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Falling in love with a car at first sight is illogical, ridiculous and, if you drive cars for a living, unprofessional.But sometimes it can't be helped.
It may surprise you to hear that Dodge already has a presence in Australia, and if it does you really must visit their website, because it's a laugh to hit the tab listing the available models and find just one, the Journey.It seems initially mystifying that the company has chosen this fairly dull SUV as its only offering, instead of the Challenger, but the logic is actually admirably simple. We have listed information like Showroom Address, Phone Number, Customer Email id, Working Timings & Showroom Location. And if it can sell them at anything under $40,000, even with a slightly unexciting V6, they will sell like crazy.The ability to inspire love at first sight is a powerful marketing tool for a car.Would the new Challenger be your ideal muscle car?

Almost.Part of the magic is what designers call its greenhouse, which basically describes the glass area of the car. The Challenger's is tiny, and kinked at the rear, which looks great, but makes the visibility from inside the car a challenge, particularly with the big fat A-pillars and small, sloping windscreen. The first physical contact with the car is best described as the opposite of that quality feel and heft you get from European marques.The Challenger feels a bit thin, and plasticky around the edges. It sounds like KITT from Knight Rider talking smack, and fits in with a certain negative reputation that American motorists have for being obsessed with getting off the lights quickly, and not much bothered about corners.

The SXT is willing enough, and smooth in its power delivery, but planting the foot produces a great rushing of noise (it sounds like they've borrowed the exhaust note from the soundtrack of Grease, during the drag-race scene) and not much else.
Modern American cars are far closer to world class, or at least world-recognised standards, than they've ever been.

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