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Buying a Repaired Write-off — Auto Expert by John Cadogan - save thousands on your next new car! This report is inspired by Stephen, who contacted me via the website: He’s thinking of buying a 2014 Kia Rio that’s a repaired write-off - effectively 40 per cent below fair market value for the equivalent used car. Nothing is intrinsically wrong with repaired write-offs, provided the repairs are done to a professional standard. Your mechanic can helpThe other thing you really should do, no matter where you live on Earth, is get your own trusted, independent mechanic to inspect the car - not only for its mechanical health, but also for evidence of major repair work. Please enter you VIN for security check and you will get a vehicle history report, including photos and information on title history, car accident history, odometer readings, insurance records. Why Should I Buy a VIN Report?If you want to have no fear for your own safety and for the safety of your loved ones, you should check the history of the used vehicle youa€™re going to purchase. You should also check that the code on this plate matches the code on the rego papers exactly. Our service gives you an opportunity to find out all important information to make a smart car buying decision.
You will feel more confident on the road knowing that your car had never been damaged by the previous owner. Clean local Victoria car (see Carproof link) in excellent condition inside and out with complete service history at Pacific Mazda.
So here’s how to sidestep ‘rebirthing’ and other used used car sales scams - by making sure you don’t unwittingly drive away in a repaired write-off.

Inspect the vehicle history before buying a car, as by checking it after buying it you can only upset yourself. So here’s how to make sure you get what you actually pay for.Related: Should I buy a dealer demonstrator? It's only fair.There are scumbags out there, with the underlying ethics of a death adder, who routinely attempt to pass off these repaired write-offs as run-of-the-mill used cars - at the full market price. It’s part of your duty of disclosure to tell the insurer anything that materially affects their decision to insure you. Buying vin report at ridiculous price will help you to save much more money by purchasing faultless undamaged vehicle. So you have to protect yourself from inheriting one of these without the appropriate discount. The final thing you need to do is clarify the vehicle’s warranty status with the manufacturer.
This might be following a crash, or some other insurance event like a flood, or severe hail.
The owner cops a cash payout or a new replacement vehicle - whatever the policy stipulates - and the wreck is generally sold at auction.Depending on how crappy the condition, that wreck might go to a wrecker - who strips it and sells the parts. That was done in an attempt to reduce re-birthing.If you haven’t yet got your PhD from Criminal University, re-birthing is where you steal a car, you park it somewhere unobtrusive and then you buy a wreck of the same make and model. Then you transfer the wreck’s identity to the stolen car and attempt to sell it as if it’s above-board.

Re-birthing is just like the automotive equivalent of cloning … if it were the Armenian mob doing the science … as opposed to actual geneticists.This set of ‘zero tolerance’ write-off repair rules only applies to NSW. There’s even an official inspection process to get them re-registered and back on the road. But the unique laws in NSW mean legally repaired and re-registered write-offs from other states can’t be transferred to a NSW registration. So bad luck if you plan on moving here with one of those.How to protect yourselfMost people buying a used car in Australia do a REVS check, which reveals financial encumberance.
It’s bad to buy a vehicle used as the security over a car loan - because it can be repossessed if the loan isn’t discharged with the sale proceeds. But a REVS check won’t identify repaired write-offs.In Australia there’s an official Written-off Vehicle Register. And the best way for you to access the data on that register is to drop $37 online and get an official Car History Report. In addition to the financial liability check from REVS, a Car History Report will also give you the vehicle’s full insurance claim history, it’ll tell you if it’s ever been stolen or written off, you’ll also get a valuation and the registration details, plus a bunch of other sundry information.

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