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Large-scale layoffs, empty office towers, falling house prices: Alberta has been gutted by the glut.
Late last year, Brandon MacKay listed his Kawasaki dirt bike for sale on Kijiji, the online classifieds site. MacKay had followed a well-worn path to prosperity for East Coasters: with limited job prospects at home, the engineering technologist flew to Alberta’s oil sands capital and found a job in mechanical sales. Now MacKay is faced with a reality that would have been inconceivable a year ago: he might have to leave Alberta to find a job. MacKay’s ordeal is just one example of the upheaval many Albertans, new and old, have suffered since oil prices began their long, hard crash. As this downturn has unfolded, the great oil rout of 2014-15 seemed, at least at first, to be following a similar pattern to other busts. Brandon MacKay works on this motorbike in his trailer turned into a make shift garage, in Fort McMurray Alberta, November 14, 2015. The rest of the country isn’t immune from those ominous grinding sounds coming from Canada’s longtime economic engine.
To be sure, the oil crash isn’t yet deep or dark enough to have actually lowered Alberta to the status of federal welfare case, qualifying for equalization payments. A semi truck is seen in the rearview mirror with Syncrude plant behind it in Fort McMurray Alberta, November 14, 2015. Hickey is all too aware his Employment Insurance runs out in April, which meant a lean Christmas and heightened anxiety for his girlfriend and him in 2016. Statistics Canada’s payroll survey shows Alberta shed 63,500 jobs over the year leading up to October.
Oil patch companies were already scaling back spending plans before oil’s most recent tumble in December. IMO, at that point most of the Vitara Brezza will get tweaked to accommodate that engine to adopt to the New Swift platform. Originally Posted by volkman10 Guess you are aware that Maruti Suzuki's 1.5 diesel will arrive in late 2017 or 2018. Originally Posted by Coolman the Brezza is a compact SUV and a sub-4-meter at that, has got smaller engines within the tax brackets and is slotted for launch from Maruti Suzuki (not Nexa).
Originally Posted by romeomidhun But if it need to move to the new platform, it will require not only a tweak in the engine bay, but to use an entirely new (light weight) platform as well!
Pricing and Engine details have been indicated by Maruti to top dealers and that is where the 7 - 11 Lakh figues are floating around. But Maruti has changed such indicative prices for S Cross and hence even the dealers are skeptical on the figures given by MS. Re: The Maruti Vitara Brezza Compact SUV What is with MSIL and lack of side and curtain airbags?
Maruti Suzuki, the Indian Automotive industry leader, has confirmed that its eagerly anticipated sub-4m crossover - the Vitara Brezza, will be officially unveiled tomorrow, i.e, 3rd of February 2016. Called up a few dealerships and seems the bookings will open only by feb 22nd, added to it they are clueless!
Originally Posted by bhansali_hardik Called up a few dealerships and seems the bookings will open only by feb 22nd, added to it they are clueless! Toyota of keene, nh is a toyota dealer serving keene, swanzey, peterborough, lebanon, concord, nashua and manchester nh areas.
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Volvo keene greater keene, hampshire volvo dealer specializing volvo sales, service, parts.. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. I ventured further west and settled in San Luis Obispo, CA where I have lived and worked ever since. My work has included Hospice, women's self defense, Rape Crisis, counseling struggling teens, Teaching, Radio Broadcasting, Event Planning, and Writing. We have been living in the beautiful Berkshires for the last 15 years, where I have been a homeschooling mom, Girl Scout Leader, gardener, and avid craftsperson.

I have been living in Randolph,Ma for 28 years and have been Married to Dianne (Muise) Scafidi for 37 years. I am a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty and Dianne is a first grade teacher in Randolph. I worked in a rotten,stinking,dirty machine shop for over 20 years and now love being a Realtor. In the spring of 1976 I packed up my VW bug, drove cross-county, settled in Portland, Oregon, and have lived here ever since. Soon after arriving, I started working at Providence Hospital and still work there three days a week in Laboratory Client Services. I've enjoyed traveling in Italy, England, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan, as well as studying Middle East culture, history and literature, and the Persian language.
