the tech only cut the car’s speed by about 1 mph, which pretty much does nothing.

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