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Volvo is considering a high-performance Polestar version of its V40 hatchback to join the 346bhp V60 Polestar estate in its high-performance sub-brand. That he willingly suggested this implies there’s more than a passing chance of this model happening. Volvo has the powertrain hardware in the shape of the new 315bhp version of the 2.0-litre four-cylinder Drive-E engine, as used in the new XC90. That output would put a V40 Polestar on a par with the 296bhp Volkswagen Golf R, the 316bhp-plus Ford RS Focus, the 306bhp Honda Civic Type R and the 355bhp Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG. The V40 is also available with four-wheel drive, a Haldex system used on the ultimate version of the Cross Country models. Get the latest car news, reviews and galleries from Autocar direct to your inbox every week. The new Volvos are so expensive though, the current range topper V40 T5 is a 32k car before options which is more than a Golf R, S3, M135 and a hell of a lot more than say a Focus ST, Leon Cupra etc and has less power and performance than all of them.
If you'd have done any sort of research or actually had read about them you would have known that there were very limited numbers available for sale in the uk in the first place so the fact that you haven't seen one is neither here nor there really is it? I don't agree with BMW being better built, i test drove bmw 1 series, audi a3 th eother day and thena v40, bmw was the worse finish out of the 3 and had a annoying rattle from the seat belt area near my ear.
The 488's incredible engine and handling and open-top experience make for something very special indeed. The Isuzu D-Max is starting to show its age; after a drive in the range-topping Blade version, is it still competitive? The Model 3 won’t start initial deliveries until about ~15 months from now (even the production-intent prototype has yet to be shown), while the i3 has been available since 2014, as both an electric-only and as REx. In the end, the Model 3 outmatched the i3 on most fronts, however, the car is of course not yet available and many specific details are yet to be revealed. Add to this that no one really knows what the Model 3 interior will look like in the finished product. The other was designed to be the ultimate Efficient, sustainable EV, built for city, suburb and country road driving. The i3 has the possibility of you buying 2 for your household, and a roof of solar, and being completely independent of outside infrastructure. The i3 falls more into the Bolt EV class, as far as vehicle form factor, but really is not a good EV nor a good PHEV. So i3 was an experiment, and looks pretty much like an experiment with it’s odd design.
And, James: As compared to other plug-in EVs sold in North America, the i3 is indeed highly energy efficient. Considering how much energy it takes to make all of that more or less useless CFRP, I would be astonished if the i3 is more energy efficient than the steel and aluminium Model 3 on a life cycle basis. Consider this then, at least 75% of the energy needed to to build the i3 comes from renewable energy.
Yes, the i3 is very efficient to drive and it’s was part of the thinking process to build it efficiently. The dam from which the CF manufacturer in Moses Lake buys its energy existed before the CF plant was built. The net effect, therefore, of the CF production is the impact of the additional generation that had to be added (or the energy that had to be imported). It is true that the i3 assembly plant is powered (I think entirely) by renewables that BMW installed.

