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The Good For such a small, portable Bluetooth speaker, the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II sounds great and plays impressively loud without distorting. The Bottom Line While the SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II may no longer be in a class by itself, it's still near the top of the portable Bluetooth speaker category. The original SoundLink Wireless Mobile came out in 2011 and received an Editors' Choice Award from CNET because at the time of its release it delivered best-in-class performance from a compact, stylish Bluetooth speaker. The new SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II, which looks virtually identical to the original model, includes new neodymium transducers and an updated digital signal processing algorithm that gives the speaker slightly better sound.
As I said in my review of the original SoundLink Wireless Mobile, Bose seems to have taken a few design cues from Apple: along with the compact shape and clean, elegant design, the unit is equipped with a magnetic protective combined cover and stand that automatically turns the speaker off when closed. Like the Smart Cover for the iPad, the SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile II's cover comes in two grades: nylon and leather. Like its predecessor, the speaker has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery that's rated for 3 to 4 hours of use at high volume between charges and double that at moderate volume levels.
Alas, Bose didn't increase the battery life in moving to 2.0 version of the speaker -- it still falls well short of the Big Jambox's rated battery life (15 hours). The Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II has a wireless range of about 30 feet (I managed over 40 feet) and works with any A2DP Bluetooth-enabled device, which includes nearly all smartphones and most tablets, including the iPad. Another note: the SoundLink Wireless Mobile does not offer speakerphone capabilities the way the Jawbone Big Jambox does, for example.
We should also mention that the SoundLink Wireless Mobile speaker doesn't come with a remote. The Windows 8.1 Start Screen is populated with tiles to apps and a link to sign out, lock Windows, or switch users. After you install Start Screen Unlimited, you'll see a toolbar in the upper right-hand side of the Windows 8 Start Screen.
The Google search bar can be used to search directly from the Start Screen, but it requires a physical keyboard.
A hybrid computer is really two gifts in one, whether you go for a two-in-one model with a detachable screen, or a fold-back laptop with a 360-degree hinge. Microsoft has built its "ultimate laptop," and it includes a Surface-like surprise -- the screen pops off to form a lightweight part-time tablet, while much of the battery and some of the components stay in the hefty base. This system's very functional magnetic hybrid hinge kept me coming back to the Switch 10 day after day, even with more powerful hardware at hand. The latest Surface Pro adds new processors, a slightly larger screen, and a handful of hardware and software tweaks. Lenovo's latest Yoga keeps the slim watchband-style hinge from last year's model, but give the processors a big upgrade to mainstream Intel Core i5 and Core i7 chips, for a big power and battery life boost. Taking a screenshot can be of tremendous help when trying to troubleshoot an issue, show off your tile layout, or mock a random post on Facebook.

Your device will instantly take a screenshot, alerting you it was successful with a shutter sound, and save it to a specific screenshot album in your Photos hub.
At $379.95, the Beats Studio Wireless is a premium over-the-ear Bluetooth headphone equipped with active noise-cancellation.
This is the matte black version of the $379 Beats Studio Wireless, which features Bluetooth wireless and active noise-canceling technology.
Before your student takes on the classroom, why not equip them with some awesome tech to help them? It also has a built-in rechargeable battery, an auxiliary input, a rugged design, and the option to swap out protective covers (one of which is included).
Not surprisingly, Bose is selling additional nylon and leather covers in a wider variety of colors for $30 and $50, respectively, in case you want to make a change later. But you get the leather cover from the get-go only if you step up to the higher-end version of speaker, which costs an extra $50 and has what the company calls an "automotive-grade" chrome trim.
The first thing you notice about it when you pick it up is that while it may be small, it's got some heft to it, weighing in at 2.78 pounds.
But while the SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile II speaker looks sleek, perhaps even a bit dainty, and would seem more suited to indoor listening, Bose has made a point of touting how durable and rugged the unit is. Around back you'll find a standard 3.5mm audio input for connecting (via an included cable) any other audio devices that don't offer Bluetooth, like an iPod Classic, for instance. You simply hold down the Bluetooth button on top of the speaker and it goes into pairing mode.
It was an instructive reminder that Bluetooth, like all wireless tech, just doesn't have the 100 percent reliability of a wired connection.
That's because you shouldn't need one since you'll be able to control the volume -- and everything else -- from your smartphone.
At this point, the Surface Pro is less about pitching the very concept of the Surface to wary shoppers, and more about seeing how far it can go in refining the finished product. From there, you can share, edit, delete, or do whatever you'd like with the captured screen. It's one of the more comfortable, better-sounding Bluetooth headphones, but its price is steep.
It's one of the more comfortable, better sounding Bluetooth headphones, but its price is steep.
It's hard to imagine a cooler could inspire passion, but the Coolest cooler is winning crowdfunding fans by throwing everything from a blender to a Bluetooth speaker into the mix. There's a USB charger for powering up your smartphone and a removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can blast "Margaritaville" while you're making your blended frozen beverages. Instead of the whole cover flipping back to convert into a stand, you flip the cover back and fold it in half (you can also extend the whole cover back without folding it -- it works fine as stand in that configuration as well).

The company says it has extensively drop-tested the product, and even put it in a chamber and exposed to simulated salt-air fog.
After you select "Bose SoundLink Wireless" from the Bluetooth setup menu on your phone or other device, after a few seconds you should be linked up wirelessly to the speaker and be able to stream audio to it. To take a screenshot on a Windows Phone device running 8.1, press the power button and volume-up key at the same time.
For those waiting for the 8.1 update, you can take a screenshot by pressing the start and power buttons at the same time.
But the landscape has changed, with competition in the high-end Bluetooth speaker realm now more fierce than ever, with products such as the $300 Jawbone Big Jambox.
I assume Bose went with the new cover design so you could prop the speaker up in narrower spaces without having the stand extend back those few extra inches. However, there is a Micro-USB port on the back of the speaker labeled "service," which is for firmware upgrades; Bose says it will offer software upgrades to make sure the speaker is compatible with future phones. If you're having trouble getting the timing just right, hold in the volume-up key, then press the power button. It comes stocked with all-terrain wheels, gear tie-downs for strapping your extra stuff on top, plate and knife storage, and an LED lid light to shine down on the glory of its contents.It holds 60 quarts and an internal divider doubles as a cutting board. In any case, I liked the change and think it gives you a little more flexibility as far placement goes without sacrificing any stability. The cutting board comes in handy when you want to slice limes for your margaritas, which you will be making with the 18-volt battery-powered rechargeable blender that attaches to the top of the cooler. Ryan Grepper, the man behind the Coolest, is looking into stretch goals such as more colors, bigger wheels, and perhaps even a solar charger (no promises, though).As with almost all Kickstarters, there are still some questions up in the air. Grepper has a working prototype, but backers are curious to learn more about the batteries, such as if they'll be user-replaceable. The first few months of 2014 have also seen the regional carrier introduce a $50 no-contract plan. The battery that powers the blender, lid light, and USB charger sounds like it will be similar to what's used for cordless drills. Anybody who's had one of those long term knows the batteries occasionally need to be replaced.It helps that the Coolest has a snazzy design sense. I have never in my life lusted after a cooler until now, probably because there has never been a cooler quite like this until now.Here's what the Coolest prototype did for the 4th of July.

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