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The aim when building this car was to have a 500-550bhp capable road going GTR with useable response for street use.
Cooling has been taken care of by the oil cooler kit, water and oil temps are always steady and float around 65- 70 degrees when cruising. We have gone through the tuning receipts and they add up to around 20,000GDP all from top tuners such as Abbey motorsports, RB Motorsports, RK tuning and MGT racing. Incredibly easy to drive for such a modified car, almost feels stock until you put your foot down!
Extremely nimble and feels on its toes and feels like it pretty much chews up any bend on the road with ease.

Braking is taken care of thanks to the KSPORT racing 8 pot front brake callipers and 356mm rotors that provides a very strong and progressive amount of power which will make you feel comfortable stopping from high speeds. Benefits from many Carbon fibre extras such as front splitter, spoiler blade, wing mirrors and rear diffuser which gives the car a real aggressive presence about it.
Very clean throughout with no signs of wear and tear, it has some very nice touches added such as the Recaro Carbon Kevlar racing seat and other carbon goodies, what I also like is the fact it hasn't been over clustered with gauges that can sometimes look ott on a modified car. Acceleration is very strong and smooth throughout the rev range and keeps you pinned back in your seat till you let off.
Also installed a tomei sump baffle to stop any oil issues when on track or hard cornering on street.

Thanks to the Apexi titanium exhaust system the car sounds totally awesome when driving through the gears and even on idle.
Some more subtle touches like the carbon intake on the hood give it some originality not only for looks at it directs fresh air straight to the air filters.
It also has some rare modifications such as the Nismo plenum which is known to be one of the best aftermarket intake manifolds for the RB26 on the market today.

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