In Portland I earned a BFA in painting from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and have a metal smith and jewelry studio in our basement. I worked at a local bank, car dealerships, a Big Eight accounting firm and insurance sales, eventually opening my real estate company in Allston. After the birth of our first child, I closed the real estate agency and began working for my husband in his law firm as his paralegal, where I work today. On a more personal note, I finally learned how to "properly" ride a horse, without ending up in the emergency room with a broken whatever! My son now plays for the New York Islanders full time and he bought the new house, that I built, right next to me. 1 house, 3 cats, 2 fabulous kids, Jesse 25, BS Forensics, Univ New Haven-MS Bio, Tufts Univ. After Graduating from WHS, I received my Associates Degree In Radiology Technology from Middlesex Community College, and one of my first jobs was at Fernald State School and Kennedy Schriver Center, who Knew I would get a job in Waltham???? When I first left WHS, I was with Ann Lillis and some other girls following her older brother Steve to a party with all these guys from WHS 1969, and fell in love!!!
I am hoping to retire soon and go off in my travel trailer to spend time in CA and Cape Cod.
Hello All - Been living in Waltham with my wife, Yolande of 36 years, 2 great boys and now a beautiful grandson!
It was the only treat the 25-year-old had given himself in three years living in Fort McMurray. It’s affected everyone from steel-toed rig hands to French-cuffed executives, with layoffs hitting Calgary and Fort Mac, not to mention the many small towns across Alberta that rely heavily on the energy sector. Some big oil sands projects get delayed, rig and well activity shrivels and Employment Insurance rolls spike, leading to knock-on effects: Calgary towers thin out, the real estate market softens, and cuts spread to everything from shops to restaurants.
This feels more like the awful 1980s, with no swift recovery to come—not in a world glutted by oil, as Saudi Arabia battles to squeeze out higher-cost producers like Russia and the United States.
Analysts predict budgets will get slashed further, and that more energy firms may have to cut staff, having already laid off thousands.
Canadian GDP dipped into recession territory in the first half of 2015 on the oil shock, and though the country managed a rebound in the third quarter, Alberta’s troubles—as well as slumps in other oil-rich provinces like Saskatchewan and Newfoundland—have left a gaping wound. In Alberta’s southeast, Medicine Hat drew international acclaim in the spring of 2015 after it became the first city in Canada to eliminate homelessness, having pursued an ambitious five-year agenda to put people into subsidized housing within 10 days of them landing in emergency shelters. Most noticeable is Alberta’s eroding status as the Promised Land for so many Canadians from other parts of the country. With the province’s EI rolls double what they were a year ago, and legions getting by on severance packages, many unemployed Albertans will hit that wall this year. That doesn’t account for lost potential—the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers estimates 40,000 jobs that were expected to be created never materialized. Scotiabank commodity specialist Patricia Mohr, who adopted a “lower-for-longer” outlook several months ago, recently slashed her already gloomy forecasts by US$5 a barrel. In this case, will they launch the revised Brezza as well once the new Swift is launched, just like the DZire? This important revelation will take place at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, at the opening day of the 13th Delhi Auto Expo.
We have a son Craig who is 30 and a daughter Stepphanie who is 28 and a 12 year old granddaughter named Rebecca. I've survived gut-rehabs, bad contractors, crazy sales associates, condo conversions and lawsuits and lived to tell the tale. We are a litigating firm and also handle really tough evictions, like the infamous "Cat Lady" of Boston, later of Watertown MA. I am still in love with the boy I met at this party in Woburn, Ma, again, who knew, a guy from Waltham??? My earlier career was in Human Services involved in Elder Care and Family Self-Sufficiency Programs.