The i3 with narrow tires, carbon fibre, plastic bumbers, renewable raw materials in the interior is revolutionary (Model 3 will sure use cheap plastic made of oil, lol). No, I don’t drive an i3 and also like Tesla more than BMW but if you look in detail on the product, the i3 is from the future and the Model 3 is just a normal sedan.
If you live in countries with good infrastructure like UK, Sitzerland or France it makes no differences with Supercharging or not.
So except the SC network in some regions, there is nothing revolutionery on the car itself. Even the oldest, non-upgraded SuperChargers can charge the Tesla MOdel S at an optimal rate of about 150 miles in 30 minutes. If you want to convince us that whatever they’re using for public charging in France or Switzerland, presumably either CSS or ChaDEmo chargers, then tell us how many miles per minute those chargers can add to what kind of PEV. The most revolutionary aspect of Model 3 is that it will be the first fully electric car that is so compelling demand will be in the 100s of thousands not 10s of thousands. On the west coast and in the northeast, there is far more ChaDeMo and CCS density than superchargers. The others have typically 1 or 2 charging stations at each location that don’t work a significant portion of the time. That may be true about the concentration of chargers an more dense areas however model 3 will likely be able to use all of those charging standards as well as the superchargers. I would think an electric motor on the rear wheels would make way more sense than a traditional linkage… Pretty much any AWD hybrid uses electric motors on the rear wheels. Current i3 won’t compete very well with the future M3, but the future i3 might do a decent job. I don’t think all hope is lost for the i3, I think they bay be able to make a competitive vehicle that some buyers will still find fits their own personal needs and desires.
Here’s hoping that BMW upgrades the PHEV version of the i3 to break out of the straightjacket of the ridiculous BEVx category created by CARB. Between now and 2020, I don’t see a rollout in any significant numbers of any EV charger capable of charging as fast, or faster, than even the oldest, most basic Supercharger.
Most EV chargers other than Tesla SuperChargers are placed in urban areas, and are meant to support local travel, rather than long-range travel.
Supercharging access with be an extra cost option for the Model 3 according to Elon, so why does IEV say it might be free? SMH; yet another article pitting two separate classes of vehicles just because they are EV.
For either car, if the driver has their own home, so they have somewhere they can easily plug it in each night when they get home, then …. The BMW i3 is going to be leased as a 2nd or 3rd car for the family, for someone to do the daily commute to the city, which probably becomes a fun car to drive, and then becomes the 1st car, and the petrol car becomes the spare, saved for the occasional long journey.
The company’s performance division certainly needs more than one limited-edition model (125 V60 Polestars are UK-bound) if it’s to make a lasting impact.
For all the press and plaudits those cars won, Volvo must have been lucky if any dealership sold more than one. News and World Report published a direct review comparing the upcoming Tesla Model 3 with the BMW i3 (who needs an actual production car to get the job done right?). People try to use the word to mean too many different things, so the meaning of what they’re tying to say is often muddled.
After I drove the i3 (along with the surly BMW co-pilot I had!), I did not want to purchase it.

The test makes clear in what fields and how much they have to up their game before the end of 2018 to be able to compete.
If they don’t start seriously moving, Tesla will become very large and some of them will become irrelevant.
Just what kind of pretzel logic do you have to do, what kind of cherry-picking of facts, to be able to claim that SuperChargers don’t charge faster?
If you add in a traditional mechanical linkage, you’re going to sap power via the added friction and weight. That’s only 4 years away, and no organization is talking about building anything even remotely close to the planned-in-advance, nationwide (or continent-wide) network that Tesla has built in North America, and is building in Western Europe and a select number of other places. If it undercut the Germans (or at least match them) I would and i'm sure many others would be tempted.
The more cars they sell - th emore choice granted at second hand - but residuals will surely suffer - top spec cars will be ok - but your sport spec audi instead of s line will see values fall as no one will want them. However, the current federal tax credit is $7,500 and many Model 3 buyers may not be able to get it.
This service is free for Tesla owners and may remain so for the Model 3 (certain trims anyway). Yeah, it was *significantly* faster than my i-MiEV, it wasn’t better in cargo space, people space, or visibility. If they start competing, they will survive, maybe even flourish and Tesla will stay a small of at most normal sized company.
The Model 3 will in FACT be able to utilize the supercharger network though, something the others won’t be able to do. It’s really the same revolutionary thing that they have in common with the Model 3 – Lots of takers! If you want more power, you’re going to use a bigger electric motor or engine or both. Or will it be consigned to the dustbin of history, like so many other car models that failed to compete? The top tier may be what the Model S gets; unlimited use after paying a lifetime access fee*. The Model 3 can also be charged at Tesla’s destination charging stations, as well as anywhere else any EV can be charged. Look what the Model S60 is charging in half an hour and the Model 3 will have less battery, charge even slower. Outside of the home, BMW must rely on minimal access of slower, public chargers. In certain areas i3 buyers can get 2 years of free public fast charging. My sister has a Tesla S and the quality and design is better by far than every GM I’ve owned. There may be a very small market for this car, the majority would put their money in to an everyday BMW 3 series which will be cheaper to run, provide almost the same performance, drive better, will be better built and will be much, much easier to sell on.

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