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Autotrader is a beautiful and responsive WordPress theme that is perfect for those WP owners looking to create an online automotive blog or motor magazine.
Right off the bat, you’re going to love the simplicity associated with this theme’s navigation. Perhaps one of the most attractive features associated with this theme is the way that users can go about searching for their favorite vehicles. This WP theme comes with all of the features that users will know, love, and expect from an automotive WordPress theme. This is another beautiful, fully functional, and budget-friendly automotive theme that’s perfect for anything automotive related. With this theme, just like the others on this page, you won’t need to know any coding in order to make it responsive. If you’re building a car dealer or vehicle listings website, then the WordPress themes in this collection can help you do so quickly and easily. Other popular features found in these car dealer WordPress themes include advanced search tools, easy importing of car listings, VIN decoder tools for quick listings creation, ecommerce support for the creation of multiple payment plans for accepting listing submissions, and plenty of customization options to ensure your website looks the way that you want. Autotrader is a stunning, responsive auto WordPress theme excellent for an online vehicle marketplace or an auto motor magazine or blog.
This great looking app theme from ThemeFuse has everything you need to list and catalogue vehicles using WordPress. As well as making it easy to capture the data about the vehicles, such as engine size, mileage, pricing and much more, that data is all presented in an attractive manner to visitors on the frontend of the site.
AutoTrader also includes a wealth of page elements, such as tables, buttons, tabs, and image galleries, that can be inserted into posts and pages using shortcodes. If you want a great looking car dealer theme, or just want a powerful way to list the details about a range of vehicles of all different types, you can’t go wrong with AutoTrader from ThemeFuse.
The Automotive WordPress theme from Gorilla Themes allows you to build a premium online car dealership. Some of these handy features include the ability to batch import the vehicle listings via a CSV for XML file.
Another impressive feature is the ability to simply enter a vehicle’s VIN number, and then let the theme populate the rest of the details about the vehicle. Once this theme is installed, visitors to the site can submit the details of their vehicles on the site, allowing you to create a self-service online multi-vendor automotive marketplace, should you wish.
If you want a feature-rich theme that allows you to import vehicle data and create full listings from just the VIN then Automotive is for you.
Automotive is an aesthetically appealing theme that includes all the features you need to manage a car dealership online.
The design of this theme has been carefully devised to appeal to those working in the automotive industry, as well as those in the market for a new motor vehicle. The search tools make it very easy for visitors to find the vehicles they are looking for, while filtering out those that don’t match their criteria. If a potential customer does find a model that interests them, the theme includes six customized contact forms. With 32 editable Photoshop files included in the package and a number of layout options, creating a personalized car dealership website with WordPress and the Automotive theme isn’t a problem. Motors will help you get your car dealership website or online directory up and running as easily as possible. No matter which Motors mode you choose, you can quickly and easily import the demo content into your WordPress website. Depending on which mode you choose, you can add a vehicle comparison tool to your website, an interactive finance calculator, and the ability to collect payments for services and products online. Motors and its three prebuilt modes make this a highly versatile theme for anyone in the automotive industry who needs a professional website.
AutoDealer features a one-click set up and importer tool that will ensure you can have your new car dealer website online in no time at all. The automatic installer plugin that is included with this theme gives you the choice of which elements you import into your website. As the AutoDealer theme includes support for the free WooCommerce plugin, if you do want to sell cars directly from your website, and collect full or part payment for them, doing so is straightforward.
Alternatively, if you wish to charge your visitors for listing their cars for sale on your website, the WooCommerce plugin makes that simple to implement too.
Another nice feature of this theme is that your visitors can add items to their favourites list.
AUTOMAX includes all the features you would expect, and some you might not, from a WordPress theme that has been created to help you build a fully functioning auto dealership website to list and sell cars online. Out of the box, AUTOMAX from GorillaThemes, comes with all the premium features often found in the best WordPress themes. Another impressive feature of AUTOMAX that is worth highlighting is the PayPal Pay Per Listings module.
