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According to Chrysler, the diesel-powered RAM 1500 will arrive at dealers during the third quarter of this year. The RAM will share its new diesel engine with the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is also adding diesel power for the new model year.

While the RAM 1500 will become the first light-duty truck to offer diesel power, most brands offer diesel in their heavy-duty pickups. Chrysler recently confirmed a diesel variant would join the pickup’s lineup this summer.
That means, by the end of the summer, pickup buyers will finally be able to drive a light-duty diesel pickup. Chrysler hasn’t announced further details on the engine, such as power or torque figures. That’s because diesel is generally preferred for buyers looking to tow or haul large loads.

But the automaker says it will be mated to the same 8-speed automatic that powers today’s RAM 1500 pickup.

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