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Both the 2016 Hyundai Tucson and Sonata have earned Top Safety Pick+ status in the latest tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.
Two-and-a-half years since we saw the Jaguar F-Pace concept, we’re here with the very similar-looking production car, door open, engine running, driver’s seat empty.
At 4731mm long, the F-Pace slots between XE (4672mm) and XF (4954mm) saloons, and between Evoque and Range Rover Sport. Rear-wheel drive and manual transmissions are available on the four-cylinder models, giving Jag an answer to the BMW X3. The six-pots both cost ?51,450, and are available in top-spec S trim, which brings 20-inch rims, a subtly toughened-up bodykit, adaptive dampers and a few other niceties. You can choose from 18-, 19-, 20-inch alloys in a range of summer, all-terrain or winter tyres, but the 22s on our car come only with the summers. The F-Pace driving position immediately sets the scene: despite the elevated stance, the comfortable leather seat is set low in the cockpit, and the XE steering wheel feels small and wieldy. Because the glasshouse swoops up and could make young ’uns feel enclosed, Jag has borrowed a trick from Land Rover: ‘stadium’ second-row seating is raised by 10mm compared with the fronts. Perhaps the only downside is the actual interior design, which we’ve mentioned on XE and XF.
From the passenger seat, we can report that the ride feels a little fidgety at low speed, but it flows beautifully when the pace increases, and that body control is particularly noticeable when the suspension compresses and then releases again as the Jag speeds through dips. Overall, the feeling is of rear bias, but a bias that seamlessly directs torque forwards when you start to demand an awful lot from the F-Pace, say by turning the steering and flattening the accelerator during tighter corners. Two things particularly strike me: first, the F-Pace feels more like the super-agile XE than it does the less involving if still enjoyable XF, which deserves a round of applause given the higher centre of gravity and extra bulk. It’s jumping headlong into a super-competitive marketplace, but the F-Pace has got the talent to hit the opposition where it hurts. THE battle that played out between Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson at The Open Championship has subsequently injected plenty of value into betting markets for this week’s 2016 PGA Championship at Baltusrol Golf Club in New Jersey. Leading into the two most recent majors, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth have figured as single-figure odds chances. However their inability to make much of an impact at Royal Troon has led to Johnson ($9) now resting as the only player available at PGA Championship odds of less than $10 with online bookie Ladbrokes Australia. Johnson has undoubtedly been one of the PGA Tour’s most consistent performers in 2016 so far, highlighted by his first major win at the US Open in June. Causing little fuss on his way to T9 result at The Open, Johnson’s opening round of 66 at the Canadian Open last weekend laid a solid foundation for his next three days of play, and the World Number Two eventually finishing T2.

Day and McIlroy are both proven performers at the PGA Championship and remain tied on the second line of betting at $10 quotes.
Day broke through for his first major win in last year’s edition of the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, but the Queenslander has been unable to salute at any of the first three majors so far in 2016 - most notable finishing in a tie for 8th at the US Open.
The World Number One continued to improve through four rounds at the Canadian Open to finish T14 and will look to build on that momentum at the 98th edition of the PGA Championship.
McIlroy also carries some form into the PGA Championship after rallying on Sunday of The Open to finish in a tie for fifth.
Two-time major champion Spieth had a breakout season in 2015, but the Dallas local has failed to replicate that major-winning form in 2016. Spieth finished second at The Masters in April but only managed a T37 and a T30 at the US Open and The Open respectively. Swede Stenson’s heroics in Scotland have seen him rise to the fourth line of PGA Championship betting markets, while Mickelson remains sole occupant of the fifth line at a generous $23 quote. Ladbrokes Australia is offering punters the ability to combine the world’s top four players into one bet to win the 2016 PGA Championship for inflated odds!
Take advantage of $3.50 odds for any of Dustin Johnson, Day, McIlroy or Spieth to win the final major of 2016 in the unique ‘Bet Blast’ market! New clients can also take advantage of a first deposit match up to $200, plus an extra $100 if Spieth or McIlroy make the cut. Skiathos is the smallest of the Sporades group of islands, about 12kms long and 6kms wide on average. Skiathos Town is the only town on the island and most of the island’s population of about 6000 live here. A drive to the interior of Skiathos allows one to find small hamlets hidden amongst pine forests and ornate churches. The northern coastline remains virtually untouched; a visit to the northern beaches, below beautiful valleys of pines, by private boat will reward the more adventurous with clear waters and privacy.
Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. The cheapest F-Paces are just over ?34k, with a choice of entry-level Prestige, mid-range R-Sport (?36,670) or top-of-the-tree Portfolio (?39,170) trim. It’s perhaps slightly worrying that the 22s don’t look huge, given that entry-level cars will wear 18s; they may look like Kate Moss wearing a size-16 dress. It doesn’t sound like much, but it works, and the back seat feels as airy as it is spacious. The quality and layout – save for the fiddly interface for the three drive modes – is fine, but Land Rover interiors are more confident, and that juxtaposition is more obvious when you’ve got four driven wheels and raised ground clearance.

Just like the driving position, your initial prods at the controls quickly set the scene for a sporting experience. The F-Pace rolls slightly, but quickly settles; it gives enormous confidence for the driver to pick a line and power through the corner. Combined with the all-wheel-drive chassis and supple damping, it means you can blat cross-country at a very high average speed. Really lean on the front end by adding more steering when the tyres are already stressed and you’ll find the ultimate limits are far higher than you imagined, and that just a little understeer gives warning that you’ve over-stepped the mark. The F-Pace is faster, more assured, more enjoyable and more practical too, despite its raised ground clearance.
We’ll find out more when the car is properly launched in April, but, from this first impression, the signs are promising indeed. A busy high street of shops and bars opens out onto a waterfront which flanks two sides of the town. Small caiques depart every morning from the harbour of Skiathos Town for the more popular beaches. Alternatively, the tiny island of Tsougria off the southern coast can be reached by caique in fifteen minutes from Skiathos harbour and offers a selection of sandy beaches. There’s certainly plenty of room if you’re well over six feet, and Jag claims a 6’5” team member was perfectly comfortable. The steering feels a little heavier than other Jags, but it’s very precise and swift, and every little input of steering yields a result; no slop here, and sadly not an awful lot of feel.
The old town of Skiathos, on the hilltop above the harbour, only dates back to 1830 when the islanders felt safe against pirates to move their capital from the secluded northern cliff tops to its present location. If you hire your own boat with outboard engine, however, you will have a private choice of deserted beaches even in the busiest months of July and August.
The bodyshell is aluminium-intensive; it packs 80% aluminium content, a little more than both XE and XF.
Jink it left and right on tracks like a rally stage and the F-Pace quickly follows your direction with zero lag and excellent body control. The old town, with its cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses and churches and planted courtyards, offers a peaceful sense of detachment. In the meantime, you might want to avoid this release if you can do without the other changes for now.

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