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Check harness for poor bolt contact surface, wire copper corrosion, loose or broken internally.
One component is left out on the drawing on figure 3 (above) which are the injector resistors. The oil capacity for this particular engine is about 4.5 litres, however the correct size for any other e46 model can be found by looking in the car manual.
Oil Change Duration: I personally believe that the Engine Oil should be replaced every 7,000 miles or every 8 months, which ever is sooner. If you have some time and really wish to understand the differences between the various oils available, you could read this article. Below is the complete set of Oil Filter that you buy from BMW, it has all the parts required, i.e.
Take the new large O Ring, lubricate with new engine oil and then fit it back to the Oil Filter Cover. Next lubricate the entire Oil Filter Element with new engine oil, fit it back onto the Oil Filter Cover and then fit it back in to the engine. I recommend that the car be lifted on 4 Jack Stands so that it is level and all the oil can drain from the chamber. Optional: Once all the oil has drained, connect an Oil pump to the bottle of oil and pump some new oil into it (about 10 pumps worth).
Next open the Oil Cap by twisting it half way round to the left and then pulling it straight off. Wait for 5 mins and then pull out the dipstick, wipe dry it with a tissue and then re-insert it back into it's hole.
If not, keep adding more oil, repeating the above steps, making sure you do not over fill it. Yes, the part you mention is on the same circuit as the regular low beam headlamps that come on at night. Local service center in Puerto Rico - Alberic Auto - quoted $600.00 new fuse box + labor $250. 1-15-11We just recently had the same problem & after replacing bulbs & switches, found the answer online!

Thank you this is all very helpful information to Trailblazer owners just wish GM would take care of this through a recall!
3-10-11Thank you so much just showed a bunch of men how to fix a car they had been working on all day!!!! Thank you so much I was about to take the car to the dealer and was afraid of the bill, thinking it may be a electrical problem.
4-11-11My Daughter has a 2002 Dodge Stratus and both her low beams went out at the same time. 4-17-11thank you so much, i have an 04 trailblazer, and man i changed everything, i did what you said to do, and my lights worked!!!!!!!!! 1-23-12Both of my low beams went out at the same time, but I put new bulbs in and they worked. Was at alot of sites and no one seemed to know what the problem was or spent alot of money on proffesionals and did not get any where. Troubleshooting with the help of an ECU trouble (CEL) code is the simplest form of troubleshooting. On this website, "checking fuse" is referred to a fuse check that probes two pins on top of the fuse with a test light or a DMM.
Past DIYs (and my impatient nature) have taught me to always have at least 1 extra of each screw, bolt or clip!
The alternative engine oil as specified below was personally recommended by BMW when I spoke to them. This will ensure the oil is warm and will help to drain it all out, so none stays stuck in the engine or sump. Once you take out the Sump Plug, the old filthy oil will pour out and may take up to 20mins to completely drain out.
Normally it will come of easily, however if there is old oil and dirt around it, it may be a little stuck. I took a look at the vehicle today but when I turned the ignition to the on position, I noticed that the daytime low beams came on. It is at a reduced level for daytime running lights which is controlled by the headlamp driver module and body control module.

My problem differs though because for a week my low beams went on and off randomly at night.
Replaced fuses and bulbs on my 2002 trailblazer,still no head lamps!(needs a recall by the way!)-auto parts store was no help-u were-Thanks!! Major stupidity on my part.I had lights this morning because it was still dark enough for the auto headlights to come on. Three different mechanics, numerous opinions and staring down the possibility of an $800 wiring issue (Chevy dealership)I found your website.
There should be little or no dimming, flickering or going on and off of most of the warning lights during cranking. It will tell you which sensor(s) (required to make the ignition spark) are either dead or missing. One of the symptoms of a bad ground is no check engine light after turning the key to ON (II).
As you can see the price difference is only about £20, so it is really up to you which one you prefer to go for. I took it to a local shop and he said that the lights are working and to pick up the vehicle. Unless you have a problem like a specific lamp not working, or the daytime running lights not working, the system should be working normally if that relay is good, and all of your bulbs are functional.
I got pulled over the other night and I am afraid that the next time I won't be let off with a warning. Both of my low beams on 2004 trailblazer would go off and on periodically but finally quit all together.
I am NOT mechanically inclined, but today, after fixing this, I feel like I can do anything!

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