With multiple image galleries and YouTube and Vimeo integration your auto listings will really catch the imagination of your visitors when using the AUTOMAX WordPress theme. Auto Dealer features a clean and responsive retina-ready design to ensure your car dealer website looks great and is displayed correctly on a range of screen sizes and platforms. The homepage can contain a number of widgets and elements including a detailed search form, a featured vehicle slider, and the latest reviews published on the site.
The Auto Dealer vehicle listings theme also includes a visual page builder for creating the powerful and individual custom layouts a site of this type needs. Auto Dealer is a modern theme that will appeal to those who want to build a clean looking site that is optimised for a number of screen sizes and devices. FrogsThemes has created a number of popular and feature-rich app themes and Autos Pro is no exception.
Once this theme is installed, your new WordPress site will now be fully responsive for use on multiple screen sizes, as well as being packed with features for showcasing motor vehicles. Alternatively visitors to the site can use the powerful search functionality to find any listings that meet their criteria. With the Autos Pro theme you can build an online dealer website that is easy to navigate and browse, making a visit to the site a user friendly experience for potential customers. Car Dealer is another premium motor vehicle-related theme from Gorilla Themes, and like their other offering Automotive, this theme offers Craigslist integration, as well as many other practical and unique features.
This integration allows you to create listings for Craigslist, complete with all the necessary formatting code to ensure they are presented correctly on your account over at the popular local listings site.
While some other themes simply use a responsive layout to ensure compatibility with mobile devices, Car Dealer goes one step further and includes a mobile specific theme to make it look even more impressive on smartphones, while also being really easy to navigate. Other features allow you to create multi-image galleries for really showing off the vehicles listed on the site, a VIN decoder for auto-filling the vehicle description fields when adding a new record, and a facility for allowing readers to submit their own vehicle for inclusion on your site.
This car dealer WordPress theme has plenty of settings and options for configuring how it works, and it’s also available on three pricing plans making it ideal for those who want plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a theme for their website. The options for using the Car Dealer theme from PremiumPress includes making a traditional car dealer website, where showcasing the different vehicles on offer is the main priority, through to creating a classifieds website for selling cars from a number of sources including your visitors. However you decide to using this automotive WordPress theme, you will get access to a great set of features that will make your website not only look great, but also be easy to use and manage.  Amongst those features, the highlights include the ability to allow visitors to submit their listings for a fee, and then self-manage their listings via the member’s area. If you want a feature-rich professional WordPress theme for creating a car dealer or listings website, then look no further than Car Dealer from PremiumPress. OpenDoor is another theme which can be used for either building a real estate or car dealership website. The homepage of any site created with this theme can feature a large slider for showcasing multiple listings in a single area of the page.
Another handy feature of this theme is its ability to let visitors to the site compare multiple listings in order to help them make a final decision. Other features of this dual-purpose theme include a fully responsive layout, lots of layout and colour customisation options, homepage widget areas, a powerful search tool for filtering the vehicles, and easy management of items that have been sold, automatically taking them off the site. If you want a modern and up-to-date motor vehicle WordPress theme then OpenDoor is well worth a closer look.
The main selling point of the Shandora theme is perhaps its stunning visual appearance and great design. However, despite the appearance being a key attraction, this theme isn’t lacking in the features department either. With Shandora you also get a feature rich homepage that contains all the most popular design elements such as sliders, lightbox image galleries, and team member profiles.

Shandora is a popular and feature-packed WordPress theme that should definitely be considered by anyone building either a real estate or online vehicle dealer website.
WP Pro Automotive 2 is a hot off the press, newly released WordPress theme from a ThemeForest elite author for building auto-related websites. It’s a flexible theme that can be put to great use either listings the cars and other vehicles from a single dealership, or for creating an AutoTrader style website where users can submit their own listings. To make it as user friendly and intuitive for visitors to submit their own listings as possible, the WP Pro Automotive 2 theme makes use of attractive front end submission forms to create a consistent look across the site, right up to the point where a user makes a submission.
