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Thread Prices Of All The Cars In Car Town Pictures, Thread Prices Of All The Cars In Car Town Images. I know that typically AutoMartIndia does charge a premium without adding too much value to the car. Also wanted to know if its worth going for a used CRDI which has done 63000 + kms and does the car have any specific problems (have read of some fuel pump failures after 80KKm, is this true ?).
View My Garage For Alto 25000 kms is fine but 2.5 lacs is bit high, however Alto has good resale value but ask for not more than 2 lacs. View My Garage I strongly suggest to go to show room, and look for folks who are buying swift, by a upgrade. There are some cases reported on this forum (would be available in the archives) in which the True Value guys had reversed the odometer and passed off high mileage cars as low mileage ones.
My dear friend, try searching in admag or free-ads, If you know a good mechanic, inspect the car and buy directly from the seller.
Assuming you are willing to spend 2.5 lakhs, why dont add some more money and buy a new alto??
This website is also a very reliable source to check car values and find out about some new cars. On the home page of the website, you have to enter the brand, model, year of the car that you intend to check the value for.

The website is entirely dedicated to checking the market value of different car models and follows a simple three-step procedure for the same purpose. Besides why dont you for a new one, the difference in EMI wont be much especially if you will be buying the used on Finance and the interest rates are higher on used cars.
In the Research tab of this website, you will be able to find out the market value of your car, depending on its condition.
Other than just getting price value for your car, you can also go through a list of new and used cars on this website. After that, you have to go through a four step process wherein, you are required to fill the details and conditions of your car. The first step is to enter the vehicle model information, then vehicle details, and then finally vehicle condition.
Search in otherused car dealers you can buy alto easily also search in internet that should help you get direct sellers. You have to go through a process of entering all the details of your car and the website will provide you with a price list based on those details.
So you can as well go and talk to prospective exchange folks offer them 10K more than what they get in maruti exchange and then spend max 10k in sprucing it up. Along with the price value of used cars, these websites also help you out in finding the appropriate price for new cars and much more.

The website also requires you to enter the Pin Code of your area as it plays an important role in estimating the price. The website also has a list of used cars and new cars that are up for sale, along with all their details and conditions.
You have to begin by entering all the details of your car and, it will show you an appropriate price depending on the condition of the car & your location. There are different prices depending on whether you choose to sell the car to a private party, or to a dealer, etc. After determining the value of your car, the website also provides you a schedule of when and where you can sell your car, if you wish to. Let us have a look at how these different websites work in the following paragraphs, one by one. Finally, you have to select the condition of your car out of the given options and a price will be shown to you.
The price also varies if you want to sell your car to a private party, trade in to a dealer, or if you want instant cash.

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