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We are writing you today to let you know that starting in March, we will now charge a small listing fee for each car posted by a dealer on Kijiji. This is the newest fee they have in their website, but most of the people don’t understand what this is all about.
It takes less time to re post your add on the first page by simply copy pasting it, than filling up all your credit card information and spending 2 bucks. The top add used to work fine in the past when there were only 5-20 top adds posts, but because of the high number of posts on the top adds section, you get to pay the money and still see your add on the  5th-6th, sometimes even 10th page. Link your website 4,99$, and  highlight your add (these are two other free services that Kijiji offers, that I am willing to write about some other times). On the other hand, good news come from, a classic and popular automarket website in North America. I love kijiji but honestly they have to many fees, the site was so clean and easy to navigate before but now is kinda mess. I represent a classifieds site in central Florida that offers mostly free listings, and I’m curious about the responses here. What do the auto dealers here think is reasonable price per vehicle if the ad is effective, easy to manage, and not overwhelmed by scammers?
Ill never spend a dime to them, it is ridiculous 12$ for a add that in 30 min goes in page 30.
Today Chevrolet announced that the automaker’s new Low Cab Forward trucks have begun shipping to Chevy dealers across the country.
Among its selling points, the Chevrolet Low Cab Forward features a maneuverable Cab Over design for greater visibility, as well as a tight turning radius to make hauling easier in crowded, urban environments. Gasoline engine trucks will carry a starting MSRP of $40,900, and diesel variants will begin at $48,375 (including a $1,125 destination charge but excluding tax, title, license, and dealer fees). GM has re-confirmed this week that only a few months are left before the first deliveries of the company’s Chevrolet Bolt EV get underway to dealerships in the 4th quarter.
With an estimated range of over 200 miles (320 km) under EPA tests, the Bolt EV will be priced at around $30,000 after $7,500 federal tax credit. Indeed, and for once this isn’t your typical automaker hyperbole, an affordable 200-mile electric car is truly a product not yet available anywhere in the global market yet, should lead the next generation of plug-ins sales to the next level.
The Chevrolet Bolt EV will be produced in Orion Assembly Plant in Orion Township and to be available in all 50 states (although not initially).
The Gm spokesman makes statements to the effect that GM plans to make 25,000 Bolt, maybe, and that there will be another agonizing state by state roll-out and the fact that the GM spokesman just flat out says that the car is not expected to be a best seller. Very smart would be making a compelling enough $37,500 vehicle that it sells 400k global units per year.
But altho I’d love to see them try, I do understand why GM is being cautious about making its first BEV in large quantities, because the Volt was over-produced in its first few model years, so GM had to idle Volt production for a few additional weeks each summer during those years. And until GM does that, we’ll know they are not serious about producing long-range PEVs in large numbers. With the vast majority of car buyers unable to afford a Tesla luxury car, the transportation sector will never turn over and electric cars will never prevail over the less expensive ICE. Unfortunately, owning a Tesla out of warranty is not for the faint of heart and not for those with shallow pockets.

Any proof to support that statement (which absolutely reeks of utter BS since most, if not all, Teslas are probably still under warranty at this point)?
And no, anecdotal tales of in-warranty repairs do not count, the same way they wouldn’t count with any other car-maker you conveniently fail to judge as harshly as Tesla. Anyone concerned about the environment shoudl be concerned about throwaway cars, which is what Tesla is currently building.
You can lease for three years, have the Federal Tax Credit deducted from the lease payments, and then, if you like the car, you can buy it. And utilizing an aftermarket battery pack (if one was even available) would be a huge risk, because Tesla will likely not work on a car with a non-Tesla pack.
With Tesla, we don’t know yet but I HIGHLY suspect they will not touch the car if they think anyone but their reps have been into the software, the wiring harness, the computers, or the batteries.
It will be interesting to see beyond 2020 how Tesla handles pack replacements, or even how many pack replacements are necessary. But some of your other comments lead me to believe you perceive Tesla as being very uncaring about its customers and its long term reputation. The Bolt will be eligible for $7,500 federal tax credit and when that credit runs out GM will probably lower the price of the Bolt dramatically like the auto manufacturers did when the hybrid credits ran out.
Elon has done a great job of keeping Tesla Motors growing and keeping it in the media spotlight.
I certainly do agree with Elon that Tesla’s next focus should be on expanding the line.
I agree ,Priced even higher than the Model 3, But, that Bolt is N0 Model 3 Competitor , Not even Close…To be sure!
What, a Sonic based, no power seat, no sunroof, no ACC and no garage door opener won’t be a best seller?
Gee, my new Volt has no power seat, no sunroof, no ACC and no garage door opener, and I haven’t missed or even thought about a one. GM might be confident they will ship, but as for Ontario, Canada, they have not yet submitted documents and had them approved for the rebate program here!
Once it is on Ontario’s approved Rebate List, they will be a potential reasonable seller here, as I expect they will be good for over $10,000 in rebates, maybe as much as $13,000! I have actually spoken to GM about this (in regards to the Ontario rebate), and have some good and bad news. In Ontario, the rough calculation on EVs is now pretty easy with the new program, as most leases have a residual around 35-40%. But this we know: LG Chem makes contracts for delivery of industrial quantities of batteries two years in advance. LG Chem has a growing list of customers for its new, lower-priced li-ion batteries; customers who will have to compete with the finite number LG can make. We decided to charge this per car fee to reduce the amount of low quality cars listed on Kijiji, and to allow us to invest in further improvements for both car dealers and car buyers. They have already reduced their prices up to 50%, from march 2010 for all car dealers in Canada.
I used Kijiji for staff’s selection of my company, I really amazed by the bad results.

I am not an expert on this matter, but after studying your article, my understanding has improved substantially. I’m using other sites like Aderk to post & browse anything I have for sale now!! The new Low Cab Forward series marks the bowtie brand’s return to the medium duty market, expanding its truck portfolio to now include midsize, light duty, and heavy duty pickups.
You have to remember that this is a sub-compact selling at nearly $40K base price (prior to incentives). This is true even if the owner has no intention of driving in public streets or registering it for on-road use.
Now, the other high-end carmakers are no better, but they have a lot less pretensions about saving the planet. By the time the Model 3 goes into production Tesla will have exhausted it’s federal tax credits and is not likely to lower the price after the credits run out. Keep in mind that the Volt uses up their tax credit quota, so GM had already used a considerable amount.
But it is true that the price of the Bolt will probably drop after the tax credits run out whereas the price of the Model 3 probably won’t. But he’s talking about leaving the company once the ramp up of Model ? production is finished, in perhaps 4-5 years.
The Model ? is still too expensive for that, altho it’s certainly a big leap in that direction. But I won’t be sorry to see him go in just a few years, if he sticks to this idea that the Model ? will be the cheapest car Tesla ever makes.
Making a $25k, or cheaper (in 2016 dollars), car will have to wait until batteries are a lot cheaper than they are now.
However, we don’t yet know how much they will soak us in Canada for MSRP for the Bolt EV! They should have taken pre orders like tesla (still can but through their infamous anti tesla dealer network) and have every car that comes off the line in 2016 sold before it leaves GM. However much GM has contracted for, they won’t be able to go back to LG and simply tell them to deliver more this year, or next year either. You will be able to pay this listing fee by credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or PayPal when you list a car for sale. But the worst part is the large number of emails and phone calls you get from curbsiders, tire kickers and Nigerian Scammers from all over the world, asking you to sell your car up to 80% less.
And people buying second hand EVs are electrifying transport as much as people buying new EVs.

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