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Dubai Police have officially unveiled the Ferrari FF patrol car, a week after the Lamborghini Aventador joined their fleet. Dubai Police had announced about the Ferrari FF after the launch of the Aventador cop car went viral on the internet.
Reports claim the two supercars will be used to patrol certain upscale tourist spots, largely as a show of prestige. There have been several phone-camera photos of a supposed Lamborghini Aventador police car, in Dubai Police colours, doing the rounds of the internet this week.
We don’t have any more details about these pictures, but it probably is a promotional vehicle, just like that Nissan GT-R by Abu Dhabi Police a few years back. Vague news reports suggest that the Lamborghini will be used to patrol certain upscale tourist spots, largely as a show of prestige. The Lamborghini Aventador also seems to have hit the highway at some point, so if you have more shots of this thing, let us know on our popular Facebook page. More photos sourced from around the web by readers Irshad Ahmed Ibrahim and Kevin Jacob Kurian. Update: Some more proper night photos were taken by reader Monir Kassem, and one more by reader Aisha Yaqub. Not only lambo, they do use Ferrari, Benz SLR, Bentley, GL class, Nissan GT, Camaro, dodge and few more for patrol.
If the British Police were to invest in say, a Ferrari or Lambo and state that it was necessary for apprehending speeders, they would be lambasted for flagrant misuse of taxpayers money, publicly humiliated and the Commissioner sacked for allowing something so preposterous to go so far. There are now strict punishments for drivers who speed above 124mph, with hefty fines and even potential jail sentences hoping to curb the new young generation of well-off drivers, mostly young men, who see the desert motorways as their own personal racetracks.

Dubai are not the first Police Force however to shell out for an exotic; back in 2004, the Italians purchased a Lambo Gallardo for just such a job. But there’s another upside to having these cars, a connection to their public that they would never have gained without them. Interestingly, they also have a Renault Twizy in the compound, presumably for anyone drunk in charge of a golf cart.
It does beg the question though, if having chased down your quarry across the desert at speeds in excess of 186mph, you finally do arrest someone, how on earth do you get them back to the station? We offer an international delivery service using UPS, FEDEX or DPD with competitive rates and standard delivery on all items to the UK mainland subject to stock and availability.
More photos emerged on social media channels later of the two cars getting the body graphics wrapped on the exterior.
In the UAE, there are any number of extraordinarily rich people, all with a fleet of rather high performance cars, capable, at least in theory, of doubling the highway speed limit.
Let’s just break off from our boring routine and jump into a whole new kind of ride, it’ll be fun, that we can guarantee. That being the case, coupled with a government not short of a Dirham or two, there seemed no reason for the Police not to be kitted out with equipment that could keep up for long enough to apprehend the miscreants. Have you been able to identify it or were you too busy with the glamor and beauty that the city has to offer?
Yes, we know you are bored with the build up so let’s get to the topic of the day; abandoned luxury cars!
Dubai was once the epicenter of economic activity but then came the investors, earning loads of money on different accounts and grounds.

Everything was going smoothly; Italian and German supercars were being bought as if they were cans of coke.
But nothing lasts forever and soon came the global economic crisis which flushed the economic activity! The aftershocks are still being felt as a very large number of the best automobiles are being abandoned every year on the streets of Dubai, left there to collect dust.
As per the laws of Dubai, the bouncing of a cheque and inability to repay a debt is considered a criminal offence. So, the worried owners usually make their way to airport as fast as possible and then leave their rides behind.
Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs and Mercedes are abandoned as if they were nothing and are found regularly at Dubai International Airport parking lot.
Surprisingly, some owners have the courtesy to leave behind sorry notes and loans papers while others just leave their keys in the ignition.Remember Ferrari Enzo?
Yeah, the same of which only 400 models were manufactured; police found one in the parking lot where it had been sitting-how unfortunate- for several months and becoming fast friends with dust. These cars are at the end of the day get auctioned which means cheaper cars, yayyy, but on a serious note this is not good- just kidding, who doesn’t want expensive cars for less price than what they are actually worth.

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