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Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. It wasn't until I started working at the Houston Press a few weeks ago that I ever had an outlet to investigate the property.
Aaron DeRoy's widow donated the necessary funding for the construction of the wing to the Dossin Museum.
Maybe you've seen it and wondered what the hell it was doing just sitting there.At 6737 Southwest Freeway you'll find an abandoned car dealership. Hell, why not at least lease it rather than just let it sit there?Finding information about the lot, which consists of a few buildings and a lot of empty parking spaces, consisted of me raising my eyebrows out of intrigue and me raising my eyebrows out of confusion.It started easily enough. He was also aboard a Liberty Ship during the War so I guess he had a fondness for Henry Kaiser. Another car in the lot, where a security guard sat.At night, the lights turn on, illuminating the emptiness.

He told me he had worked a lot of different jobs since coming over from Nigeria, and his uniform told me that he worked for a third-party security agency. I figured he was misinformed.Finally, after my fifth call to a different KSA Industries, Inc.
I asked an fellow-B'ham friend of mine where the local KF dealer was, but he does not recall and neither do I.
KSA industries has a Houston address and 713 phone number, so I called."Thank you for calling the Tennessee Titans.
If you know your party's extension, please dial now," a polite computerized voice said.Confused, I did some more searching.
From there I got the direct line of the man in charge of 6737 Southwest Freeway, Blu Whipple. He's the assistant general counsel for the Titans.On my third call to him, I got ahold of Whipple.

I said I'd call back, and told him that the nature of my call was that I was curious about the abandoned car dealership. It was the first time I ever saw it from a perspective other than that of my car as it whizzed down the freeway.
Of the tiles that were there, their white outsides were peeling, giving way to a urine-yellow colored inside.

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