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The EMI values are based non-commercial usage and are completely subject to authorization from your actual Lending Institution. The pop-up shop has been organised by the group’s retailers in the Manchester area and will be open to visitors until October 11. No one bothered to even look at the other cars inside the showroom like the Pulse & Scala. People were asking if there is any difference when booking via the mobile app versus booking at the showroom, etc. Originally Posted by Rajeevraj [*] ( personally would never think off booking a car let alone one from a fringe player like Renault without a detailed look and test drive. Originally Posted by NPV Rajeev, we probably missed each other by a couple of hours at most, I was at the same dealership around 1:30pm today, just couldn't resist going there to see the Kwid in flesh. Awesome car made by Renault certainly looking forward to do a test drive and have a final verdict on whether to buy it or no. Originally Posted by Motard_Blr The brake disc is an engineered part, meaning that the its design has followed an approved process and undergone design approval testing. It is not the engineering logic that has a flaw, it is the requirement of the market and how OEMs nicely lowering the requirements compared to EU & US. Originally Posted by Motard_Blr Design optimisation means designing a part to fulfill the design requirements including a factor of safety, but not excessively so. Was told by the sales folk at the dealership that test drives will be available from 14 Oct onwards.
I then overheard him telling a small group that they already have wasted precious time thinking but not acting. The drivers of these vehicles were gunning their engines as soon as they exited the toll plaza and I think they were racing each other.
Use our simple EMI calculator to see how much EMI you will need to pay to get your dream car.

The final down payment, EMI values, booking amounts, accessories costs are depend upon the car you choose, local bank criteria and your credit history.
Although every effort has been made to ensure that such information is correct and up to date, no warranty is provided that all such information is reliable, complete, accurate or without error.
So decided to stop there and see what I could find about the Kwid (Trident Renault-KR Puram-Bangalore). Of course our speeds are not high compared to them, but we do have open highways, 100kmph to 120kmph is becoming normal.
For example, if a force is expected to be about 100 kg maximum and a factor of safety of 2, then the part will be designed to withstand a force of 100 x 2 = 200 kg. When inquired at reception, the lady told that she knows nothing about Kwid, but can take booking as that is the thing visitors normally come for. However, if they still book now, delivery can be arranged by February (assuming he meant 2016). They allow you to remove all the clutter of shoes from the floor and hide them away in a nice looking cabinet.
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This figure does not take in to account processing, handling or other additional fees which may be levied by your financial institution. If a part is designed to withstand 300 kg instead, it will needlessly cost more and weigh more. Also said that customer is free to buy their own insurance, but claimed that theirs is the best on offer. Therefore, we do not accept liability for damages of any kind resulting from the access or use of this site and its contents.Features and accessories shown may not be part of standard equipment.
Sadly they are yet to get a demo car or even brochures to share with prospective customers.

When asked about test drive, he simply lost interest and asked me to come during middle of Oct. My argument is more in general, Indian OEMs (including foreign origin manufacturers) taken India for granted.
In the absence of industry wide accepted specification, each OEM is free to do whatever specification they have to adhere to. Meanwhile, Maruti guys are badgering relentlessly for K10, Alto 800, Celerio and are persistently talking about how bad Renault's resale value is. Otherwise, the market will get monopolistic and we will see more and more ridiculously cars coming from this duo's stables. I have dropped into the showroom for several of the recent launches ( creta, jazz,Aspire ) and although there have been good crowds, have not seen a buzz similar to what I saw for the kwid. But, at the least, mandatory safety norms can be strictly enforced by the Govt so that "cheap" way of cost cutting in place of playing with Human lives can be avoided? Picked on top Indian buyer weaknesses- mini SUV looks, mileage, attractive price and fancy features (SA's kept repeating that the AVN system comes from the Duster).
Kept up the pace with the marketing blast and from what I experienced, they seemed to have trained the dealers well. Was able to comfortably sit in the back after adjusting for my driving position (I am 5'11). Maybe we should sell the i20 and get this (Of course said half in jest)- A couple looking at the boot space.

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