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In the motor compartment of a Volvo 850 T-5R there are four locations holding information about your car. In Australia there is also a special plate mounted next to the product plate with a standard text and the VIN again. In the USA and Canada VIN’s are build according to a slight other standard compared to other countries. The code contains the code for the colour, the code for the paint manufacturer and the code for the type of paint. When the body enters the Gent C process it gets its final identification with the product plate.
Please mail me an image of your VIN-plate (and other plates if any) if the information adds something new to the information above (data from a lot of countries is still missing). Borranis rebuilt and like new.Has Pirelli tyres, a new ANSA exhaust system, new brake servo, and new calipers. 5 cars." title="Add this car to comparison, the list of chosen cars will appear in the separate window or tab, you can compare max.

This approval is determined by at least active- and passive safety, emissions and with environmental protection.
It is a plate attached with two screws near the left front strut holding an unique body number.
The body number is there to follow the specific body during the process and to build it according the specifications. No rear seat but it has windows all around though.The rotating emergency beacon light and mounting pole are missing,should be on the left rear upper corner,is mia but I have one on order,original color of truck was white,not too bad on rust,but could use a mild restoration and some brake work,sold as is,fixer upper driver 300GD. Since the approval for the T-5R was determined in 1994 most of the European countries still had their own approval codes. Each decoded figure is multiplied with the corresponding factor resulting is a product for each VIN symbol.
1983 black 2 door swb,2 seater,offroad look,flares,fat wheels,snorkel,cool truck,4 speed manual 300GD. 1986 gold 2 door,swb,2 seater,super nice condition,panel wagon,checkered interior,4 speed manual.

1986 gold 4 door,lwb,2 seater(can be converted back to 4 seater,all parts included)5 new offroad tires,new automatic tranny,brandnew turbo intercooler motor,asz seats,etc,etc. 1988 black 2 door,swb,4 speed manual,300GD,2 seater,panel wagon,nice black alloys,cool truck.
1980 white 2 door,swb.convertible,leather,wide wheels,300GD,4 speed manual,brushguard(being painted now from black to white,a fast buyer can decide on new color) 1982 black 2 door,swb,fixer upper,cheap 300GD,4 speed manual. WE ARE GOING TO PUT DIFFERENT 2 SYSTEMS IN OUR FOR SALE CARS WITHIN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS OR SO TO DECIDE WHICH ONE WE LIKE BEST AND TO WORK OUT THE GLITCHES.PRICES TO BE DETERMINED VERY SOON ALSO,THANK YOU.

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