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Your privacy is important to us.BMW of Asheville takes your privacy seriously and does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent. NOTE: This post is in relations to what had happened with me ( founder of Thousand Thoughts ) and I thought of sharing this here just to spread a word because if this can happen with me, it can happen to you as well ( I hope you don't have to suffer with such incident. These huge companies do not bother to provide post sale services, once there product is sold, they think their responsibility is over, and we the customers have to suffer. Subject: All New Renault Duster being badly damaged on first service and now they are denying to replace my brand new vehicle. This is to bring your attention to this incident that happened with me on the 23rd Oct 2015, my newly bought #Duster being badly damaged while it was on servicing ( it was the very first service ) at the above mentioned address. Do you really think this is worth accepting, Renault asking for apologies will set off the losses I had incurred because of this, both financially and mentally?
I've explained my points well enough and asking for a replacement, which is not at all a big deal for Renault. See, I am a consumer and I don't have millions to spend on a new car again and again, this time it's #renault next time it could be some other brand, so don't you think that I should not compromise on these terms? If this does not work, then pm me and I'll share an email ID which worked for me but I can't share it in public domain. View My Garage re: Renault dealer (Nirmal Cars, Jaipur) crashes a month old Duster That seems to be a pretty bad damage with the airbags being deployed , must've been a bad front collision.
Accidental cars have less resale value, so even if they repair the car at their cost, you will stand to lose our during resale, so they need to compensate you for that as well if they're not willing to replace the car.

Please don't waste any more time on niceties - initiate the process by sending a Legal Notice to the Head of Renault India, by name - copied to all Auto magazines and the social media!
View My Garage Re: Renault dealer (Nirmal Cars, Jaipur) crashes a month old Duster The 1st service at the one month mark is little more than a basic checkup. Re: Renault dealer (Nirmal Cars, Jaipur) crashes a month old Duster Much as I'd like to join the chorus, the fact is that dealers cannot replace every vehicle that has an accident.
Of course all this is assuming there is no structuring damage to the chassis or crumple zones that will impact the overall safety and reliability of the vehicle. Re: Renault dealer (Nirmal Cars, Jaipur) crashes a month old Duster Sorry, all I see is a mis-aligned bumper + scuff plate + the additional bullbar(?). While I feel they should replace the car (no doubt, its just one month old), I am not sure I can call this a serious crash or something.
Also if the owner shifts to a different city tomorrow, the damage will be discovered by another dealer. My suggestion if you get it repaired, get it done on the record and a letter from the dealer mentioning the incident. Also in all probabilities, the vehicle was maybe given for a test drive to a potential customer. View My Garage Re: Renault dealer (Nirmal Cars, Jaipur) crashes a month old Duster It doesn't really matter if the car is a month old or 5-10 years old.
Originally Posted by swiftnfurious Sorry, all I see is a mis-aligned bumper + scuff plate + the additional bullbar(?). The vehicle was so badly hit that even the airbags are out and the bumper got damaged, there may be other damages as this seems to be a severe accident but on my conversation with the dealer's staff they only tried to convince me that it was a minor accident that took place because of a MISTAKE ON PART OF their WELL TRAINED staff.
The problem is that I have bought my vehicle a month back and spent rupee 12Lakhs approx, and it's understood what it takes to buy one for this much amount, that too when the buyer is a 24 year old guy spending out of his pocket. I doubt whether #Renault India is even aware of what their customer suffer from and treated like by the dealers?
I COULD NOT AFFORD TO TAKE AN ACCIDENTAL VEHICLE as my vehicle was merely a month old, and the mistake was on part of #renault so they should and they must bear.

I guess this could have been handled at the dealer level itself as clearly its a dealer's fault.
Even if Renault says they wont add it to the car's service records, that is fraudulent because as a used car buyer I would like to know what the car has been through and if I do my due diligence and even the company lies to me, I find that absolutely pathetic attitude.
Honestly, there was no need for service personnel to even take a test-drive of the vehicle. Since it is not on the records he will lose is entire warranty because it would be said that he has had it repaired from somewhere other than an authorized one. From Last 2 weeks I am travelling on Taxi and I don’t have other car , who will pay the business loss to me, is this the after sale service they praise about?
The dealer offered me to get my vehicle repaired, with no compensation for the damage done to the vehicle and to my own business routine. Heck, even if this was done on an aged vehicle (not that we should pray for this), Renault has to bear the consequences and replace.
However, this case could have been handled much better with the dealer offering to repair it to the same levels as a new car, and offer an extended warranty of 3 years.
Moreover, an accidentally repaired vehicle will be an accidentally repaired vehicle, no matter they don't show this in records. I am surprised at the lackluster attitude of Renault and the escalation level reaching forum levels.
In case there is any issues noticed in the vehicle as a result of the accident, then it should be replaced. Which clearly shows the frustration and helplessness of the car owner, induced by Renault's post operative mechanism (s). Additionally, a token compensation should be extended to the consumer to make amends for the inconvenience caused.

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