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Many thanks to our all of our consignors, bidders, sponsors, exhibitors and fans for making the Inaugural Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun an unprecedented success. Lot #626 - Chevrolet scored a marketing coup for their new Camaro when it was chosen as the official pace car of the 1967 Indianapolis 500. Body is very solid with a single low quality repaint that appears to have been done in the 70’s in the original red color.
The low miles and general good condition of this early MGA can be demonstrated by the condition of the bottom of this great car. The top or hood looks as old as the car and may be a special early type with a glass window fitted.
The Unstandard theme utilizes WordPress widgets to populate the main sidebar, single post sidebars, and shared foote area of a page. The onus is on you to conduct research into your Vespa, complete all the required documentation, and present this to the Club.
Your Vespa has to be 25 years old to qualify, and the VIN and Engine Numbers need to identify the Vespa. Read about the Club Permit Scheme on the VicRoads website and understand your obligations.
If your Vespa  has 'M" assessable modifications then you will need an inspection by a Vicroads approved VASS signatory, and get a VASS Club Permit Approval Certificate. Collect any evidence you have of your scooter's previous registration, such as an old registration certificate. If your Vespa was manufactured after June 1975 and has no prior Australian registration then you must also obtain a VASS Approval Certificate, which is different to the VASS Club Permit Approval Certificate for modifications.
Screw the Club Plate to the rear of your scooter - replacing the former registration plate.
When riding, always carry your drivers licence, your VCM membership card, and the log book. Under our contract with VicRoads, you agree to abide by all Vic Roads conditions of Permit Issue. Ensure that you are a fully financial member of the Vespa Club of Melbourne, and that your financial status will last the 12 month duration of the registration. I have received many enquiries regarding the registration of vintage Vespas and I list as follows for anyone who needs to know how to navigate the system.
Vic Roads will accept a certificate of origin issued by the manufacturer if it shows that the vehicle was exported directly to Australia by them.

This can be challenged and someone has even managed to have their scooters registered after a lengthy dispute. You will be asked to pay 90 Euros and you will get the certificate in the mail after approx.
The problem is that, if the cert doesn't state that it was exported to Australia, you are in trouble because it clearly means that it was sold in Italy and subsequently imported to Australia by a private owner….
I can assist anyone who may need help but, as it takes a bit of time, I will need to charge a small fee for the service. Greg_ replied to Greg_'s discussion Aldi motorbike gear SALE Saturday 13 August!"I recommend the boots. This serpent is very special, its CSX number is 6098 and this specific black beauty ends with Carroll’s racing number “98”: thus #6098.
Visitor InfoThis form will automatically send us an e-mail and will allow our staff to contact you as soon as possible.
CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Hillbank Motor Corporation is a leading supplier for a whole range of replicas, concept cars, body kits, performance parts and accessories. This '30 Ford Model A Tudor was owned it since 1989, it was finished in 1992, the ghost flames were added in 2000, and to be honest I would've guessed everything was finished last year; this thing is mint! Along with the race-prepared official pace cars, 100 replicas were built for promotional activities and later sold through the dealer network with various combinations of options.
I have never seen a 1956 this original so will have to wait for an expert to tell me if this is a feature of the early production cars.
This MGA would be hard to duplicate being a first year model and having the love and stewardship of a single owner for 99% of that time. The Club has a responsibility to VicRoads and it's members, so we won't sign off on your registration unless everything is in order. Currently our scrutineers are located in Mont Albert, Bayswater, Chelsea, and Brunswick West. Present the originals of all the required documents and a copy of each one for our files at the inspection appointment.
If you want to sell your bike in the future, you will need to get it fully re-registered with VicRoads, or sell it as an unregistered vehicle. If you cease to be a member, sell your Vespa, or let your registration lapse, you have to return your plate and log book to VicRoads.

This document must be requested BEFORE a vehicle is imported so, if you have already bought the scooter, you cannot request one. We are located in Southern California and always have a wide variety of products on display in our enormous showroom.
In addition, the white wall tires, plenty of engine components, underside hardware and interior are brand new! Spare tire is held in with its original fitting and the crank and jack handles are still in place at the front of the trunk.
If you are about to purchase a Vespa, we recommend that you draw up your own contract of sale to make sure that it meets VicRoads requirements. You will need to transport your Vespa, or you can ride it if you arrange a temporary registration 'day pass' from Vicroads. They will only accept bank transfers and this could be a complicated and costly procedure as you will be charged exchange fees on both sides. We proudly represent the Superformance & Shelby range of classic '60s American sports cars. This slick '30 is powered by a GM Crate 350ci and an Edelbrock Single 4-Barrel Carb; it cruises through the use of a TH350 trans and a '79 Malibu 10-Bolt Rear End.
CarParts4sale Inc is not associated with or endorsed by Audi AG, Volkswagen AG, Audi of America, or Volkswagen of America in any manner. As you step through the process, check and double check that the scooter details, including VIN and Engine No, are correct and the same on every document. Best thing is to use a friend of mine in Florence who, after a Western Union money transfer, can make the payment directly from his account for no charge.
Each is fully licensed, meticulously engineered and factory built, allowing you the peace of mind that comes from making a sound investment. Like all Indy pace car convertible, the car is fitted with the requisite bright blue custom interior that includes bucket seats, console, molded front door armrests, glove box light and custom steering wheel. In addition, it wears Indy Pace Car graphics and rides on redline tires mounted on correct rally wheels. We base this on overall impressions after considering the actual condition of the car, the driving solidness of the car, and the fact the tires are 30+ years old.

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