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Found in the extreme south of the country, Faro Portugal is the capital of the cherished Algarve region.
Cheap flights to Faro can be had easily from other cities in Portugal if driving is not an option.
If acquiring a car for transportation be sure to take a leisurely drive around the area and visit attractions such as the ancient Roman ruins of Santa Barbara de Nexe or Conceicao, another typical charming Algarve village where the vibrant, single story houses are an attraction on their own. Normally a Faro vacation package including flight, hotel and car rental offer the best prices as usually the more options you choose for a package lower the individual prices. The Marina, shopping, dining and the friendliness of Faro locals make the area a great place for a holiday. It was the last region to be taken by the Portugese king from the Moors in the late 13th century. The Ria Formosa which is a beautiful natural lagoon can be found in Faro as can the ever-loved pink flamingo, often seen taking off from th different beaches.

There are many airlines that fly into Faro Airport including British Airways, Ryanair and EasyJet.
A package can be arranged in several different ways depending on how and where you would like to travel. Extras such as tours and guides can also be added to make you Faro vacation as convenient as possible and allow guests to learn a lot about the area’s history. Rio Formosa offers a look at the areas flamingos which can be seen taking flight from the coastline. Exceptional architecture such as chimneys, terraces and whitewashed homes are left behind by the Moors as remnants of the past and add much to the appealing nature of the region. Faro vacation packages can include car, hotel and flight or train tickets and hotel accommodation or a combination. Village life sails along at a relaxing pace and gentle hills decked in fruit trees frame the landscape of this fun and easygoing town.

Additional options include meals as well as a choice of hotels with different star ratings. There are some amenities there such as restaurants, a scattering of beach houses and a few other facilities for travelers. There is no ferry connection so tourists must hire a boat to get there but it’s worth visiting this undisturbed location in Faro Portugal even just to have the beach almost to yourself.

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