This WordPress car dealership and listings theme has also been built to integrate closely with the free WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to add an online store with shopping cart functionality to your website. Other useful features include Google Maps integration for displaying listings according to their location, a selection of colour skins, a page builder for creating custom layouts, and support for retina displays and portable devices. WP Automotive Pro 2 has a striking design and lots of useful features for either building a single dealer website, or allowing users to post listings from a range of sources. The Radial automotive WordPress theme from Orange Themes combines a great looking design with some features that anyone selling or promoting cars and other vehicles online will appreciate. As well as having all the standard features for listing cars and other vehicles, Radial also includes a booking management system for allowing potential customers to make an appointment to view and test drive a particular listed item. If you like the look of the Radial theme then you will be pleased to know it has the necessary features to match its appearance. WP Pro Automotive features a clean design that will appeal to those who appreciate well thought-out layouts and a minimal use of fancy graphics and widgets; if you want your vehicles to take centre stage then WP Pro Automotive is a great choice. To make life as easy as possible for visitors to the site and potential customers to find exactly what they are looking for, the theme incorporates a detailed and customisable search tool that contains all the fields needed to effectively filter and find the right type of car they are looking for.
WP Pro Automotive also includes a large selection of custom skins and backgrounds allowing you to add your own personality to the theme, while still letting the cars standout on the page.
With a wealth of features built especially for vehicle websites, whether you are a car dealer or just showcasing automobiles online, this theme really has everything you need to get online in the best possible way. Tucana is a great choice for building a car dealer website and the two homepage options will appeal to those who don’t want to be too constrained by their choice of theme when structuring their site’s homepage. The appearance of Tucana is very sleek and understated and is perfect for those showcasing a wide range of vehicles and who want to do so without the website design taking the attention away from their listings. This automotive WordPress theme also includes a slideshow for showing off your best vehicle-photos and it includes a number of shortcodes for easily inserting page elements into your posts. For those who like to customise their themes in order to make them standout from any other sites using the same theme, they will be pleased to know Tucana comes with all the Photoshop PSD files allowing you to easily customise them to suit your vision. Tucana is a stylish and well-designed theme which is ideal for anyone building a car dealer website with WordPress. Automotive Ace is a modern car dealer theme with an up-to-date look that will suit any website hoping to portray a contemporary image to its visitors and potential customers. This car dealer template from Mojo Themes includes a full-width responsive design for use on a wide range of screen sizes and browsers, making Automotive Ace an idea choice for reaching out to customers who are searching for the car of their dreams on a smartphone or tablet.
The theme comes with four homepage layouts, with each including a great selection of widgets and layout options, including sliders, recent additions to the inventory, and a detailed search tool. This theme is literally packed with features and definitely needs to be seen to be appreciated. Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission. Automotive is feature-packed (the VIN decoder is insanely useful), built specifically for car dealerships, has a mobile-friendly responsive design, and can be used by both new and second hand car dealers. Hello, I’m looking to make a website to sell cars, and I want to charge customers to sell car on my website, I also would like a good theme for News, which one is the best for my purpose? I like the look of the automotive theme but not sure if i can incorporate a price per listing option? Except for Tucana, every single theme listed is responsive, so will automatically re-size for visitors on mobiles. Do you know how flexible it is, for example to change the search criteria or add new specs? The AutoTrader theme is quite flexible, but changes in the search forms require adjustments in theme’s files.
You saved my time, I am searching for some best ideas and design techinques for designing website related to Automobiles and came across this article.
Because this theme deals with cars, it might have been nice to have seen forum support for this theme. Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. I`m a freelance Web Designer and WordPress developer with 10 passionate years of work experience; my HQ is in Timisoara (Romania), and i work for dozens of clients from all over the globe. If you have a WordPress project i can get involved with, please use the contact form to get in touch with me.
Are you trying to set up the best online automotive marketplace and stand out from the crowd? On laptops and computers, your homepage is going to consist of a beautiful rotating display, which can either link to product pages or blog posts. By scrolling over to the tab that reads “Search Vehicles”, they’ll be able to hone in on the one they like by choosing things like State, City, Make, Model, Condition, and even Price! It’s perfect for helping anyone transition into a fully functional auto dealership site for listing and selling vehicles online.
