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Umbrella Insurance is a form of liability insurance that will protect your assets and income in addition to any primary insurance policies you may have. The term umbrella refers to the fact that the insurance covers all of your assets and income where other policies alone might not provide enough cover – it provides additional cover to all of the policies underneath it.
With some insurance policies, you might not be entirely covered if you acted in a way that voided the policy, but umbrella insurance will often provide coverage. In addition, umbrella insurance is particularly useful because our society is so litigious now, and any automobile accident or incident involving your home can turn into a large lawsuit.
The umbrella insurance coverage will provide for legal representation if the matter goes to court.
In nearly every state of the United States, there are laws that hold drivers responsible for all bodily injury and property damage should they be at fault, so the risk is very real that you could lose everything without sufficient insurance.
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That means that it provides cover additional to any property, automobile or watercraft policies you might have.
So if you are involved in a automobile accident, and for some reason your primary insurance provider refuses to pay out, you still have $1 million of coverage from the umbrella policy. If you are sued for $1 million dollars and your automobile policy will only payout $300’000, then umbrella insurance can be used to cover the remainder.
We offer liability, bodily injury coverage, property damage, collision and comprehensive coverages.
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However, your policy might not provide enough coverage, especially if you cause a serious accident that results in injuries. In that case, you might face a lawsuit to recoup any costs that weren't covered by insurance. Different states have different minimum amounts, and these minimums are generally well below what a serious car accident could cost in property damage, medical bills and lost wages. If someone sues you for an accident, your insurance only covers up to the stated limits on the policy.

For example, if your insurance policy has a limit of $100,000, your insurance company is only going to pay that amount, even if a judgment is rendered against you for $1 million. For example, if insurance only covers $100,000 out of a $1 million judgment, you need to come up with the last $900,000 out of your own assets. That might include the money you'd been saving up to use for a down payment on a house, an engagement ring or something else.
For example, if you're just getting out of college and starting out on your own, your net worth may be deep in the red because of student loans, so even if someone got a judgment against you, you would literally have nothing to pay it with.
In that case, you might decide it's not worth it to pay higher premiums for the higher coverage amounts. But, as you start to pay off your debts and save for the future, you being to have assets that someone could get from you to satisfy a judgment. For example, you might get a $1 million umbrella policy that kicks in after your car insurance, home insurance, renter's insurance or other coverage runs out.
That way, if you do cause a horrific and costly accident, you'll have more insurance to cover it before you have to start using your personal assets to pay off the judgment.
Does Full Auto Insurance Coverage Cover My Medical Bills When I'm at Fault in the Accident?

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