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If you’re here to find out whether the Mercedes-AMG GTS is a credible 911 rival, skip straight to CAR’s in-depth comparison test here for the definitive Stuttgart versus Stuttgart playoff.
There might be something ever so slightly 911-ish about the roofline (cheeky Mercedes), but the AMG GT’s blueprints lie in the now-defunct SLS AMG. It’s around 20mm narrower than the SLS – a good thing – and also approximately 50mm shorter in the wheelbase.
What at first seemed a dauntingly low, backward-set driving position feels perfect once you’re underway.
And it’s certainly supercar fast, especially in the mid-range with 479lb ft spread nice and evenly from 1750 to 4750rpm and turbo lag noticeable by its absence. Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which this site receives compensation.
Editorial Note: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. The company has more or less confirmed yesterday that the Oppo R9 will be announced on March 17th by releasing an official teaser image.
The Oppo R9 packs in 32GB of internal storage, while its bigger sibling comes with 64GB of native storage (both variants will offer expandable storage). Product DescriptionThe Samsung Galaxy S7 LED Cover provides a cool new way of accessing your device status and notifications. Get help, news and reviews for your Android Phone through our comprehensive blog and growing community.
Underneath that smooth bodywork (hat-doff to the styling team for the clean surfacing, a welcome departure from the crinkle-cut theme of most current-era Mercs) lies a modified version of the SLS floorpan.
A large proportion of the bodyshell is aluminium, like the SLS, with steel for the practicality-boosting tailgate, covering space for two sets of golf clubs.
It's good, but somehow doesn't feel quite as snappy as it does in the Ferrari 458, to which it's also fitted.
The GTS makes 503bhp versus the GT’s 456bhp and demolishes 0-62mph in 3.8sec, a two-tenth advantage.

Hemmed in by an overgrown transmission tunnel (a hangover from the SLS DNA) and obstructed by odd ergonomics (the gear selector’s positioned so far back you almost need to reach behind you to put the car in gear) it initially feels claustrophobic and awkward to see out of.
Sitting back near the rear axle hardwires you straight into the GTS’s superb balance (that even-stevens weight distribution feels immediately evident), and the steering, horribly light and remote at low speeds, somehow becomes ever more accurate with speed.
This is a turbocharged engine that does a good job of hiding it, with great throttle response in higher gears.
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This China-based company might not be that popular outside of Asia, but they’re definitely well known in Asia, especially China. LED lights appear on the front of your cover to notify the user of incoming and missed calls or messages, battery life status, volume monitor, current time and more. No gullwing doors this time round, of course, partly to reduce weight and complexity but also to underline that the GT isn’t a direct SLS replacement – this is a different kind of car, chasing different buyers at a different (lower) price point. The name comes from the location of its turbos inside the valley of the cylinders, rather than a more conventional home outboard of each cylinder bank.
It’s a hydraulic setup rather than electric, carried over from the SLS platform, and constant-ratio, although slightly odd tuning makes it feel a little like a variable-rate rack.
From inside the cabin at least, the GT doesn’t sound quite as soulful as it looks, although the exhaust button (one of the many peppering that giant centre console) helps to transmit a little muscle car rumble and overrun popcorn to the cabin via switchable flaps within the exhaust. Intoxicatingly fast, comfortable over long distances and blessed with balanced, accessible handling it manages to be both a relaxed grand tourer and an inspiring sports car. It’s a better car than the ?170k SLS it (indirectly) succeeds and, for now at least, it’s new and different enough to represent a credible alternative to established heroes from Porsche, Aston and beyond. Oppo has actually managed to sell 50 million smartphones last year, which can be considered a great success for this company.
The 2,850mAh battery will be included with the Oppo R9, while the 4,120mAh unit will ship with the Oppo R9 Plus.

Gesture controls also give the user the ability to switch notifications by simply swiping across the front cover. The cabin’s pushed rearwards by a seemingly endless bonnet but open it up and much of the engine bay’s taken up by induction gubbins and ancillaries – the engine itself doesn’t make an appearance until way behind the front axle line. The S also gets a variety of chassis goodies, an electronically controlled limited slip diff and three-stage adaptive dampers (by Multimatic) as opposed to the purely mechanical diff and passive suspension in the GT, along with bigger brakes and tyres.
Body control, on admittedly smooth, fast roads, was exemplary and it’s a car you’ll quickly feel at ease with, and engaged by.
Their Oppo R7 and R7 Plus handset were in high-demand according to the company, and it seems like Oppo wants to make the Oppo R9 as successful as well. TENAA is basically China’s equivalent to the FCC, and their info is almost always completely accurate. Both of these smartphones will feature a 16-megapixel main camera, and two SIM card slots will be included as well. Although the GTS is a largely very comfortable car on most roads, when the surface gets really tough, so does the ride – but it’s certainly liveable with. As you can see, both of these devices sport a physical home button below the display, and are quite similar in terms of the design, size is the only differentiating factor here.
In addition, there is a single wallet pocket on the inside of the cover to store up to three cards or cash. The two handsets actually sport similar internals as well, the Oppo R9 sports a 5.5-inch fullHD display, while the Oppo R9 Plus will ship with a 6-inch 1080p panel (both sport AMOLED panels).

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