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Auto-industry analysts have been saying for years that the average age of all cars on the road is hovering at or over 10 years, each year expecting the dam to break and a good percentage of those motorists to trade up for something newer. It never seems to happen, but Sarat, president of Sarat Ford Lincoln in Agawam, says there are some indications that people are tiring of squeezing another year or two out of the old beater. What didn’t help, Sarat said, was a remarkably cold winter that suppressed sales industry-wide.
For Damon Cartelli, president of the Fathers & Sons dealerships in West Springfield and Greenfield, the winter was just a bump along what has been a positive road over the past few years. Damon Cartelli says luxury carmakers like Audi are starting to offer vehicles at lower price ranges — although not necessarily this $180,000 model — to build brand loyalty with younger consumers.“Business has been really good after we got through January and February, after the cold,” he said. Despite the cold start to 2014, Sarat said the first half of the year saw sales about even with a strong 2013.
Sales should be helped by Ford’s annual Summer Sales Event, which offers 0.9% financing on many vehicles. Rising consumer confidence is helping to move some of the larger vehicles as well, Sarat said.
The Fathers & Sons family of dealerships runs the gamut from its Kia store to its higher-end Porsche, Volvo, Audi, and Volkswagen showroom, and across the board, Cartelli said, sales have been brisk.

Despite a greater willingness to spend, however, buyers are still on the lookout for fuel efficiency. However, Sarat said people are becoming used to high gas prices, figuring that’s the new norm.
Jim Motavalli, who blogs about cars for the New York Times, sees the industry entering an age when budget cars won’t have to be spartan. And while driverless cars are still the stuff of science fiction — you can’t sit in the back seat and play with your phone, Motavalli notes — autonomous vehicles will dominate by 2040.
While automakers work to develop this next generation of high-tech vehicles, Plache notes that the used-car market will soon see a surge in off-lease vehicles and older trade-ins, which is good for budget-conscious buyers. The quest for bang-for-the-buck also means buyers will be increasingly drawn to leasing, she adds. Meanwhile, luxury automakers are reaching out to consumers with lower-priced models, like Audi’s A3, priced around $30,000. The idea, he said, is to develop brand loyalty with consumers earlier in their lives, so they eventually move up to the A5 or A6. Other luxury names are doing the same thing, including the Mercedes CLA class, a Porsche crossover SUV, and a Maserati mid-size sedan.

The celebration began in the respective dealership showrooms before TV stars Padma Lakshmi and Louise Roe among other VIP guests traveled to the transformed rooftop for an exclusive performance by Grammy award-winning group The Roots. At the same time, Plache writes, value brands like Hyundai and Kia are continuing to push the upper price envelope with high-end sedans.
This month’s shaping up that way, and I think the second half of the year will be a lot better.
Everyone is trying to figure out how to make cars as nimble as possible while keeping the fuel efficiency high,” Cartelli noted, adding that European manufacturers have also been investing in lighter but stronger metals that boost both performance and fuel economy. That means great deals on entry-level cars such as the 2014 Chevrolet Spark or Ford Fiesta,” he writes.

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