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Vehicle Identification Numbers are unique codes given to each on-road vehicle in the United States. Characters within a VIN indicate a vehicle's year, make, model, where it was manufactured, and more.
You can use our free VIN Decoder to find out exactly what each character in your car's VIN shows. Auto shops use VINs to service vehicles, identifying the engine, transmission and brake systems.

This can help you decide if the car is right for you and uncover any potential safety issues. From 1981, each new car is given a standardized 17-digit code, which includes a serial number. Before you buy a used vehicle we strongly recommended you perform a vehicle history check first.
Some vehicles already have VINs assigned and attached overseas before they get to New Zealand.

But they should have a manufacturer's serial number which can be used to register a bike with a local municipality or the national bike registry. Use the CARFAX search as one important tool, along with a vehicle inspection and test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car.

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