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Ive become quite good at spotting UC's around my general area so i figured i'd share my knowledge.
Most UC cars i have seen are running on the ugly basic rims which resemble the spare tyre rims. But if you're doing something wrong, the undercover cop car will usually spot you before you spot them. Anyway, this is all most likely common knowledge for a forum of car enthusiasts and will probably only come in handy when driving behind one.

EDIT: the best way to spot them is to drive 15kms over the limit and look for blue and red lights lol. Don't think that this now means you can drive around at 180kmh, unless you have very quick reflexes. Only unmarked Vicroads cars, the only cop car I've seen with grille lights is the 300c that used to get around. They're almost impossible to spot in a rear view mirror, where you'd most likely get done anyway.

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