What you’ll come to love about this theme is that it comes with Craigslist integration, as well as many other useful features. And the Car Dealer theme takes things one-step further by creating responsive theme that offers easy navigation for more user friendliness. If you’re searching for flexibility, and you want more conversions on your WP automotive site, then this is the theme to choose. These features not only allow you to list the automobiles you have for sale, but they also give your visitors the opportunity to do so too.
Thanks to the use of advanced WordPress features such as custom post types, custom fields and custom taxonomies, you can easily capture all the data about the cars and other vehicles listed on your site. This makes it easy to take in the plethora of details that each car consists of, as well making it extremely straightforward to filter the inventory according to the needs and requirements of the visitor. The theme gives you lots of control over how each individual post is presented, and which features are enabled or disabled for it. The theme not only takes care of the design and appearance of the site, but also adds a lot of useful features to make your website more professional and easier to use and manage.
This feature alone can allow you to quickly set up a site displaying all the items in your inventory. This is another time saving feature that anyone managing a car dealership website will appreciate.
The clean and clear interface is easy to browse and does a great job of showcasing cars from a range of manufacturers and styles.
Prospective car buyers can even compare multiple vehicles on their shortlist to get a clearer picture of which one is the best option for their needs. This includes forms for requesting more information, scheduling a test drive, making an offer, and initiating a trade-in appraisal. This makes it easy to keep track of your stock levels, and then share that information with your visitors. This includes the default mode, which is perfect for creating a car dealership website with WordPress.
The ecommerce aspects of your website will be powered by the leading WooCommerce WordPress plugin, giving you almost unlimited options for how this feature of your website works.
This covers a range of options, including demo pages, posts, vehicles, and the home page and WooCommerce configuration settings. You are able to charge them a one-time fee, or create subscription and multiple listing plans.
This means that when your visitors do create their profiles and vehicle listings on your site, they do so through easy to navigate, custom built front page templates.
The user friendly search tool makes it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for, while the seller profiles and dashboard tools give your users an intuitive way to manage their own listings.
This includes a range of custom widgets for displaying your latest content in the sidebars and other widgetized areas of your website, a fully responsive design to cater for mobile users shopping for a car on their smartphone or tablet, and lots of customization options.

With a VIN decoder built-in, adding listings is a breeze; while the ability to batch import XML and CSV files containing your vehicle listings gives you an even quicker way to mass-populate your online dealership website with content. This feature allows you to monetise your website by selling advert spots to your visitors and then getting paid instantly via PayPal.
The theme also has strong blogging templates allowing you to easily keep your potential customers up-to-date with the latest industry news and buying advice and tips. The theme also makes use of a number of built-in shortcodes which makes it very easy to add rich page elements to any posts or pages on the site. Like their other single-purpose themes, this theme includes all the features you might ever need or want when it comes to building a car dealer or vehicle listings website with WordPress.
Autos Pro allows you to create a virtual showroom where you can enable your site visitors to view your offerings in one easy to navigate place.
With the search tool, you can add or remove any fields from the form, giving you lots of control over how your listings can be searched by visitors to the site. If you are targeting mobile customers then this feature will definitely be of interest to you.
Car Dealer also allows you to import XML and CSV files for quickly adding large numbers of items to the site.
Although the focus is firmly on cars and other vehicles, this theme can be used in a number of ways and in for a number or purposes within that area.
It could even be used by a collector to show off their cars, or used to create an attractive motoring blog.
This gives you access to free updates to the theme, expert support and video documentation, as well as access to free child themes to give your site a different visual appearance, while still maintaining its existing features and content. The theme has two modes, one for each type of site, so you must first define which type of site you are building before getting access to all the relevant features.
However, this element is entirely optional and for those who are not fans of sliders, it can be easily disabled. The selected items are then listed side by side making it easy for the viewer to contrast the different fields and features of the listings. Despite these two seemingly separate uses, the theme manages to pack in all the required features for building a powerful online vehicle showroom. The design is the most up-to-date of all the other themes of its type available so far, and makes use of a flat design that is very popular right now.
