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It’s in the aspect of financing a car buy where you need to be prudent and careful so that you don’t suffer from any unforeseen consequences. The benefits and advantages of a personal loan include the ability to buy any car of your choice, make or model up to seven (7) years of age.
Car dealers, on the other hand can offer low interest rates in their financing schemes although, these are generally available only for three years and are restricted to certain makes and models of new cars.
It doesn’t make any sense for you to purchase a house without going through and sorting out the varied options on financing and mortgages.
The Ford B-Max is the brand's all-new super practical family vehicle and we drove it in Johannesburg. Most male readers will have paused at some time or another to marvel at the modern-mom’s ability to simultaneously manage tasks such as shopping, baby care, business administration and the  communication via a collar-bone-cradled smart phone with a vast circle of friends, while still managing to identify the latest bargains in a shop window 200m distant from the parking bay they recently secured. But, as these multi-tasking  goddesses will tell you, any appliance or design feature that can take some of the drudge out of their daily micro-and-macro-management schedules is something well worth a second or third glance. Suffice to say, the first time that a new Ford B-Max slides open its pair of rear doors, there is likely to be a quick Googling of the nearest Ford dealer to learn a lot more!
The combined aperture for loading things like giant Woolworths packets and securing the baby in an ISOFIX seat in the B-Max is said to be 1.5 metres wide. For those concerned about whether the lack of a B-Pillar in the centre of the car induces a safety consideration, Ford says it simulated 5 000 side-impact crashes in the B-Max before going into production with its special locking mechanism and door-reinforcement design.
What impressed me about the car was that despite a rather truncated rear-end design, the boot space with the seats upright still measures just under 400 litres, which is still quite large. So even with the sliding doors and folding seats, this is a useful multi-tasking shop-around. The power of the little one-litre turbo is more than adequate for a five-seater run-about, and although we didn’t drive the 74 kW model, its torque of 170 Nm is shared with the 92 kW engine, and should prove equally proficient. The interior ambiance is most pleasing with soft-touch dash and door cappings and, on the range-topping Titanium model, leather upholstery makes for a smart environment. Handy for “kid-watching” in the rear seats is a wide-angle mirror for the front-seat passenger. Providing you with the latest motoring news, new car releases and the simplest way to buy and sell cars.
JavaScript appears to be disabled - most features on Can Stock Photo will not function correctly.Not a member yet? Search Can Stock Photo for stock photography, photos, digital illustrations, picture clip art and royalty-free photograph images. More than 2,750 franchised dealers are now using CitNOW technology, with the use of personalised video leading to a sharp rise in the amount and the quality of video being demanded by consumers, who are enjoying the increased ability to consider new cars remotely and control the car-buying process without having to step foot in a showroom. At their peak, CitNOW’s servers upload 21,000 videos – more than 500 hours’ worth – every day and the company is closing in on half a million videos being created using its intuitive app software every month.

Overall, 4,400 CitNOW product subscriptions are now live in 2,750 dealerships and the company works with 89 of the Top 100 dealer groups in the UK; more than 50 per cent of the dealer network in the UK now uses video technology.
The company reports levels of 16-plate stock in the used retail market are high and are likely to remain so for the rest of the year.
The best way would be to take a good look at the two basic ways you might finance your car : a personal loan or dealer financing package. You might opt to get a brand-new vehicle or a used one and buy it from either a private seller or direct from a car dealer’s yard. Some of these dealer financing schemes have a balloon payment clause, a kind of payment requirement at the end of a loan’s term.
There are many financial institutions with specific car loans that has no early repayment fees and with a flexibility that could beat any dealer’s finance offers.
In essence, the two inner edges of the front and rear doors, when locked into place, form a securely-locked high strength steel B-pillar. They are there to provide an industry standard, measured in tests conducted in a theoretical way, and should never be mistaken for real-world driving.
Interestingly, Ford only offer the B-Max at present in five-speed manual form, and the engine buzzes away so unobtrusively up front that it sometimes easy to forget to change up into top gear on the freeway, if your mind is on other matters. The base Trend version of the B-Max costs R221 900, the mid-line Trend model (which includes the more powerful 92 kWengine) costs R246 900 and the top-line Titanium costs R271 900.
Can Stock Photo has the stock image, royalty free photo, stock photograph, graphic or picture that you need. According to his report, the 2016 Leaf will have two battery packs, one for the base model and one for the higher end models.The battery enhancement is expected for the higher trim levels. As every CitNOW video is watched more than once, the firm is effectively broadcasting more than 800 hours of video – the equivalent of 33 full-time 24-hour TV channels – every day. Other sectors that have seen growth are city cars and superminis although their growth is around three per cent. But it’s smart to pull back a bit and not get carried away by the thrilling prospect of driving a car you’ve been dreaming of for months.
Before you even decide on a car make or model, make sure you’re clear on what the hidden costs might be of an on-the-spot decision. You can also fold the front passenger seat back rest flat in the B-Max, effectively creating a giant, flat surface area within the car.

Some 58% of the body and door structures is made of high-strength steel to ensure that the mechanism is not only as strong as a car with a welded-in B-Pillar, but will also open and shut rattle-free for years to come. The Ford SYNC connectivity interface provides multiple functions for “hooking up” with other portable  communication and entertainment devices. Our photographers provide royalty free stock photos, stock photographs, graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar.
The base model, which is the Leaf S, will still use the 24kWh battery, which provides a range of 84 miles. These increases have been to the detriment of some other sectors which have seen notable declines in the proportion of sold data. Further, most personal loans don’t carry any fees for early repayments, thus, keeping the total cost of the loan down. Buy cheap photographs and get immediate image file downloads or subscribe for a low monthly fee.
You should also ask if there are any up-front or on-going monthly fees which in a way can lessen the value of a low interest rate.
Perhaps a little extra waiting time to weigh your choices might save you several hundreds of dollars (if not 1 or 2 thousand) over the course of a loan. The Japanese company is still considering pricing and how much should the price be increased for the higher models. Most importantly, think about how you’ll be making the loan repayments, making sure they’re well within your budget.
2016 Leaf will compete with the likes of BMW i3, Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive and Volkswagen e-Golf, all of which offer batteries ranging between 80 and 90 miles. The Nissan Leaf is still the best selling electric car in the world, but the 2016 Leaf will have to dramatically improve, with pending projects such as the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV on the horizon.
The 2016 Nissan Leaf sounds like a 1.5 generation, not a second generation of the electric vehicle. We’ve already heard rumors about a 30 kWh battery that can deliver more than 100 miles in the Nissan Leaf, but that is more likely for the true second generation, expected in 2017.

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