Yet past plunges were reliably followed by a bungee-like snap back in growth, as oil prices regained their upward momentum. Before Christmas 2014, as prices thudded from above US$100 per barrel to below US$60 for the first time since the Great Recession, oilpatch observers wondered how soon US$80 oil would return. Ongoing oil sands construction projects will continue to wind down with little to replace them, hitting both the residential and commercial real estate sectors hard. The energy sector had long driven Canada’s trade surplus, papering over weakness elsewhere while soaking up large numbers of unemployed and underemployed people from regions like the Maritimes and hard-hit southwestern Ontario. After so much progress, Medicine Hat’s Salvation Army shelter is back to averaging 17 clients a night, up about one-third since 2014—too many to promptly find them all affordable housing. Over the last decade, net interprovincial migration by 18- to 44-year-olds, the key working demographic, swelled Alberta’s population by 200,000, according to a report by a rather envious Business Council of British Columbia. They acknowledged the business was showing signs of slowing, but said they didn’t foresee having to make changes.
When New Brunswick-based Irving Shipbuilding held a job fair in Fort McMurray to lure workers back to a government project at its Halifax shipyards, Hickey applied, but never heard back. All told, as a result of job losses and pay cuts, the energy sector now puts $100 million less into Albertans’ pockets every week compared to before the oil crash, according to job and wage numbers crunched by Todd Hirsch, chief economist for ATB Financial. She now warns the price for West Texas Intermediate crude could potentially drop to US$30 a barrel early in 2016, stay below US$45 a barrel for most of the year, and return to $50 by the fourth quarter.
Based on the Baleno and S-Cross price list posted in the earlier page, an 80k premium over Baleno (Sigma variant) would bring Brezza to 7L starting price and bang in the middle of Baleno and S-Cross entry-level variants. So married for 36 years, a 30 year old daughter, a 22 year old son, and we are still happily married! But in crafting the ad for the bike—$4,400 or best offer—MacKay did what any sales agent would advise against: he revealed his desperation to sell. One day, while he was setting up for a client visit, his branch manager summoned MacKay for what he thought would be a meeting about sales projections for 2016.
For instance, in nearly one-sixth of all the office space in downtown Calgary, the fluorescent lights now shine on empty cubicles, and it’s forecast to get worse. Many economists predict a gradual rebound, but nothing head and shoulders above national growth rates, as had been typical for Alberta.
Local demand for donated clothing and household items also rose by more than a quarter over the last year, says manager Murray Jaster. For out-of-province energy workers, that also means less money being sent back to families at home.
I think RavenAvi is spot-on with his pricing information - at least the starting price, if not the price of the top-end variant. My family travels in the back and this is one of the key safety features that MSIL keeps omitting over and over again.
I mean in the last 3-4 months, 2 airbags have become standard in few cars and optional in some cars too. I have been working in the Weighing and Measurement industry since about a year after high school. Reports of the symptoms pop up almost daily: more insolvencies, more business for moving trucks and repo crews, even a noticeable uptick in suicides. While 1,200 more Canadians still moved to the province than left it during the third quarter of 2015, that was the smallest gain since 2010—when the province was recovering from the 2009 oil price collapse—and less than half the average of the last 50 years. As more of them return to their provinces of origin, that could contribute to higher unemployment rates and strains on social services there. So I think Brezza being sold through Maruti or Nexa doesn't really make a difference as far as its pricing is concerned.
David Strait is one of those friends since high school, we enjoy watching Dave and Linda's son Brian, as he plays defense for the Pittsburg Penguins. The Calgary Stampede itself has been forced to lay off staff, as its offseason event bookings dried up. When he’s out along the Trans-Canada Highway that dissects Medicine Hat, Jaster has noticed more hitchhikers than he’s seen in years—people looking to take the long road home, or perhaps to wherever in Canada the jobs may be. In November, the Alberta unemployment rate came within one-tenth of a percentage point of the national average, the closest it’s been since 1989. I travel quite a bit from my home office in Waltham, while my real office and sales team resides in southern California.
Those trend lines are expected to cross over next year, making it more clear to Canadian job-seekers that the Alberta dream is in decline.

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