As well as the retina-ready and responsive layout which delivers maximum device type compatibility, Shandora features a really easy to use but powerful search form for filtering out the listings in order to show the exact types of car the customer is looking for. Agents can even create their own profiles on the site, which include their contact details, and quick links to all their published listings.
This system can also be integrated with PayPal, allowing you to collect a payment for accepting a listing and an effective way to monetise your website. If you are selling auto accessories, or promoting those sold by others as an affiliate, this feature will be of interest to you.
The theme has also racked up a decent number of sales and has a positive customer rating from those who have purchased it.
This makes it very easy to change lots of aspects of the theme without having to edit any code.
The theme also includes a drag and drop slider alongside a drag and drop homepage builder which makes configuring your WordPress website and showcasing your best vehicles as easy as possible. In the package, you will also find the premium Revolution Slider plugin which is a popular choice for adding image and content sliders to WordPress sites, as well as the ability to add a number of different carousels and touch-screen compatible sliders to the homepage and internal pages of the site. Ive been told that I can use the autotrader or basically any theme that lets me use a log in and just get a membership plug in in order to charge customers, however dont quote me as my source is not very experimented, but id like to hear about it from a pro around here. The car dealer themes from GorillaThemes, such as Dealership, come with dedicated mobile themes (Premium and Deluxe packages only), which look pretty awesome. This theme is perfect for car dealerships, car rentals, used car lots, or for an online car magazine or blog. Add information about your extended warranties, service plans, repair shop or anything else. Everything about AutoTrader is easy to use and understand, and simple elements like the header images and dark navigation drop-downs make this theme special. This would provide a place for users to communicate with each-other and with the business about the vehicles, services, etc. It provides plenty of customer fields and taxonomies for cars, so that you can list them on your site in as much detail as possible. Right out of the box, it’s fully responsive, which means that your automotive site will be able to be viewed on smartphones and tablets. In fact, with its specialized and built-in “VIN Decoder” a listing can be made in a matter of seconds.
If you believe that mobile customers are going to make up the most of your visitors to your automotive site then this is definitely a WP theme that you’ll want to consider. It’s budget-friendly, easy to use, and comes with all of the documentation and tutorials that you’ll need to get started.
If you do enable this feature, your visitors can create a profile and then add their own cars to the website, all through the front end user submission forms. However, despite making use of these advanced features, using the theme is surprisingly simple. If you are moving from another theme, or just have the details of your cars held in a spreadsheet then the process for setting up a new site with Automotive is very efficient. Other features include integration with Craigslist, a responsive design for use on all screen sizes and browsers, and a financing calculator, not to mention the great design. Automotive also includes a loan calculator to let visitors quickly see their financial options without having to leave your website and go elsewhere. As this theme includes the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder plugin at no extra cost, you can easily build custom page layouts and fill them with advanced page elements, all without the need to write any code. Another option will help you build a directory and listings website to sell automobile-related products and services from. To help you with this, the Motors car dealer WordPress theme includes a drag and drop builder tool for creating custom page layouts. As the different types of importable content is optional, you can quickly populate your website in the way that you want, without adding any superfluous content to it. While AutoDealer does include plenty of custom built page templates, you can make use of the built-in skin editor to customize the look and feel of your website even further. This is in opposition to the now dated drop shadow and bevel effects of some of its competitors. There is also a live chat plugin bundled with this theme for reaching out to the visitors on your site. Radial also includes a content slider for allowing you to display much more information on a page than you would be able to do otherwise.
AutoTrader also includes a ton of useful page templates, a blog, widgets, shortcodes, mega menus, multiple navigation menus and more. The theme’s PayPal Pay Per Listing module will provide website owners with the ability to monetize their automotive site in ways that isn’t possible with regular WP themes. If you do choose to accept user generated listings, then there are plenty of monetization options you can make use of.
Each individual post can also have its own header content which could include a large image, a slider, or a video. There’s also the recently added car repair service mode, which will give you the ability to quickly set up a website to promote this type of business online.
There are also five predefined color skins to choose from, and a range of page layouts and templates.
This theme also includes a front end user dashboard, through which your users can manage their listings and payment plans.

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