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The Volvo XC90 has gained yet another award as it is voted Car Dealer Power Car of the Year by both Volvo and non-Volvo dealers across the UK. That Volvo achieved a car in the XC90 that is arguably even more appealing than the original, fitted it with little 2.0 litre engines which have no place in anything other than a family runaround, created an interior which looked sparse but is the match of anything on the road, and made it a pleasure to drive and to own, is simply remarkable. We are absolutely thrilled that the XC90 has been recognised by dealers in the UK as their Car of the Year in the Car Dealer Power survey – it’s a testament to the car to have won such a respected industry award. To be voted for by both independent and franchise dealers alike demonstrates the huge popularity the XC90 has brought Volvo since its introduction to dealers in June last year.

The 2016 HR-V crossover is an all-new Honda vehicle that fills the space and utility that is missing between the Honda Fit ($15,650) and the Honda CRV ($23,445).
The SUV market is growing, and many car companies are bringing out compact SUVs that provide functionality, flexibility and value for the money.
The Honda HR-V is designed to relate to daily life and the wants and desires of a regular family that goes to work every weekday and plays with their family on the weekend. Fuel efficiency and safety are leaders in this segment but so are flexibility, functionality, and performance.

Secondary cross-shopping includes Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade, GMC Granite, Scion xB and Hyundai.
Some of these competitors might not seem in the same category, but the functionality of the HR-V lends itself to a minivan's practicality with refined performance.

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