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I have put together this downloaded PDF teaching you everything you NEED to know BEFORE you get your dealers license! If ANYONE is promising to 'lease' you a dealers license OR promise to your OWN dealers license in ANOTHER state - RUN. If you are wanting to operate a REAL used car business, don't waste your time and energy trying to figure out how to get around the car dealer license regulations. Getting your license (any license for that matter) from your state IS a hassle and a bit of a pain. Thoroughbred's staff will prepare and submit your used car dealer license application for you. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
3This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information inregard to the subject matter covered.
8If caught, the minimum offense is a misdemeanor crime in most states, a felonyoffense in others. Below are some examples of the laws and rules involved in obtaining a used vehicle dealers license.
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I have YET to know of a state that allows you to have a dealers license in Indiana and conduct a full time car business while you live and sell cars in Texas!
Our service includes preparation, review and submission of your Georgia used car dealer license application.
In addition to completing your used car dealer license application we can check for name availability, incorporate your business and assist you in getting your tax certificate for your startup car business.
It is sold with the understanding that thepublisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professionalservice. You have BETTER know those things BEFORE you even start down the road to get your dealers license.
Your state wants to PROTECT its RESIDENTS THUS they WILL require you to get a LICENSE in YOUR STATE if you want to do BUSINESS in that state. We do NOT approve your application for your license to be issued, but we can decrease the likelihood of holdups or denial.
So they have used their influenceto construct the regulations to keep the individual from obtaining a license to sellfrom their home. First, some states allow a person to sell a limited number of cars a yearwithout requiring a license. First, aneed to know how to open a used car lot and second the interest in buying andselling a few cars a year as a part time business.

Others want to know how can Igo to a wholesale auction, buy a car and resell it for a profit. You may still be able to buy and sell cars as a part-time business with alicense within the guidelines of your state.
The first thing that you must do is call the agency in your state that issuesauto dealer licenses. Either download the application from their website or ask them tosend you the licensing information for a used car dealer license.
Sammy Yu –Salesperson - #31900 – fraudulent business practice (4 counts), unfitness; unlicensed dealer - $6,000 FINE ($5,400 HELD IN ABEYANCE FOR 2 YEARS PROBATION) As you can see, there can be problems in the auto industry and the stateshave the legal right to take corrective action.
If you’re not licensed to buy and sell cars and do it anyway, there may becriminal penalties the state can impose.
When I make references in this manual to statelicensing organizations, those of you in Massachusetts it is your city governmentthat is the licensing organization.

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