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A pursuit suspect is in critical condition after being ejected from a stolen Tesla in West Hollywood on Friday, police said.
One of the cars had fireworks in it and they were going off all over the place, you can see some in the video. A short clip recorded right before the longer 20-minute clip I posted of the crash scene in West Hollywood involving a stolen Tesla after a high-speed pursuit in the wee hours of July 4, 2014. We’ll continue to follow this story in hope that we are eventually able to provide you with all of the details.
It is sad when so many innocent people were injured when a car thief decided to steal a car and go on a high speed chase; regardless of the type of car.
Despite the horrific accident and being ejected from the car; I do wish that the person responsible a quick full recovery so he can face the consequences of his actions.
Good can still come out of this- Decades from now; if everyone has recovered, perhaps the car thief as part of his sentence could give talks to high schoolers about the importance of wearing a seatbelt and implications for speeding and car theft.

Going through a windshield, being revived, and having part of the car wedged in between two buildings along with the video make powerful visual examples.
The windshield is still intact, so the unbelted thief was ejected from the shattered panoramic sunroof or gaping hole behind the drivers seat. Have him give talks about his jail sentence, his physical therapy and his experience after. There was one guy who was a drug dealer, paralized now from a drug bust at age 25, in a wheel chair, so now he goes around and gives talks to dissuade people from doing drugs- even made a HBO movie about it in the 90’s I think.
Yeah, being forced to give talks to kids as a condition of his probation will really make his sob story seem to come from the goodness of his heart and his desire to make the world a better place.
It was a little confusing in the early reporting as first on the scene reports is that the driver was deceased.
Yes, I think they were superheated batteries venting and going airborn from the jet exhaust.

I was just wondering, if the Tesla had a gas tank and the back end of the car had launched into the building the same way, wouldn’t the building be at risk of fire because of the gas tank catching on fire? So if this was a gas car, the building would have caught on fire because the gas tank under the back seats would have burst into flames. Police said the driver was travelling in excess of 100 mph down La Brea when it hit other vehicles, including a Honda with several people inside.
Tesla rear ends a Toyota and the Toyota bursts into flames and unfortunately 3 die in the Toyota. Witnesses said the Tesla’s batteries burst into flames and began sparking like fireworks.

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