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When it comes to car colors, most North Americans are pretty conservative, as silver and charcoal remained the most-popular exterior colors for the ninth consecutive year in PPG Industries’ 2010 annual presentation of color trends.
Silver and charcoal were chosen by one in four new car buyers this year, followed by white (18%), black (16%) and red (12%). But the real news is how automakers are using different color palettes, depending on the size and styling of a vehicle. For example, as more subcompact cars are introduced, customers will see brighter, bolder colors, partly because a large percentage of those buyers are under 30 and partially because the body designs of smaller cars allow for brighter greens, yellows and blues, she said.
PPG, which is not only a leading supplier of automotive paint but also manages some of its customers’ paint shops, is showing off colors it thinks will be popular in 2012 and 2013 model-year cars and trucks. While silver, whites and blacks continue to predominate, enhancing effects and tints are being added to these old standbys. Other colors among the 60 new exterior hues PPG is presenting this week are champagne silver (with a slight copper-beige cast), outer space blue (with a sparkle effect) and haute couture (a sparkled blue mid-coat over a black base coat) and quantum red, an almost neon-like shade for interior applications. When you think about it, spring and summer are right around the corner and just like in fashion, car colors change up and I can promise that there are very spring colors out there for your car.  Purple is one color that you certainly need to make sure that you look into whenever you are looking to deck your car out in spring colors. Now, there are many different colors of purple out there too and you want to make sure that you get one that is bright, brilliant and looks fantastic in the sunlight.  Think about it, driving around in a car that is not only very spring-like but also looks awesome?  You can not beat it! Pretty soon you will be able to drive around in the nice and warm weather – so make sure you get yourself a purple car! Recent CommentsCheap Alloy Wheels on Citroen Revolte Concept Has Been Approved For Production!crossomotive on J.D.

Color pictures, email pictures, and more with these Supercars and Prototypes coloring pages.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. You can use CMS blocks as content placeholders to display custom content in almost every part of the store. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! My favorite car, as far as looks go, was my 1993 Honda Civic hatchback, a beautiful teal green. Funny how people rip on the new cars and paint schemes, considering the fact that the paint nowadays is much nicer and comes in a lot more shades.
The chrome on old cars outlasts the plastic, and the old cars often weighed less than same size cars today! Black is closing in on silver as the world’s most popular car color, according to a study released by auto paint firm DuPont. The Global Automotive Color Popularity Report, now in its 58th year, analysed information and trends from 11 automotive regions around the world and concluded that black moved one percentage point closer to the most popular color, silver. Red holds a comparatively small six percent of the market, blue five percent and brown or beige three percent. Breaking the research down by regional markets, DuPont determined that white is the most popular color in North America and black is the most popular in Europe, while a third of vehicles in the world’s largest auto market, China, are silver.

In South America, silver also accounts for a third of the market, ten percentage points ahead of black at 23 percent and way in front of white and gray, which tie for a distant third with just 13 percent of vehicles. LUXUO list all kind of luxury items, from estates, boats and watches, to the most expensive gadgets.
One way to do that is with unique colors,” said Jane Harrington, PPG manager of color styling and automotive coatings. My Subaru is silver and it doesn't look much different whether it's dirty or just washed (unless it gets REALLY dirty). The plastic bumpers are always damaged when hit while the good old chrome often survived without a scratch.
When the online coloring page has loaded, select a color and start clicking on the picture to color it in. Even on the older cars with colored bumpers (GTO, Challenger, etc) There were distinct bumpers that were not just plastic covered with plastic like we have today. If so, why is the Acura TL available in only 9 colors whereas the 1968 Cadillac was available in 21 different colors?
The Miata (Classic Red) and the MGB (Brooklands Green) get the garage space so keeping them looking nice isn't so much work.

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